Spyridon Stathis Boarding School for Demigods

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    You are a demigod. Otherwise, you wouldn't have found yourself here. All young demigods, if they haven't been killed yet, find their way to Spyridon Stathis Boarding School. As long as you are the son or daughter of a god, any god except for "the" god, you will be accepted here, along with free tuition and board. Here, we have all sorts of classes needed for the young demigod, ranging from Algebra and Calculus to Swordfighting and Mythstory. Our front is a boarding school for the unusually smart, but any normal human who applies is turned down, regardless of who they are, while any demigod who applies will always be accepted.

    This is sort of like Percy Jackson meets highschool. Anyone can join, but I want to know if anyone is interested before we post signup sheets. Another note, I am thinking that each individual culture will have a different building they live in, but it would end up where unless we had a ton of people, nobody would be interacting with others all the time, you know? However, maybe we could separate houses based on continent, but then Europe would have a ton, and the Americas would have hardly any. I don't know, what do you think? The gods are not restricted to Greek and Roman, you can be of Japanese blood, Norse, Native American, Hindu, Arabic, Celtic, Chinese, Egyptian, if a culture celebrates deities, then they must have had demigod children!

    Application Sheet for Spyridon Stathis

    Godly Mother/Father:
    What Culture They Are From:

    You can add more, but it must have all this!

    Now go forth, children of the gods, and bring me your awesomeness!
    All students must be able to post about once a day, at least four lines. No one liners, okay. The first time you will get a warning, the second time, no matter the circumstances, is expulsion! We at Spyridon Stathis hold ourselves to a higher standard, being born of the gods. YOU CANNOT BE ANYTHING BUT A DEMIGOD UNLESS YOU PM ME AND I APPROVE OF YOUR IDEA, GOT THAT?

    ATTENTION! I am currently looking for people to help me play as NPCs, minor characters, and teachers! If you think you've got what it takes to help me GM, even if it is in a minor way, PM me right now!
  2. Belle Armstrong


    Gender: Female
    Age: 16
    Year: Sophomore
    Godly Mother/Father: Anextiomarus
    What Culture They Are From: Celtic
    Appearance: With very long, black, straight hair that runs down to below her butt, she stands at 5'6". She has a very curvy, yet somewhat masculine body.
    Personality: She's not very outgoing, nor is she shy; but rather independent and mysterious. She's elegant, and strong-willed. Smart, and strategic.
    History: Her mother died during child birth, and her father left shortly after her birth; being given to her aunt in which would take care of her. Upon realizing that she could form small shields of what appears to be light. It would glow a yellow color, and it would form in a circle. It's a hard substance, and her aunt took her to many hospitals, but they thought she was crazy for believing such a thing. After researching that she was the daughter of the Celtic God, Anextiomarus, she then knew where her powers originated from. Anextiomarus, being similar to the God known as Apollo, she then knew she had more skills to come. When she aged, she was taken into archery lessons, and without practice, the bulls-eye was pierced by her arrow. After many years of splitting arrows and such, she developed the mastery of archery, and she practiced her shielding in her spare time. Upon being told what she was, she didn't mind very much. Her aunt and her were very close, she even saw her as her own mother, changing her alias to,"Mother". That is when she was taken to the boarding school, at the age of 16; to increase her skills and to be surrounded by those of her kind.
  3. Name: Aidan Cerberus Vorenus
    Gender: Male
    Godly Mother/Father:Hades God of the underworld
    What Culture They Are From:Greek mythology
    Appearance:Pale white skin flawless and haunting, He had his mother's looks being A god of beauty, his hair was jet black short and messy, almost anime like. He was physically on top and well formed, He had three earrings on cartilage, he hand a neck tattoo of Cerberus, and a small flock of bats behind his left ear. He wore tight band tee's with the ribs slashed revealing his abs a little, his jeans were expensive and fashionably ripped at the knees. He wore dirty converse and checkered laces. He was tall and lean, A complete Heartthrob
    Personality:Flirty and a complete show off his romance has subtle dark undertones as a certain "death is beauty" kind of way, he was found of dead roses. He was an artist and a musician.
    History: Aidan was the bastard son of Hades, Left on earth with no memory of his father was raised by a human named of ​
    Annabelle, growing up in Newyork city he became a musician in the local rock scene and due to his abnormally beautiful looks and great vocals he quickly gained attention. He made allot of money and was very famous his band Under the Boards was well known in the dark occult fan base all over the world. His fans always die hard and never on the line of like. He had a pet bat named Alucard and was usually with him where ever he went. It wasn't until he was 17 when he learned he was the son of Hades, He had visions and dreams and finally Death himself came and explained he needed to keep him safe from the Titans of Tarterus, to further ensure he was safe he sent him to
    Spyridon Stathis. there he will gain his ability's and powers.

  4. Kamila "Kam" Blaise--daughter of Marzanna

    [BLINK]Gender:[/BLINK] Female
    [BLINK]Age: [/BLINK]17
    [BLINK]Year: [/BLINK] Junior
    [BLINK]Godly Mother/Father:[/BLINK] Marzanna(Hecate for you Greeks)
    [BLINK]What Culture They Are From: [/BLINK] Eastern Europe (Slavic countries, but mainly Poland.)
    [BLINK]Personality:[/BLINK] Seemingly cold and using, Kam can be extremely calculating and sinister when she wishes to or fiery and passionate, quick to anger. She has trouble letting people in and keeps a low profile, unless you get her angry. However, when she gets to know people, she is imaginative, compassionate, and dedicated. She prefers to live in snowy areas, because when she feels a strong emotion, the weather changes to match that emotion.
    [BLINK]History:[/BLINK] Having never known either parents, she believed she had been born of a coven of witches, who, upon seeing her powers of the snow and nightmares and untrained death magic, abandoned her. When she was younger, and had little knowledge of her mother's gifts, such as the ability to kill with a well-placed touch, at the back of the neck, she accidentally killed children she would play with, something that caused her to never want to have friends. As such, she froze her heart, never letting anyone in. In the beginning of her freshman year, she was going through some old papers and upon one, not in her handwriting, was written Spyridon Stathis Boarding. Researching it, she found out it was a private school, only for the extremely smart. Taking a random chance, she applied and was accepted, and this will be her third year at the school.

  5. Both of you are looking great so far xD
  6. His Ability's are similar to Hades but he also has his own twist, where hades is flame he is Ice. Aidan also can see ghosts and he can shroud himself to be completely unseen. He has the ability of Serpents gaze, the ability to draw people in if they caught eye contact. and as well as a few secrets :) he is the son of Hades XD
  7. Erm. That's rather odd. But alrighty.

    What's the serpent's gaze?
  8. :D
  9. Name: Mio Oubastet
    Gender: Female
    Age: 16
    Year: Junior
    Godly Mother/Father: Bastet (Bast)
    What Culture They Are From: Egyptian goddess Bastet for a mother and a Japanese father
    Appearance: Mio has straight, silky, ebony black hair that goes down to her knees, and her bangs are a gentle slope that covers her right eye and is long on the left side of her face to match the length of her bangs on the right side. Sometimes, or when she's in battle or battle training, she will put her hair into a pony tail that is high on the back of her head, and she uses a red silk ribbon to tie it up, but she never puts it in a bow. The strange thing about Mio is that she has black cat ears which she keeps down so that they look like part of her hair style. She has olive skin, similar to the skin color of the Greeks. Her eyes are an ice blue color, an they are almond shaped, but when she goes in to any type of fight or if she gets angry, her pupils turn into slits, like a cat's pupils. She has a slender body, in general she is attractive, but still a little deadly-looking. Most of the time, she wears a black pleated skirt that is about mid-thigh length, with tight black shorts about the same length, a black and white striped long-sleeve shirt that is thin and goes a little past her waist and covers most of her hands and only covers her right shoulder, or sometimes a white long-sleeve or short-sleeve button-up shirt (depending on the season) that she has the top three buttons undone, also sometimes wearing a red and black long-sleeve cardigan that goes a little past her waist and covers the palms of her hands and is loose and baggy, also having on mid-thigh high stockings that are black or red (depending on her mood), and wearing black knee-high, two inch high-heel boots that lace up.
    Personality: Mio is normally quiet and keeps to herself, but does enjoy the company of animals more than anything else. She is extremely cautious and careful around new people. Though she has a nasty temper, which she has only a little control over, she tries to not snap at people. Her previous lifestyle was what made her act the way she does, she was trained for a battlefield, also trained as a japanese warrior. Mio generally behaves much like a cat, so she loves to sleep and only goes near people that she thinks are worth her time, which is not that many people. Most people find her to be a rather mean person, but she that is because she doesn't really want to know these people or she is being cautious around them. It is hard for her to trust others, but once she does trust someone and gets to know them more, she is one of the most fun and outgoing people, but still fairly quiet when she is tired.
    History: Growing up with her father and his family was harder than it should have been. Her father's entire family was angry that the only child he had was a daughter. Because she was born a girl, Mio had to prove to everyone that she was just as tough and capable as any boy would be. So, she was put into training in different types of training, types of Japanese fighting and various types of meditations, along with many other types from other cultures. She was forced into learning just about anything that her father's family wanted her to, so she was pretty much one of the most miserable children. The entirety of her life revolved around the family that never actually felt like a family, the only one that really tried to give her a childhood was her father. Mio only recently found out that she was the daughter of Bastet, her father told her on her fifteenth birthday, and when the chance to go to Spyridon Stathis Boarding School appeared, she jumped at the chance, anything to get away from the evil family.
    Pet: Oubast - pet cat, silver egyptian mau
  10. Nice character sheet Ichigo.

    As for Adrias, that's a little scary. It's like a mix of medusa, hades, and poseidon. At least that's how I'm seeing it.
  11. Its actually the powers given in the scion book they sell, its a rpg they sell in hobby shops, i have all the books. And actually no because Medusa turns people to stone via gaze, Hades is the Greek devil in some mythos The last layer of hell is frozen hence the ice. And Hades him self is the God of the underworld and the unseen. It makes perfect sense.
  12. It's up to Equinox if it's valid or in valid. This is just very similar to Scion so all i did was take my actual character sheet and selected a few ability's from the list i had. It was a great build and it fell perfectly in place. Plus it's not like id use any of them on player characters by no means am i an ass.
  13. It's fine, just you know, "With great power comes great responsibilty," and all that...
  14. Okay~! So now that we've got a healthy (small) amount of students for our school, let me tell you all some things about our prestigious academy!

    I'm starting the rp on the first day of school, and since the school would be relatively small, it might end up to be a "higurashi" school setting, where each grade is at a table in the same classroom. They'd move classes, sure, but only for things like swordfighting and PE and such. And the core class teacher, maths, language arts, sciences, and social studies would be the same person, to add more simplicity and compensate for the smallness of the group. This could change if a ton more people join, but for now, that's it. Another thing about the school is that it is rather large, but only about one hallway is used for classes and one for living quarters.

    Here's a list of planned NPs/teachers/etc. that people can apply to be. If you want to be any of these people or have an idea for one, pm me, okay? Ichigo asked first, so she gets AWESOME points xD

    Core Class Teacher
    Physical Education Teacher
    Principal Stathis
    Swordfighting Teacher
    and any others you think we might need
  15. Uncle Ben i know what i must do XD!!! <3
  16. I feel special! I love AWESOME points! And EquinoxSol, you are absolutely AWESOME!
  17. Erm. Adrias. I wasn't saying anything at all about you being an ass. In fact, the only thing I was saying is that it's a little scary, because of the amounts of abilities you have. I see how it makes perfect sense, yet again, the god-modding factor is still placed in there. With your character controlling so many different things, it'll make the enemy seem as if they were nothing. Unless we were to improve the enemy, although that would just make it so that all of the other characters are useless.

    What are the limitations of your powers?

    More detail would make me feel more at ease.
  18. Well, the whole purpose of the school is to help demigods attain the powers given to them by their parents. Secondly, most of them probably wouldn't have known that they were the offspring of all-powerful beings until a little while ago, and would have thought their powers were arbitrary or of coincidence. Secondly, in my eyes, an untrained demigod wouldn't be able to control their powers, and could only summon them in times of great stress, you know? Thirdly, in any rpg, your character's skill set would be a relatively good one. It has a self-protect (the shield thing) and a high DPS and possible AoE (the archery). Aiden has no self-protection, unless he can form something out of ice, a shroud sort of thing, and then a pull, so he's basically a ele/a. Mio has training in several fields of combat and a familiar, so she's maybe a jack-of-all-trades. Kam has an insta-kill, but it's very specific, and normally the part she must touch, called an amon, is covered by armor or clothing most of the time. Her winter powers can be AoE, or MI, and with nightmares it is sort of a hit-or-miss, which would make her a sort of tank. All in all, if this was a video game, our party would great. We all have our weaknesses, and no one person is more powered than the rest, in my view, especially if we incorporate the sidekick/training element.
  19. I'd be happy to elaborate on that. My character can not form anything else other than a shield with her power. Her father is the god of light and shielding.

    I just believe that the ability to be invisible, control ice at his own will to create things that he desires, see ghosts, draw people in with a serpents gaze, and be the offspring of Hades. The part that worries me the most is at the end of the statement where he keeps some of his powers hidden from the rest of us. Or at least that's what he makes it seem like. That part just brings endless questions for me, the fact that he has secrets that may be of great power during the RP.

    If he were to explain the amount of things he could do with his powers, then that would truly answer my questions. For example, the things he can do with ice. Does he need a source for ice? How does he use the serpent's gaze? How exactly does the serpent's gaze draw someone in? What happens if they're drawn into the serpent's gaze? Is seeing ghosts just a minor aspect of his abilities, or can he use them for offensive use? Etc. Etc.

    As for my own character, the only thing I'll have her do is be able to have great accuracy, and be able to shield things off. It's not like she can control light itself. I guess you can say she chooses what she desires to shield, and the shield appears. If she tries to use it offensively, the only thing she'd be doing is shielding her enemy. It's as if it were a bubble.