Square Enix to return focus to JRPGs

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  1. The success of Bravely Default has finally made Square Enix wake up, smell the coffee, and realize that they're really good at what they do. And so they're going back to their roots.

    I think the second age of JRPGs is about to begin...
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  2. Videos to help explain why Square Enix has been doing so poorly (before BD), and why this article should make you cautiously optimistic, but not too hopeful. Square Enix wanting to refocus itself is good, but I think they still don't understand why they need to. The first 2 vids give a broad understanding on Western and JRPG's, and I recommend watching them, but the 3rd video is the one most related to the topic.

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  3. I'm a huge fan of Jrpgs, but I'd love to see more non menu/turn-based ones. Let me hack 'n slash my bigass sword in real time instead of watching stock footage; so much more engaging.
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  4. It's about freaking time! seeesh!
  5. Unfortunately, @LuluRS has a point. We shouldn't get our hopes up or they'll wind up dashed upon the rocks where broken dreams go to die.

    Even if Square-Enix had decided to return to its roots, it is in no guarantee that they'll take the next step in the right direction. Their latest trend seems to revolve around taking their most well-beloved titles and butchering them into barely recognizable slabs of former glory, choking upon the rinds of ten minute FMVs for every half hour of gameplay. *stares directly at FFXIII and its sequel.*

    The only way they can recover any respect for Final Fantasy (barring its MMOs) would be dumping most of their "innovations" with the "job system" and the "battle system." Oh, and they could stand to move a few million dollars from their graphics budget and put it into meaningful content like... the story. Which would have made the engine and everything else they developed pretty much useless and unwanted in the first place.

    Shameless bitching aside, I'm not holding my breath to say the least.

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  6. UMMMMMMM I'm still waiting for my remastered and souped up graphical version of FF6 dammit !


  7. You got it already. It's on iOS. >_<
  8. I think she meant the good remastered and souped up graphical version of FF6.
  9. Graphically remastered is nearly inevitable, but aside from being prettier I wouldn't hold my breath for 'souped up'
  10. I've given up of any of the older, fantastic Final Fantasies getting a good remake. I mean, the fan base has been pleading and petitioning for a FFVII remake since forever, and Square has flip-flopped about doing it or not. I think they just like to get our hopes up -3-
  11. This article seems to imply that Square Enix is refocusing on their core audience, and not just JRPGs, which is awesome and yet a no-brainer all at once.

    Seriously; Deus Ex: Human Revolution and Bravely Default both happen under their watch, setting Square Enix up to be the house of all things RPG, and then they go and make Final Fantasy: All the Bravest and Deus Ex: the Fall happen, to say nothing of the other abominations they unleashed (oh God why do Thief & Seiken Densetsu: Rise of Mana have to exist???).

    Here's to hoping this a good sign, and that it infects other players in the industry (I'm looking at you, Capcom. ಠ_ಠ).
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  12. I'm not one to drudge up topics that haven't seen action in almost a week but I felt that it would be appropriate to post this here. Jim Sterling briefly touched on this topic on today's Jimquisition and went a bit more in-depth about how the game's industry as a whole while reflecting on this. It's worth a look at.
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