Squees Armada has Arrived!

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  1. Prepare to see this intensely large group of characters, from slightly over powered old men, to strangely weak but well personalized religious priests! I have come on referral of a friend given our past experience roleplaying together. I'll have you know that I can does gramer bestest.

    I tend to prefer characters that have either fun personalities and less powers, or people with high powers, however they have internal conflicts.

    So now here's something other than the characters I like to roleplay as...

    I am a 20 year old male...

    New to the site, not new to roleplaying...

    When it comes to roleplay I prefer large group roleplays. I also look for possible points of romantic interest for my characters, so don't be too surprised if I make my characters leer towards another...

    Pepsi can get the hell out. Coke is where it's at.

    Feel free to ask me questions...
  2. ^ He says I should say something because he's awesome and wants attention.

  3. Coke is way better than pepsi, yesss.

  4. Cherry coke is best coke
  5. Welcome to Iwaku, Mr. Amazing dude~
  6. Cherry coke is fantastic, but the BEST is vanilla coke. That said, I find pepsi preferable to coke when it comes to the originals.