Spyridon Stathis Boarding School for Young Demigods

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  1. You are a demigod. Otherwise, you wouldn't have found yourself here. All young demigods, if they haven't been killed yet, find their way to Spyridon Stathis Boarding School. As long as you are the son or daughter of a god, any god except for "the" god, you will be accepted here, along with free tuition and board. Here, we have all sorts of classes needed for the young demigod, ranging from Algebra and Calculus to Swordfighting and Mythstory. Our front is a boarding school for the unusually smart, but any normal human who applies is turned down, regardless of who they are, while any demigod who applies will always be accepted.

    1) Cursing is allowed, but only if it is censored. Ie: #@%*!, f***, etc.

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  2. With a new school year, Spyridon Stathis Boarding School would have new students to add in with students from previous years. In the main classroom, there were four large tables for the students. The freshman and sophomores sat in the front and the juniors and seniors sat in the back. The core class teacher stood at the front of the class, making the introductions for new students. The first day of school was full of rules and expectations for the students. Then, the schedule for school: First was Core Class, followed by a break, then Sword fighting, lunch, Core Class, another break, P.E., one more break, then back to Core Class, which afterwards, students had some time to mingle and relax around the school and courtyard during dinner before having to return to their rooms. With so many different cultures mixed into one school, it is the hope that the students would get along and try to learn about each others cultures, but this will not always be the case.

  3. Lost. So absolutely and terribly lost. Zarek wandered the halls of Spyridon Strathis aimlessly, looking down at his schedule time and again, trying to find his way to the classroom where Core classes were held. It seemed as if all the other students already knew and were comfortable with one another. He was anything but; not only finding out that his mother was not what he believed- I thought she was always joking when she said she was a landscaping goddess- but also being sent off to a special boarding school for the semi-divine children of such being to learn about their abilities in safety was a big adjustment.

    The majority of his fellow student body seemed normal enough, but there were a few exceptions: ethereally beautiful boys and girls, students who were impossibly tall, and those who seemed to carry an air about them of just what abilities they had inherited. For once in his life, Zarek felt strange to be so normal.

    Adjusting the pack slung over one shoulder, he continued his search for his classroom and tried not to stare.
  4. It was Mina's third year at Spyridon. The classrooms were all too familiar along with the hallways. But she never truly cared for the children that shared the place with her. She didn't talk much and had never felt the need to. All she wanted was to better her abilities.

    Arriving at the first class, Mina sat at the very back of the classroom. But instead of sitting down at a desk, she created a nice plush seat out of sand. She felt more comfortable that way and better prepared if anything happened. She didn't think anything would, but it was better for her to be prepared for anything. She was paranoid and it settled her down to be cushioned in her own element.

    Mina looked at the clock. She was very early. The teacher wasn't even ready. She didn't know what to do with her spare time, having been raised in a desert, isolated could do that to you. So she waited for the students to come, while she herself wanted the first day to be over.
  5. Clicking noises could be heard echoing throughout the hall of quiet students. Long, flowing, silky, black hair fell down all the way to her butt even though it was in a high pony-tail. With two-inch heeled, thigh-high, black, leather boots and a black, pleated miniskirt, she stood out in the crowd of students. Many moved from her path as Belle strutted her way to her class. One hand on her hip which caused riffles on her white, button-up shirt that overlapped her black tank top, while having a rather long stride, and a slow walk. She dressed herself nice each day, everyday being different in her choice of clothing, she took off her sunglasses and put them on her button-up shirt which made her have quite a bit of cleavage.

    Her eyes scanned the people that stared at her often, her other hand being full of a large book, a binder, a pencil, and a pen. She reached the door, and she scanned the few students that were in the room. As usual, the young lady in the back that always contained sand on her seat. She seemed snobby, or perhaps arrogant to Belle, yet she ignored her. She walked to her regular seat at the window, so that she could have the light of the sun shine on her, which she liked best. Setting her books, pencils, and supplies down, she took her seat, having a nice, tall posture, with her hands on her lap. She moved her hair over her right shoulder to prevent herself from sitting on it.

    Belle sat there for a while, looking towards the door to hear more and more students pile into the classroom. She looked out the window, to see the green, fresh-cut grass. The shining light from the sun that had just risen, and the flowers that slowly began to bloom. Belle lifted her left hand from her lap, forming small bubbles of light between her fingers and in the air above her hand. It caused her to smile as the light had a tint of yellow, a warm touch, and a nice feeling.
  6. {I'm going to try and move things along}

    Mina looked over to the girl that just walked in. She had really long black hair and always wore different yet elegant clothing. Mina never really thought much of students. She preferred solitude, like at home. But this one student stuck out. She seemed stuck up or conceited. She did not know. Mina also thought her contradictory to her nature. She came off as dark when she was able to manipulate light. But of course she never truly understood the world around. Like sarcasm or mocking another person. She was more accustomed to travelers in Egypt, who gave anything they could offer.

    Feeling someone looking at her, Mina looked down at her desk. She didn't like others staring at her, only observing others. Instead of looking up, she created an eye out of sand to observe her surroundings and people without being noticed.
  7. "Well, this is different..." Abe muttered to himself, walking down the unfamiliar hallway, his old black backpack thrown over one shoulder. The school's tiny student body made the place seem deserted to him after so many public high schools. "But," He continued under his breath, "Maybe this could be a good thing." As he approached the door to his first class he gave a quick nod. It was his first day of school after all, it wouldn't do to walk in with a negative attitude. Donning his now-customary toothy grin, Abe opened the door and strode in, stooping slightly to make it comfortably through the doorway. He strode to a desk in the front way in a relaxed fashion, taking in his fellow students and set his pack down before slouching into his desk, which was a bit too small for him.
  8. Finally; I feel like I've been walking in circles for hours. At least I beat the bell. Zarek thought to himself as she walked through the door after a very large boy indeed. He noticed girls- he was always noticing girls, even if he was too shy to talk to them- but these particular girls looked to be using their abilities so casually. Is that what one did when one was half-divine? Puzzled and intrigued, Zarek found an empty seat in the middle of the room and set his pack upon the desk before sliding into the chair.

    The larger boy that he had followed into the room caught his attention next, and he found himself wondering if this was actually a student at all. He looked like a man! Not to mention a rugged and handsome man to boot. Zared felt pale in comparison and rubbed his own smooth jaw as if willing some stubble of his own to grow. At least this stranger seemed nice enough.

    Rummaging through his pack, Zarek began to ready the items he thought may be useful before class began.
  9. Through her third eye Mina noticed two new students walk in. One was very tall. The other was small and looked childish and young. The kid had a longing look in his eyes as he stared at the other. He was also rubbing his chin. She didn't know what to think of the two. She wasn't sociable.

    She couldn't change that trait. No matter how hard she tried, she preferred being alone. She thought the school would change that, but two years and no progress. The only change was her control over her abilities. Maybe this school year was different. Things may change. For better or worse, she did not know.
  10. Levi walked through the halls of the school. It brought back memories to see the same familiar doorway that lead to her homeroom class. She took a deep breath. She had never subbed before. But when the principal offers you a job, its hard to refuse. But that doesn't mean she wasn't still nervous.

    She set her things down and looked at the students. It was a mixed crowed of demi-gods from different cultures. "Hello students." She said in a sweet, warm voice that could melt butter. "I'm Levi. I'm am going to be your substitute teacher until your teacher comes back." She grabbed a clipboard and read off the names for roll. When everyone, well almost everyone, was called, she set it down and began writing on the board the assignment. "Now children, you have your assignment and its due at the end of class. To find your information, just ask other students."

    Assignment reads : write about the heritage of two cultures of gods. Your own and another. Can write more.
  11. Abe had maintained his relaxed demeanor throughout the role-call and got up almost immediately after reading the assignment on the board. Not only was he eager to become acquainted with his classmates, he had made it a personal goal to become a more attentive student. After stooping over and digging a paper and pen out of his already disorganized backpack, Abe began to walk confidently in the direction of the nearest student, a small young man with curly hair. Abe flashed his trademark grin and gave a nonchalant wave.
  12. Zarek looked up- and up- into the amiable face of the very tall student he had followed into the room and found himself smiling as well. Offering his hand in welcome to the stranger, he introduced himself: "Hey, Zarek Parsi. I'm a new transfer here, it's good to finally meet someone."

    The darker-skinned boy opened a fresh notebook and paused a moment before looking up apologetically at his guest. "I sort of just found out about a lot of this, so if you want to find another partner in order to get a better grade, I'll understand. Mom sort of kept me in the dark until all this weird stuff started happening with me and-" Zarek stopped himself, realizing he was babbling. He shrugged and tried to suppress the flush of embarrassment that flared over his high cheekbones. "Sorry... nervous." he muttered.

    Way to go, genius.
  13. Abe took the offered hand and gave it a firm shake. His smile became wider and friendlier as the small demigod babbled and he gave a light chuckle before replying.
    "Don't worry about it. Name's Abe Anderson. I'm actually new here myself, and I didn't learn about all this until a few years ago. Hell, everything I know about it now I had to look up myself!"
    Abe pulled over a chair from a nearby empty desk and sank into it, putting his paper on his lap and crossing his arms before continuing.
    "To be completely honest with you, I don't even know which god my dad was. All I know is that he's a resident of Valhalla, at least judging by this." He removed his necklace and offered it to Zarek for examination.
  14. Mina looked up at the board. The teacher wanted her to socialize. This seemed to be the toughest assignment ever. So she started with her heritage. Both of them. First, she wrote of her father Seth. He had divine beauty and power with a heart as pure as desert and just as deadly.

    Then she thought of mother. She was banished and stripped of her powers while given immortality as a punishment. She still retained her beauty. But her personality changed. She went from as cold as ice to as hit as a summer day in death valley. Her heart was now in the right place, caring more for her child than herself.

    After she was done writing, Mina walked over to the dark haired girl. The other two were occupying each other. She could sense the childish one's nervousness. As she walked, all the sand she let out came back into her gourd as she sat down next to the other girl. She waited for the other to comment, choosing not to speak and initiate contact. It just wasn't her thing to.
  15. Put at ease by Abe's affable nature, Zarek relaxed somewhat. He offered a little shrug in sympathy, "Yeah, I don't know who my dad is either. Mom never mentions him. She's- it's so weird to say, sorry- she's a goddess. Ninsar, a goddess of plants and stuff from Sumeria." Brushing his hair out of his face, Zarek took the offered medallion and turned it over in his hands, examining it closely before handing it back with care. "That's really cool. Valhalla, huh? So that's the..." he trailed off for a moment, "Norse pantheon?" The younger boy grinned. "Like Thor; sweet."

    Zarek found that he liked Abe quite a bit; his easy nature matched his own and despite his age he was also new to the school; Zarek hoped sincerely that he could make a lasting friend here in this strange place. The thought brought the boy a measure of relief in what was proving to be a very stressful time of change in his life.

    "So mom's been calling herself Nina and running a landscaping business which I guess makes sense, given her.. y'know." He still wasn't comfortable with this whole powers thing. "And Sumeria is now Iraq... I honestly don't know too much about it though." Another shrug lifted the thin boy's shoulders.

    "You said you found out about this on your own? How'd you do that?"
  16. Abe nodded and eased farther into his chair.
    "Yep, I'm sure I come from some Norse god, but I don't think Thor's the one..."
    Hearing the boy talk about his mother brought back some unpleasant memories, and for the first time since he entered the class Abe's grin faded. He began to drift off for a moment, but caught himself when his new friend changed the subject again. Forcing himself to smile again as was his habit, Abe replied enthusiastically, an attempt to regain his previously pleasant mood.
    "Well, when that little bauble was given to me I took it to the local library in hopes that someone would know anything about it. Luckily, the librarian behind the counter that day turned out to be an avid theology enthusiast. She told me that it was a symbol of the Nordic pantheon and went on for a good hour about all sorts of things, although most of it wasn't really related... Anyway, everything else I know I looked up in books or the internet or what have you."
    By the end of his anecdote Abe's smile had become more natural again.
  17. Noting the momentary lapse of the smile on his conversational partner's face, Zarek was happy to see it return and steered the subject to what seemed the safer avenue the other boy was taking; he didn't know what it was he had said but he hoped to avoid it all the same.

    "Wow, lucky break on that. I hope you're able to learn more; this certainly seems like a good place for it." A thought suddenly struck Zarek and he looked to Abe as he voiced it, "Since we're both pretty clueless about our own heritage beyond the basics, maybe we could hit up the library here and see what we can dig up? It's like a two-for-one as far as the assignment goes." Looking about the room, brows furrowed in thought, the younger boy mused half to himself, "I don't really know if we can go without being excused, so we might as well talk for a bit and look the part while we wait."

    Doodling a pattern of vines absently along the margins of his notebook, Zarek glanced up. "So Abe, what do you do for fun? Sports? I bet you'd be a star basketball player," he ventured.
  18. The students felt intimidation when Mina walked by, as they moved out of the way.

    The students felt fear when Sieghart walked by, as they tripped over each other in trying to get out of his way.

    The white-haired boy didn't react to the students before him - ants, one and all, if they were to so easily flinch before his presence. Perhaps some ants could be pressurized into fighting back when they feel fear; but not this bunch, and that was a great disappointment.

    Sieghart was dressed in his usual style: his ski-goggles, the last testament of his father was perched above his forehead like a hairband, though it served no use in obstructing the flow of his hair. The rest of his clothes were plain - a simple jacket over a shirt, along with a pair of rather baggy pants held up by a large belt. However, what drew attention towards him was not his clothing but instead the stone gauntlet with a teardrop of ice in its center on his left hand. Everyone in the school knew what the gauntlet was, where it came from, who it came from and even the new ones had heard whispers of the power it gave this Senior.

    One would have thought a cold gust of wind had blown by when Sieghart turned on his heel and pulled open the door of the classroom, walking in to see most of the seats filled up and the teacher already there. "Levi," greeted Sieghart in his usual curt tone, inclining his head towards the substitute teacher and then his eyes glanced towards the board, already knowing what the assignment would be - it was the same every year. Another sweep of the class told him that everyone present had a partner already, and so Sieghart moved over to a chair in the back corner of the classroom and sat down, pulling out a piece of paper and pen from the space underneath the table.

    The tip of his pen touched the paper and he began to write, his words in a smooth cursive that belonged not in twenty-first century penmanship but instead would find itself more at home in the times of Arthur Conan-Doyle.

    "Skadi, Daughter of Thiazi the Giant is the Personification of Winter, also closely associated to bowhunting, skiing and the mountains. She was wed to the Vanirian God Njoror, Father of Freyr and Freyja as compensation for the murder of her Father. In the saga Heimskringla, Skadi was said to have split up with Njoror and had instead married Odin, leading to a new line of Gods being born. In both the poem and prose versions of Edda, Skadi was held responsible for putting in place the serpent that dripped venom upon the bound Loki, the Trickster."
  19. Belle sighed as the teacher walked in,"Hopeless," she would say under her breath. She maintained her straight posture, her hair over her right shoulder as she awaited the assignment. As usual, the assignment was easy as usual. The odds of having a substitute teacher for the first day of school are normally rather slim. Perhaps this was one of those teachers that are incredibly lazy, or something had come up. The assignment was written on the board in haste. Belle quirked a brow and then sighed. Normally teachers, even substitute teachers, will not assign things so fast. Especially on the first day of school. The assignment was too easy for Belle's liking, yet she did it anyway.

    She lifted her pencil, and wrote in a nice penmanship, as if it were the ink of a printer. Her letters were straight, perfectly-sized, and easy to read. She finished her assignment within minutes, only to remain seated until the next assignment was announced. Or perhaps this assignment was going to take all class. She didn't bother to ask, instead she would caress her fine hair until the teacher noticed that most of the students were done.

    She looked back down at her paper, Anextiomarus, a Celtic god. Nobody here was born under him but Belle. She was the only one with the rare shielding powers as well, or at least she never saw anyone else with powers such as that. The other God, a different one that didn't have much lore to ease her hand of writing, and to keep the assignment simple. Asclepius, minor god of medicine and healing. She didn't care if she didn't get a 100% score, because she believed this assignment was pointless. There was no need to talk to anybody either; but perhaps she would get a low grade in participation. It didn't matter to her...
  20. Abe unfolded his arms and plucked his paper off his lap. He began writing on it, using one of his legs as a table. This of course made his already sloppy handwriting that much worse, but Abe was of the opinion that as long as it was slightly legible nobody would mind too much.
    "To tell you the truth," He replied, continuing to do the assignment, "I've never really been much of a sports guy. A while back I found out I'm a decent cook and it's been one of my favorite things to do ever since. I used to be a bit of a gamer, but a couple years back I fell into some hard times and haven't really been able to pick it back up."
    He paused as a late student entered the room, bringing in a cold gust him him. After watching the newcomer take his seat Abe glanced around the room to find that Zarek and himself were still the only people talking. Picking his pen back up, Abe muttered "Seems like a bit of an uptight bunch we got here. Anyhow, I'm not sure whether or not this'll be due at the end of class, so I guess we should just do what we can with what we know. I'm just jotting down a sort of crash course on the Nordic pantheon, seeing as I don't know any specifics about my lineage."