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Rosa took a deep breath and banished the cloak of shadow that had surrounded her shoulders. What the fuck was that? Before everything had gone to hell, Rosa swore she saw Alex's skin writhe like there was something moving inside of him. Suddenly, her stomach rumbled and she lost her train of thought.

She sat down in the dirt and ripped open a pack of beef jerky. Eating one small bite at a time, the one-eyed girl looked around at the group of nomads who were downing similarly tiny rations of food. The little kids needed somewhere to stay or they wouldn't last long. And why was the government wasting so many resources on a group of kids? Sure, they were great experiments, but no government had ever paid much attention to scientists. Warheads and nuclear bombs were way higher on the r&d list than some unruly mutants, so why did the police even bring in a biological weapon? They were too far from the populous parts of the city for residents' safety to be a concern...

The girl turned her attention toward the tall buildings of the city. The black spirals of smoke from the orphanage were dissipating and the skyscrapers still shone with life. Lights were on and the honking of cars could still be heard from miles away. A few shorter buildings were completely dark, probably abandoned and filled with druggies and violent squatters.

Rosa gasped and choked on her jerky. She stood up, suddenly filled with excitement. Or nervousness.

"Everybody!" she yelled. Children continued to whine and eat with their mouths open. "SHUT UP, YOU LITTLE SHITS!" Silence. "I have a plan."

"Are we gonna go to the bubble city?" one kid yelled. Rosa laughed.

"We are gonna go to the city," she said. "Just not the one you're thinking of." She paused. Somewhat for dramatics but also to quickly think of a plan. "The government really wants to kill or capture us for some strange reason. So we might as well fuck them over before they fuck us. Maybe also take over the city while we're at it." Rosa yawned. "I leave for the city at dawn. Come with me if you want."


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She simple ran after the giant conspicuous ice bubble, followed the sounds of screaming adolescences and before long she caught up with the group. Irene had no idea how they managed to lose the soldiers, especially because of the giant ice ball, but somehow they managed it. And before long, the stragglers caught up, and they were all sprawled out in the clearing eating their rations.

She slung the extra backpack off and threw it towards a group of kids, before settling down herself. She tuned out Rosa's yelling until some kid shouted that they were going to bubble city. She almost choked, that was how funny the stupid little kid's enthusiasm was. They still had hope, and on one hand she envied them, but on the other it was just something else that would have disappointed her.

Rosa wanted to fuck the government over, take over the city huh?. Irene didn't know what her plan was, but it was bound to be poorly thought out. That never stopped her from going along with the rest of Rosa's plans though. She really didn't care, go, stay, it was all the same to her, but her and Rosa stuck together at the orphanage, so it seemed habit to go along.

It was going to take a lot longer to travel back, now that they had the army scouring the forest for them. The amount of resources they were wasting on mutant biological weapons surprised even her. They would have to take the long way around, and double back to cover their tracks. Hopefully, they would leave with a smaller group. And hopefully none of them would be useless, or they wouldn't last long.
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