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  1. St. Annes, the supposed rehabilitation center for children located in offshore Great Britian...
    Truly is a hell for the children who inhabit it.
    A large white dome that covers the actual sky, pretending to be the true sky, to follow the time exactly makes this place escape proof...

    A man sat in his office, a glass of white wine and a large grin on his four-eyed face. He was a rather slender man, done up in a rather expensive looking suit. His black hair was obviously full of gel, which made it easier to form a comb-over.
    "Sir, group G-12's mind erasing and collar attachment is completed. All of the group's participants are waking up as we speak."
    A rather stern looking woman had entered the office to alert the man of the recent news.
    "Splendid! Lets go see the next group of snot-nosed brats..."
    The man stated in a rather annoyed and sarcastic tone. He arose from his desk, wearing a rather large and wicked grin.
    "Can't wait to see the agonized expressions of those little monsters when we sniff them out..."

    Oliver's conscious slowly returned to him. He felt like he was drooling like a mad-man. That, or his throat was a waterfall.
    "... Aaannd, there. That should hide that poor eye."
    A woman was standing in his vision, blocking what seemed to be the only light source in a blur of white.
    "Can you hear me? Nod once if you can."
    Oliver only did as the woman had said. He was trying to think of things, but it felt like someone shoved a balloon in his head.
    "Welcome to St. Annes, please enjoy your stay Oliver."
    The woman cast a bright smile, but Oliver sensed that it was just a fake smile, so fake he would want to throw up.
    "You will be meeting the rest of your group in the next room, let me help you."
    She helped him to his feet, him trying to get used to walking, which seemed to come involuntarily in seconds. He walked out the only door in the room, a bright flash hitting his eyes, until he was suddenly in a room full of a bunch of other kids.
    He felt... Uncomfortable, even a little revolted with being around this many kids. What was that feeling?
    He looked to what seemed to be the front of the room; a glass wall, which had two people standing side by side a rather scary looking man.
    He hated that man. He didn't know why, but he hated that man.​
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  2. Max was in deep sleep when a strange man entered his room. The man walked up to Max's bed, and gently shook up. "Wake up young one.." The man said as he counted to shake the young boy. Max awoke from all the shaking. He looked at the man dressed in all white, and stared him down. The man smiled, and spoke up. "nod if you can understand me." It took awhile for Max to process this, but he eventually nodded. "Well get up, you have a busy day ahead of you." The man said as he backed away from the bed, for Max can get up. The boy sat up, and swung his legs out of his bed, and onto the cold floor. He then stood up. When Max stood up, he almost feel to the ground. He didn't know why he had trouble standing up, but he just ignored the feeling. "Come now, let's go to the next room." The man said as he lead Max to the room. Max just nodded and followed the man.

    While following the man, Max had trouble remembering things about himself. Like his name and age. As they walked through the door, Max noticed another boy in the room. "Go stand next to him." The man told him. Max did as he was told, and went to go stand next to the other boy.
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  3. "G-6250," a voice said. "Cheiko." The girls eyes fluttered open to see a man in all white standing in a doorway. She didn't remember her room, or the man, or even her own name. She guessed the man was talking about her when he said the name "Cheiko". She sat up. The man motioned for her to follow him and she did. Her slender legs felt weak. She was weak and sickly and wobbled when she walked. She was lead into a white room with two other children and a man being "guarded" by two men.

    "G-2242," a female voice purred. "Sakura." She sat up right away. She felt lightheaded as she got up and followed the woman into a room and stood next to 3 other people. She felt like she was going to puke. She felt empty of everything.

    ((So, Cheiko would be treated like a normal child until her powers surfaced, right?))
  4. Emerson's heavy eyelids slowly blinked open. The first thing they saw was a black silhouette against harsh florescent lights. As their pupils dilated, the features of the woman in white's face came into focus. She was smiling but her eyes were empty. "Emerson," the woman directed at them. "Emerson..." they repeated slowly back. It repeated in their mind as they sat up and slid off the doctor's-office-like-bed. Emerson...Emerson...Em...Emy... As Em stood up, their knees felt weak, and they stumbled a little. "Come now dear, be careful," the woman said in faux kindness. Entering another room, Em was blinded by yet more whiteness. They rubbed their eyes for a moment before joining the others already there. Their eyes felt wet and heavy, as if they were going to cry, but no tears fell.
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    Nora woke to the shine of a penlight in her eyes. She wanted to turn her head away from the painful light, but there were hands keeping her eyes open and head still. Even if she wasn't being held down, the heaviness that was starting to register in her body meant she couldn’t have done much more than blink lethargically anyway. At least the light was gone now, though it left her vision spotty. Everything just felt…fuzzy. Her mouth, her head, even the rushing in her ears felt like the static snow of a tv screen.

    Slowly, other sounds began to make themselves known through the haze. Whoever had been shining the light in her eyes was trying to say something to her, or had been for a while it seemed.

    “-can hear me… Make a note: Pupil dilation suggests typical reactivity, but G-9251is still unresponsive. G-9251, nod once if you can hear me…”

    She only caught about half of it, but the important parts were clear enough. 9251. That was her, apparently. She couldn’t hear before because of the static, oh, she hoped she hadn’t messed anything u. She’d feel bad about that. Her head still felt like it was stuffed with wool, but she jerked her head to a slow nod as best as she could. That was the sign they were waiting for (who was they anyway though? she thought) and cold hands quickly sat her up in bed.

    “Welcome to St. Anne’s.” Now that she was upright, Nora could see that the voice (and hands) from before belonged to a woman. “Your group is waiting for you in the next room. Can you stand?”

    The static still overpowered most of what was said, and Nora almost instinctively rubbed a fist at her chest in apology before arching her fingers over to rest on her other hand, laid palm up in front of her. “I’m sorry, could you say that again?”

    The woman flinched subtly, and Nora blushed, knowing that she must have been much louder than the muffled noise she heard from herself. The woman didn’t seem to know any sign, but repeated herself loudly and slowly with some (kind of condescendingly patronizing, actually, but she seemed nice so Nora would let it slide) miming of walking towards the door. Either way, she got the gist, and with some help, rose on shaky legs to walk out and down the hall to where a small group of other kids were standing. And by kids she really meant kids. Nora must have been one of the oldest here so far, she thought, taking in a small boy with an eye patch who couldn’t have been more than, what, 9? 10? She waved at the group as she entered anyway, hoping to at least make a good first impression.
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  6. The girl's eyes snapped open in an instant. The moment they did so, she forgot about the dream she was having and was left with that annoying sensation where you're on the brink of remembering something but just can't quite do it. She was in a white room, and she found it a little unnerving. Everything was white bar the bed she was laying on, and she decided she was going to leave. She stood up and walked around a little, stretching her legs. They felt heavy, as if she hadn't walked in a long time, but when she tried to figure out the last time she must have walked, she came up with nothing. She was about to try and figure out how she ended up in the white room, when her thoughts were interrupted by a man entering. He was holding his head as if in pain, and when he spoke, he sounded frustrated. The girl, whose name she now knew was "Sera", was told to leave the room and head down the hall. When she did so, she found herself with a congregation of people. They were smaller than the man she had just met, mostly, and she frantically searched her dictionary for a word to assign to such a type of person. The first one she got to was "midget", but for some reason her mind quickly switched it to "vertically challenged person". She joined the gathering of vertically challenged people, noticing the blond girl who entered the gathering shortly after she did.
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  7. Cheiko smiled at the people entering. She didn't know why she was smiling, but this seemed like a nice place. All the adults were smiling, so she followed them. Cheiko liked all the people here. She liked the tall man with gelled hair, she liked the man that had taken her to this room. She had a joyful grin on her face while everyone else looked angry or confused. She wanted to talk to the person next to her. She glanced at the person's collar: G-2460 it said. "Hello." She tried to say. But her hello only came out as a quiet whisper. @SourKiki
  8. Oliver stood there, staring blankly ahead as his mind tried to identify these pent up feelings. Why would he even feel like this? He didn't even know anyone here... Right? He slowly clasped the sides of his head. The emotions were overwhelming... He felt like he wanted to rip someone's arm off with how horrible they felt. A grin was beginning to mark his face...

    A boy stood next to him.

    His grin instantly stopped forming and he seemed to calm down. The emotions simply vanished. He panted gently when he was able to grasp proper composure.
    He turned to the other boy, his yellow eye bleak as he stared at the taller boy. He had absolutely no idea what to say. So instead, he just stood there staring at him with an uncomfortable feeling to his staring.​
  9. [​IMG]
    Her eyes opened slowly, as if they struggled to fight against the fatigue that overwhelmed her body. Bright lights shined overhead, drowning out any other distinctions. A shadow moved into her sight, a pale figure that slowly began to take shape. She could hear a muffled voice, kind yet stern. Then, all at once, everything came into focus. Sounds became clear, and she quickly realized she was in a fair-sized white room. The person standing above her was a woman with a smile that didn't reach her eyes. "Can you hear me, G-2841? Grace?"

    So my name is Grace. It has an interesting ring to it. She thought in mild interest, sitting up with some effort before swinging her legs to the floor. Her mind was a blur, only able to register the bare minimum of everything around her. More complicated things seemed foreign and unreal, and it took her several seconds to recognize such a simple thing as the hospital-like bed she'd been sleeping on. Grace found her footing more easily that she expected, ignoring the woman's obviously fake kindness. She instead followed the woman in silence to the larger room, where she saw a much larger group of people closer to her in age. For some reason, however, she felt that she was older than most, if not all, of them. She couldn't quite figure out why she felt that way. Perhaps it was her obvious difference in height, perhaps it was the fact that her body was more defined than most of the other females.

    Either way, she said nothing and instead focused her attention on the man behind the window with slicked-back hair. The glee in his expression was unnerving, and she found herself wanting to run away for dear life. Even if that meant having to fight her way out. Instead, however, she remained still, keeping her facial expression neutral as she moved her gaze across the crowd of children.
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  10. Vionn felt odd, she was in some sort of odd room. The lights were so strong, so even with closed eyes, she can see a red tint under her eyelids. There were sound of footsteps, and speaking. She couldn't make out the words that voices spoke, but she somehow knew they were directed at her. Though she didn't want to listen, since she was tired. So she simply ignored the voice and continued in her own thoughts.

    At first, Vionn tried to lift her eyelids, but the strong light quickly made her give up the idea. She then proceeded on to trying to move her arm. It felt heavy, and a sharp sensation of pain pierced though her flesh with ever move. It was obvious that she was injured, the injuries made the child more conscious of her surroundings. The voice was back, this time clearer, and the words did manage to get into Vionn's head.

    "Why's this one so bruised?" The voice was a female's, it was a sweet voice, but it only made Vionn more nervous than before.

    "Oh why? I heard from the front that this kid-oft!" The voice this time was from a male, but it was cut off mid-sentence.

    "We can talk about it after, she might be waking up you know." The female voice sounds annoyed.

    "This thing's a 'she', I'd never have guessed..."

    Vionn didn't bother to listen to the rest, her mind went blank, and before she knew it she suddenly bounced up from the bed, and threw her self at the voices' direction. The next thing she saw was a woman in white on the ground, looking quiet shocked, and even terrified. Because Vionn's hands were on her neck, trying to dig its nails into her skin. This image only lasted a few seconds before a man also dressed in white hurried over and pulled Vionn away.

    "I-I'm sorry......" Vionn trembled as she got up from the ground. Her whole body is aching, a few closed cuts were ripped open once more. She didn't know why she did that, she doesn't remember knowing this woman, in matter of fact, she doesn't seem to remember knowing anyone at all.

    After the woman got up, and recovered from the shock, she didn't seem a bit angry at Vionn.

    "It's okay Vionn, dear, you probably just had a bad dream. Now let's get you patched up , and we'll bring you to the other kids, alright?" Her voiced turned back into the sweet one again.

    Vionn just nodded, she didn't know why there would be other kids. It seems like that 'Vionn' was her name, what an odd name for a little girl like her. She didn't t make a sound while the woman and man in white cleaned the cuts and bruises that covered her skin. It hurt, but it didn't seem like much compared to something deep down. They were finished pretty quickly, and another group of people dressed in white came to take her. No sudden murder attempt happen this time, as Vionn was fairly clear headed now. The man who was originally in the room watched as the group led the child away, and turned to the woman.

    "I bet you 50 pounds that kid is either a surrogate, or really mental, or both."

    "I'll bet 100." The woman replied calmly.

    The room Vionn was led into was filled with other children, by now she believed in the woman's words, but she still didn't know why they were here. A few of them was the same height as her, and some others were taller, perhaps older than her. They al looked glum and nervous, which Vionn her self is also. So she stood in the group silently, and picked at the few bandages that were on her hands.​
  11. Max got the strange feeling that someone was staring at him. He tried to ignore this feeling, but as time went by it bothered him more and more. So he look to his right and saw that no kids was staring at him, but when he looked to the left he saw a small boy just staring at him. Max didn't know what to say to the boy. He just stared at hit back, and smiled. All of a sudden he moved his hand in front of the boy. He didn't know what he was doing, but it felt natural. Max looked at the boy's collar, and saw a a letter followed by some numbers. Max read it. "Hello...G-4539" Max said confusingly. "I would tell you my name, but I can't seem to remember it."
  12. Emerson rubbed their eyes with their hands,wiping away the moisture. Em was standing with their toes touching and wringing their hands- a nervous habit they didn't remember they had. Nose pointed down at the floor they would occasionally glance up at the children proceeding them into the room. Emerson was much shorter than some of them, at only 4'11", and much more lanky too. Something about the whiteness of the room made them feel further dwarfed. Next to them, Em heard a soft "Hello." Looking up from the floor they saw a younger face, like their own. The girl was smiling, seemingly unperturbed by the situation. Em tugged on the collar of their shirt, quietly replying, "Hi..." and after a pause asked, "Is this a h-hospital? I don't remember being sick..."
  13. A color was all that registered to the boy for a long time, a bright and harsh color, going through the protection that was his eyelids. Consciousness had been a privilege held by the boy for several minutes, and in those several minutes the boy had just contemplated on the color, asking himself questions such as, where was it coming from? What was it? Will it ever go away? But these questions were not answered by any external body, so it kept itself completely to the boy, and he was utterly stumped. The few minutes proved to not be enough time for the color's identity to come snapping to the boy, before a voice spoke to him, and all of his attention was diverted to that voice.

    ".. Are you awake yet? I saw your head moving a little, I'm getting tired of standing here, please nod your head once if you are awake." The voice said, any opinions of tone, or realizations on gender because of tone didn't come to the boy by listening to the voice. But what did come to him was an understanding of the words by each one being said. And when that voice asked the boy to nod once he nodded twice.

    A grumble came from the voice, before it said "Okay, good.. open your eyes please." The boy did so, the color being replaced by another, brighter, and harsher color. And he stared at this color, his mouth agape. And not a word was said, not for awhile, between the boy, who was busy staring at the light, and the voice holder, who stood confused over the boy's reaction. Eventually the voice holder spoke up. "That's enough of that, now, please do get up, I need to get you to the other room already, up, up!"

    The boy bent into a sitting position almost automatically to the command, the light being taken out of his vision, and replaced by the colors of the walls. His dull eyes only stared upon those walls for a moment, before he turned himself on his awakening place, finally seeing the voice holder. It was a male, as far as the younger boy could tell. And despite the word "adult" entering his mind that man held a very childish air to him, when it came to his features. The boy slid off of the bed. And looked up at this person, who was quite a bit taller then him.

    "Okay.. uhm.. G-.. G-3..." The man seemed to be struggling, and the boy looking up at him just stared. "Fuck it.." the man began and the knowledge that came with the word 'Fuck' caused the boy to tilt his head a little bit, his eyes blinking twice, confusion flooding him slightly, when at first he was planning to cut him off and inquire on why any two human beings would perform in such an act, but he did not get the chance as the older person continued. "What's your name?"

    Only a single one came to the boy's mind "... Jerry.. It's a nice name.. I like the name Jerry, it reminds me of a mouse, I'm not really sure why." his voice was monotone, holding no concept of emotion, which.. Jerry was still foreign to so soon after his awakening. The man above him smiled at the sentence, a tiny laugh coming from him.. "A mouse.. huh, why not Tom? You don't like cats or something, Kid?"

    This was met with the same blank stare, and no comment..

    "Ah, fuck it, whatever, let's just go." The man said again, using that same word as earlier. Jerry contemplated asking what "it" was, and why he should "Fuck" it. But in the end, Jerry did not find the energy to do so, simply following the man as he was led into a separate room. The walk did not bring any difficulty to Jerry, despite the fact that came to him that it should have been hard to him, after all, he did not know how to walk when he was lying down, but like everything else it just snapped to him.

    The other room was filled with children, lots of children. Too many children. And the man in front of him stopped just out of the doorway, staring into the room, "Okay uh.. just stand over.." Jerry did not give him time to finish his sentence, almost immediately abandoning him to walk to a free spot in the room, without children to stand around, or nearby him. Once he had found a reasonable spot he just stared at the glass in front, and at the people behind him. His face simply without an expression.
  14. G-6250 - Chieko cleared her throat. "I don't know." Cheiko said. Saying those words made fear flood the small girl. Her legs felt weak again. Her throat was dry and she couldn't speak another word. She felt like she might puke. Cheiko collapsed, tears coming to her eyes. She felt something missing. A person? A place that she was used to? She couldn't remember and she started to get a headache. She started to sob. She just didn't know anything she wanted to know.

    G-2242 - Sakura glanced around her. She noticed a tall girl, she looked only a little bit younger than most of the workers. She walked over to her. "H-hi." She said. Not used to using her voice. @kimsim12
  15. NORA WILLIAMS G-9251

    As the room continued to fill up, Nora tried to get her bearings. She was still a little dizzy and weak in the knees, but from the looks of the other kids, this was normal. But it was a little awkward just swaying on the outskirts of the room, especially since more people were introducing themselves and getting social. Well, as social as disoriented children can get, anyway. Looking around, she followed some of their gazes across to the far wall. It was clear, and showed a man on the other side, just… watching them. She flinched back a bit when he made eye contact with her, and she hurriedly turned away. Okay, that was creepy. That guy was creepy, that wall was creepy, and she definitely did not like it one bit. She wished that lady was back. She was a little trying, sure, but at least she could seem nice without making Nora want to crawl out of her skin. Now she definitely wanted to find someone to buddy up with, if even just to split the creep factor between her and someone else.

    Nora found herself gravitating towards a dark haired girl in the room. Her head was still buzzing a little, but the air seemed…quieter over here. She could finally hear well enough that the small conversations going on around her were almost completely clear. Not knowing how long this would last, she turned to the girl and quickly introduced herself.

    “Hi, I’m Nora. Er, or G-9251, I guess.”

  16. [​IMG]

    Grace was surprised to hear a somewhat weak voice coming from the right of her. Turning, her eyebrows raised as she stared at the girl who had spoken a simple greeting. She nodded in response, feeling that was the most appropriate way to affirm that she had heard the girl. No, that didn't seem quite proper. Should she respond? Yes, that seemed better. Less...rude, was it?

    "Hello," she said coarsely, slightly unnerved by the hoarseness of her own voice. She couldn't quite put her finger on it, but none of this felt normal. The blur that occupied her mind wasn't normal; weren't there supposed to be memories of some kind? She couldn't seem to remember anything; even her own name was unfamiliar to her.

    "I suppose you don't have any clue what is going on here, do you?" she asked, though she already knew the answer. It was quite obvious none of the disoriented children knew what was going on. They were all walking around like dizzy chickens with their heads cut off. Maybe this was some kind of weird game and her memories would return eventually. She sure hoped so, but nothing was a guarantee at the moment.
  17. G-2242 - Sakura sighed as soon as the girl asked what was going on. That meant the girl didn't know either. Sakura nodded. Then frowned. Then she shook her head. She didn't know what she was trying to say. Eventually she said, "No. I don't know where we are or what's happening." Her response was monotonous, and her expression had disappeared. @kimsim12
  18. Oliver hadn't even uttered a word when the boy spoke to him. No words formed, did he even want to talk? He hated being around so many children...
    He only stared at the boy, before softly inhaling to talk.
    He said his name like a child who just learned his name while learning how to talk. He sounded and even looked like he had some kind of mental illness. He then suddenly turned away, slowly clasping his hands together, his nails gently digging into his light flesh. He didn't seem to react to the pain, though he was drawing a little bit of blood along with leaving marks in his flesh. For some reason he felt some pleasure while afflicting himself with this pain...

    "Welcome all, to St. Annes!"

    His thoughts were interrupted when the man's booming voice hit the room. He glared at the large man, his eyes dull with hidden fury.

    The room suddenly jerked, moving downwards as the men stepped away from the glass wall, a bright flash coming into the room, before it calmed down to reveal what seemed to be paradise.

    "This will be your home, we will start off with Breakfast and guide you throughout the day until you need to be in your rooms. You will be given all your necessities at the end of the day."
    The man then nodded, staring with cold, scary eyes at all the children who were distracted by the view.

    Oliver was unfazed.​
  19. Emerson tensed up as they saw tears begin to run down the girl's face. "I'm s-sorry.." They began, but no further words came out. Hesitantly, they reached their hand toward the girl, but only brushed her before withdrawing it. Usually Emerson was the one crying. Em scolded themself- You always say the wrong thing -and after clearing their throat croaked, "I'm sure we're all fine," with a tone lacking confidence. @FallenStar
    Em let out a little yelp as the room- elevator?- began to move. What appeared before them didn't look remotely like a hospital, but like a fancy resort. It reminded them of something they'd seen on tv- though they didn't remember quite what, when, or where they'd seen it. What did that person say? Breakfast? Emerson had assumed it was the middle of the night for whatever reason. They looked around at the other kids, awkwardly hoping for connection.
  20. G-6250 - Chieko smiled at G-2460. Chieko stood up. She quieted her tears and looked up at the man who was speaking. She grinned. She wanted to hug him. He seemed so nice. He was letting them all stay here. It was such a nice place.

    G-2242 - Sakura turned away from the girl. She didn't know what else to say. Then the room moved. The man who had spoken to then revealed a wonderful place with fun rides and lots of things kids would enjoy. She gave a slight smile.
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