Spring/Summer Staff Hunt!

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  1. Your Administration are currently on the hunt for STAFF POTENTIALS!

    With in the next couple of months we will be breaking 500 active members. 8D This is exciting! But it also means we need extra staff to make sure so one gets stressed or overwhelmed with duties across the site. We will be going from 15 staff to 20 staff, and have several open spots.

    To view our requirements and expectations for ALL staffers click here!

    We are currently looking for PROACTIVE members as staff potentials. People who go beyond the average to do more for Iwaku. Great volunteers in projects, as well as promoting their own ideas. People who are friendly and interact a lot with ALL members. Individuals with a good reputation and know how to play well with others. 8D

    We are especially interested in people that can bring something NEW to the table and are willing to create and test out ideas.

    If you are interested in being a potential staffer, please send in an APPLICATION. (App link is at the bottom.)

    If you have sent in an application before, now is a good time to send in a NEW application with fresh information! All applications remain in the database to be re-reviewed, but an updated app is great. 8D

    Note, that all who apply and are eligible members WILL be considered, but there is no guarantee that all applicants will be hired. We pick the most active members or the members who are providing something we are missing. This doesn't mean you suck ass, it just means someone else was more qualified. XD

    If you want to help Iwaku out, but know you don't have the time to be a full-on staffer - THERE IS THE COMMUNITY VOLUNTEERS!
    It's -really- easy to do little things for Iwaku. If everyone did 1 little thing - think of how big of an impact we would make. 8D Volunteer!

    And finally, the best way to help out Iwaku is to be a friendly, respectful member and just enjoy PLAYING! <3 So get out there and play!
  2. Maybe when I hit 3 months xP
  3. You can apply before your three months are over, Layne! Your application will just be on hold until then.
  4. lol, Diama, I couldnt do it *is too shy* but if it helps i'll nominate some ppl ^_^
  5. Nudge anyone you think would be an excellent staff in to sending in an application. 8D
  6. Yup you can definitely send yours in before you hit the 3 month mark, I did. ^^
  7. Nice to hear Iwaku is growing!... But seeing as I am a newb.... it makes perfect sense. But it's because of the good job y'all are doing. *thumbs up* Keep it up and hope you find good staff members!

    If ya need help with some random small thing, I'll say I would try to help to the best of my extent. *nods*
  8. Sounds like you should head to Community Volunteers, Oyoa! Diana linked it in her post. :3
  9. *is shoved into the thread by Ozzie!*

    *gets up and dusts herself off*

    Um, Di, I think I'm ready to resubmit my application for Staff...

    *hands in her personal project proposal*

    *runs off again!*
  10. Exxxcellente. >:3
  11. How many staffers are there right now, anyway? =x

    Edit: Just re-read, 15 >.>;
  12. I put in a bid again. ^.^;;

    Although, maybe I should just be a member and try and make everythin' copacetic from the member side when somethin' happens, while mods are makin' things copacetic on their side.

    I finally figured out the right way to spell copacetic, which is why I'm using it so much. I LOVE THIS WORD.
  13. Actually, Miru, we have thirteen! Fifteen is just our former maximum staff limit.
  14. We will have 15 as of tomorrow. O___O
  15. Interesting....
  16. You seem... not close to that number 0.o
  17. Diana
    and Celeste!

  18. 0.0

  19. *makes Deseacula put in an application for now or later date* meh, i think it would help...
  20. Tempted to apply, not sure =x
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