SS Iwaku disbandment

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  1. For the battle horns have blown for long, inspiring our courageous men and women to fight for Iwaku's freedom.
    But there is a day when one must look to the heavens, learn their battle is lost, and surrender so they may continue to live with their ideals, with their lives in tact.

    Everyone part of the Revolution please surrender your weapons.
    I shall get started on our offering to the admins to plead for mercy and forgiveness.
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  2. Gwazi, this is touching and all, but look at your siggy and tell me the conflicting message.
  3. I didn't get around to changing it yet!
    Sheesh, you people are demanding. :P
  4. Yes.
    And so, the moon has set upon her.
    A ship, sailed not by man, drowned afore it swam.
    Her resistance would be for naught, as natural order will always surpass that of an unnatural chaos.


    SS traitor.

    It's April first!
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  5. This is the equivalent of changing into the proper attire in the middle of a job interview.
  6. That may be true.
    But maybe I flip a mean burger so it doesn't even matter. :P
  7. Oh, that is a good idea. We could have a BBQ to celebrate the dissolvement of SS Iwaku. We could have Gwazi on grill, and there will be a pool, and it will take place somewhere nice and warm.
  8. @Gwazi Magnum so help me...
  9. There was a revolution? Well shoot, why wasn't I invited? I've a perfectly good guillotine out back. Sharpened and well oiled and ready to go.
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  10. I hear Mordor has an excellent volcano to cook the burgers over.
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  11. And so the history books will tell of the day that Gwazi Magnum posted in the general chat section...

    "The revolution is over."
  12. It will surely be one for the history books to teach their children for future revolutions.

  13. I ask, again.

  14. I don't need to take this questioning, I'm going for a walk.

  15. It was a joke.

    /flip table
  16. Just join us. Less stress. :3
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  17. Gonzo, not you too! D8
  18. I never said that! D:
    I was just going for a walk.
  19. Wait. Never mind. I thought this was for the church of Gonzi.
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  20. They're the same thing. :P
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