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  1. Stephen King Sci-Fi Adaptation 'Cell' Acquired by Saban Films

    Stephen King fans rejoice! Cell is coming!

    I am super pumped for this movie! Finally an apocalyptic movie that isn't about mindless zombies. This is one of my all-time favorite novels by Stephen King. (Yes, I know. I say that about all Stephen King novels, but this one really is one of my favorites. It's on my top 10!)

    I have been searching and searching for information on this movie, and was hoping that they weren't going to do the same thing that they did with A Good Marriage where only select theaters ran it for a short period of time. Which I find depressing considering it is one of the very few film adaptions that actually did the story justice. It was a bit more mature than most stories though, and that's probably why it wasn't spread any further than it was.

    Anyway, for any anyone who hasn't read the book, I would highly recommend it. I think the ending fell a bit flat for me though, mostly because I hate cliffhangers. King cleared up what happened afterwards in a later interview, but I feel there should have been an afterword to tie up the loose ends. I can understand why he left it the way that he did, and it does allow the reader to form their own conclusion to what happens which is never a bad thing.

    But, John Cusack and Samuel L. Jackson together again in a King movie! This I'm excited to see. I loved them both in 1408, and hope that they bring their A game to Cell as well. I was a bit skeptical about Samuel L. Jackson playing Tom, and no, it wasn't because he's black and Tom in the books is white. It's Jackson's usual tone that had me worried. He always plays very intense characters, and Tom is not intense at all. As long as he's not screaming out 'Mother fucker' every other line I think he should do well.
  2. Sweet. I want them to make a high end production of The Eyes of the Dragon so people can be like "Whaaaaaaaat, he does fantasy?!"
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  3. The Gunslinger is coming out next year. That's a start. :P
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  4. I know it's a long shot, but I would love it if that lead into a series of movies or shows. Maybe even explore the other stuff around the Gunslinger and what not
  5. I would just like to mention....that's one of my favorite books.
  6. I know the plan was to do the entire Dark Tower series. It was going to originally be 3 or 4 movies, with a series. Not sure if that's still the idea or not. I know it's been in the works for years, but most companies kept dropping it. Sony just picked it up, and they're going to run with it. I don't know if they'll bring in The Eyes of the Dragon (Which is set in the Dark Tower verse) and Wind through the Keyhole (Please let them turn this one into a movie!). So far they're still in the casting process with only 2 or 4 of the main characters cast. I'm going to assume the chick from Mad Max is going to be playing Allie, even though they haven't really cleared that up yet. I'm not sure if the kid they picked for Jake has been signed on fully, or if it's still in the works yet. The Man in Black is done, as is Roland. The rest I'm waiting to hear about, and considering shooting it supposed to be starting soon, they'd better get their asses on the ball!
  7. Cell is possibly my favorite King book. This is fantastic.
  8. Sams unbreakable character wasnt super intense, and felt broken and sad for the most part.
  9. Are you talking about in 1408? I meant in general. Most of his characters are generally the complete opposite of Tom's character in the book. He's very mild mannered, and even tempered. He always felt out of place in the setting to me, but I think that's intentional. I'm still excited to see how he pulls the role off though. As for John Cusack....I've loved him since the first time I watched Better off Dead. I can picture him as Clay, although when I read the book I pictured some more like Ron Livingston. Not sure why, I think it must have been his role in Band of Brothers.
  10. The movie with him nad Bruce Willis. Most of the movie he is just a sad guy in a wheelchair.
  11. I've never seen that one. =/
  12. I remember the trailers for it, but I never watched the movie. I might have to get it a view.
  13. This pleases me.
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