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  1. been a long time since I put a thread in this section, but i thought I'd give it a try....I want to start something of a spy like RP something that involves sneaking around and fighting some sort of enemy that vastly out powers them, but they manage to infiltrate their ranks or were ocnverted and are now working to destroy the opposing group from the inside out. players could choose spy or resistence soldier or play as a member of the opposing group the resistance is fighting against.

    Still working out the location, but I am leaning towards something of a metropolis like city where skirmishes can take place in towering sky scrpaers or in run down old warehouse along the the city's outskirts. Or even having the fight go out of control and just break out on a city block where unsespecting citizens are caught off guard and both sides are continuely engaging each other while trying not to harm the paniced masses. These sort of skirmishes would be played out mainly by soldiers while the spies played a more cloak and danger role sabotaging defense grids or opening back doors while fight was going on to a llow a small units of elite soldiers to attack from the inside.

    open to ideas, suggestions and any other kind of plot recommendation you can think of that might help shape this brain storm into an elegant rp.
  2. Hmmm... I, for one, would love to do something sort of 1984-ish. ^^ Perhaps the powers-that-be are attempting similar mind-control techniques on the population which are generally effective, with the spies composing either resistance from within or an outside force? And in this case, the party would be able to provide fairly well for one or two cities instead of everything being shit.
    Main reason to do a 1984 style thing, though, is Big Brother. Maybe the entire first plot arc is the spies trying to kill BB, but when the climatic scene comes and they break into his apartments... they discover that BB is an illusion and that the Inner Party as a whole makes decisions, not some mysterious leader, prompting another plot arc where they attempt to handle this new information? XD
  3. I'd love to be a spy/assassin type deal for this. Let me know whenever you start this
  4. was thinking more modern day alternate world RP this one is slightly more advanced than our own and while security its also beefed up there are still loopholes in the system the spies are able to exploit like deleting video evidence or knocking out the electrical grid for a shot time. Nothing over the top but just small sublet things they can manipulate quite effectively