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Cherry Blossom Children

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In Japan, Hanamono, the country is known for it's beautiful Sakura trees. Each year, a celebration known as the "Cherry Blossom Festival" is held in Hanamono. These festivals would usually run smoothly, but one day,

a massacre occurred.

Nearly 267 people were murdered, 191 severely injured. This became a phenomenon publicly titled the "Blood-Soaked Petals Incident".

When the investigation began, there were no leads to start with. Witnesses claimed that "It was a blur, a furious attack that left many victims mangled and brutally slaughtered."

The Hanatsumi Police Department were stuck.

Soon, a series of murders began to transpire.

It was unknown whether these recent murders and the BSP Incident were connected, but the forces of Japan had to stop what was coming to pass.

Thus, began the creation of the C.B.C. (Cherry Blossom Children)

The project was first coined by Dr. Fukahire Oyogite, a scientist thanked for his scientific developments.

Named after the festival, these "children" were detectives randomly selected for the experiments, knowing little of what these experiments were.

They were introduced to the Ward Method. With this method, each detective would receive something called a "Ward", a power of some sort that gave them enhanced senses and slight dominion over a certain object of choice.

All of the experiments were a success. These detectives would be the first C.B.C. to combat the one(s) responsible for the BSP incident and the arising murders.

Present Day

It's been approximately 22 years since the first C.B.C. were sent out. There's been no information on their progress. Dr. Fukahire has been given the greenlight to create the second set of C.B.C.

These C.B.C. would be tasked with finding the lost experiments that were first sent to stop those involved in the massacre, and potentially solve the main case at hand.

However, when Children, called EKs (Enhanced Killers) by the government, begin to emerge, they begin to cause huge problems for the second set of C.B.C.

A mission like this surely can't be won.


1. The wards won't be super specific stuff if you catch my drift. A ward should be extremely unique to each C.B.C.,
I know you guys can do it :bouncy:

2. Violence is allowed in this RP, however, try to refrain from super gory stuff.

3. Only 1 ward, that's it.

4. Make your character interesting, I plan to go all the way with this RP.

Side Notes

I'll be playing as the Gamemaster, Dr. Fukahire, and my own character. That's alot. Feel free to play as some EKs too so I won't do all the work. :yes:

The Form will be put up when I get enough people, a group of at least 5-8 people would be okay.
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