Spring Public Service Announcement! - Don't Be Trollin'!

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Hi ho, hi ho! Our super active season is upon us and we'd like to take a few moments to give a public service announcement to remind peeps about basic community etiquette so we can keep our forums annoyance free. :D

Don't Troll the Newbies. Don't Troll threads outside of ASYLUM.
Those poor newbies don't know when you're being a sarcastic dick and when you're genuinely interested! REMEMBER trolling is only permitted in the Asylum. That means no derailing threads in General and especially no trolling in the roleplay areas where people are trying to get their roleplay on.

The AWAY command in the cbox is not for lurking.
If you're going to be away longer than 30minutes, just log out. It was not made for lurking. Away names will be booted if you're on away longer than an hour.

Mind you manners!
Remember, you are in a public space! Smashed together with a wide variety of opinions, personalities and moods. If you find yourself in a bad mood and hanging out on the site isn't helping improve it go somewhere else that will. Members want to help cheer you up, not get brought down with you when you get all crazy pissy. When you see other members being cranky, don't make it worse with trolling. D:<

Avoid Overspamming the cbox!
You ARE allowed to advertise your roleplay in the cbox! HOWEVER, spamming the same group of people over and over again just gets annoying. "But a new person just logged in!" is NOT a viable excuse. Make sure you aren't over spamming!
I will also add please don't be pushy when asking for people to post in RPs, sometimes people do get busy. Nine times out of ten, they'll inform you ahead of time if they can't make a commitment.
Not open for further replies.