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  1. [​IMG]

    Thik I culd maek an RP basd arond dis guy?
  2. Donte likes all them men, womenz not mainstream enough.
  3. What's 100 hodors?
  4. Just don't forget to add that he has a massive penis.
  5. duntay lyks to figot
  6. Isn't this the normal type of guy you RP?
  7. Nonsense. Orion's characters all have pristine blue eyes.
  8. And he will mention these pristine blue eyes.



  9. My pristine blue eyes perceive jealously green people as i watch them commence to eating eachother*yummm
  10. Blue eyes are like

    Wicked fucking ugly.
  11. Orion's eyes are actually brown, aren't they?

    I wonder what that signifies...
  12. He is jelly of me, Ozzie.
  13. ^^^^

    Asmo should roleplay as that character for his punishment.