Spyridon Stathis Boarding School for Young Demigods

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  1. Lukas steps out of the guidance office, thoroughly shaken. It was his first day of starting at the new school, and probably the first day of school in general. He only guessed that because everyone else seemed as lost as he was, mostly people looking a few years younger than him. As soon as he got to the school, he had been told to go to the guidance office for his schedule. The counselor, an aging gentleman with glasses, had asked him what classes he wanted, but none of the words really meant anything to him. Calculus, Trigonometry, Sociology, World Literature--all the words didn't connect with what his father had taught him.

    He stood for a few minutes looking at his schedule and the map that the counselor had given him, trying to figure out where he would find his first class, in room 427. When he thinks he's got it, he begins moving, looking around at the classrooms he passes. He eventually find the 400 hallway, and is at room 420, when suddenly he's in the 500 hallway. Confused, he turns around a couple times, trying to orient himself. Soon, he hears a bell ring, and the other students around him are rushing into classrooms, slinging bags over shoulders, and saying goodbyes. Soon, he's alone in the hall.

    Nearly panicking now, he turns around the way he came, and tries to find 427. When he does find it, at least ten minutes have passed before he finds a room with the plate 472 next to it. How did I miss it? he thinks, a confused look coming to his eye. Opening the door, he knows that his entrance is less than graceful. He trips over the threshold, his dropped binder popping open and sending papers flying everywhere. Lukas can feel a redness creeping upon his face as he hears the other children's laughter, trying to push himself back to his feet without dropping more things.

    When he finally gathers everything again, he explains what happened to the teacher, on his schedule it said "Brians," next to "Chemistry Applications." He tells Lukas to sit down anywhere there is a free space, so he does, not paying attention to who it is, rather that he gets there without falling once more.
  2. Mina had been sitting in class. Even before the bell ring. She was never late, always preffering to sit in her seat first. Once the bell rang, the teacher began today's lesson. It was Demigod Studies III, which was strange, but it was pretty much the entire heritage of every god and goddess and their folklore. It interested Mina to a certain degree. She kind of liked to learn the parents of all the other students, and even teachers.

    After about ten minutes, a student came stumbling in class. Before taking another step, he fell. Mina giggled at the boy. He was cute yet clumsy. After a minute of laughter, he finally got up and chose a seat right next to her. She sorta blushed, looking over to him. He didn't notice, probably not even knowing he sat by her. "Hi. I'm Mina," she offered, realizing he had to be new to Spyridon Stathis. It was always nice to be friendly. She adjusted the gourd on her back, a nervous habit she gained while being here.

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  3. Looking up as he heard a voice directed at him, he quickly discerns its source. A girl he had sat next to. Mina, she had said her name was. Nodding, he said, like his father had told him, "Hello. My name is Lukas. It is a pleasure to meet you." Nervously, he twisted the ring around his finger, trying to appear normal. It appeared that class had already started when he fell in, so he hurried to get paper and a pencil from his binder, quickly writing his name in small letters in the top right corner.

    Even as he tried to take proper notes, he found himself drawing in the margins of his paper, losing concentration.

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