Spring/Easter PSA

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  1. (And Ostara and/or any other spring holidays/celebrations...)


    Thank you.
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  2. Second PSA

    If you leave chocolate eggs for your kids to hunt, keep your Dog far away.
    And also make damn sure to clean it up afterwards in case any were missed.
    Cause your Dog will find it, and it won't end well.
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  3. I also have a PSA.

    This tradition exists solely to sell chocolate and hallmark cards. Why give a shit about it? (Except for the day after, where you can buy lots of chocolate cheaply.)
  4. Eat the bunny after the holidays. Got it.
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  5. Personally, I don't. .__.

    Other people, however... idk. (Also religion.) I used to work in a shelter and there were always alarming amounts of calls starting a few days to a few months after Easter, begging us to take in bunnies that people no longer wanted because they were too much work.

    People suck.
  6. PSA

    Just because I clean the building does not mean letting your shitty demon children wipe heir nasty ass hands full of melted chocolate on the white walls.

    And this year please make sure that green plastic grass isn't flushed down the toilets. Your kid might find it funny to see all the (as you put it) 'Bright colours in motion' going down the toilet. Not only am I the cleaning guy but I'm also the:

    -Fix it
    -Call professionals
    -Get in trouble for having to call them

    guy. You know what they won't find funny? When you see what that fucking grass does to the pipes. So please, by all means let your little assholes flush it.

    It'll make my reign in hell when I see you there so much more fun.
  7. Frustrated PSA:

    Please keep in mind that Easter is a religious holiday that means a lot to those of us who are religious. It kinda bums me out that people think it's all about the chocolate and bunnies and whatever. That's not what it's about at all. :ashamed: It's okay not to give a shit about it because it's uninteresting to you, but please, don't go insulting someone's beliefs or their sacred holiday.

    That being said, all the above PSA's are also important!
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  8. Keep in mind, I was mocking the general "need" to buy chocolates and hallmark cards and other non-religious, consumerist activities associated with the holiday. If it holds religious significance to you or anyone else (as it goes with any other date on the calender for any other religion), that's entirely of your own personal values, and I won't generally mock it in any sort of sincerely vicious manner. In essence: If it has personal value to you because of religious beliefs, you get a pass. I wouldn't mock that. People I care for deeply are religious themselves, it means a lot to them, so I respect it.

    It's the people who think "I have to buy 50 dollars worth of chocolate eggs and force my children to find them for inane corporate culture reasoning" that I'm mocking. Then again, I grew up poor. So from my POV, most of these non-religious celebrations are just bizarre to me. I couldn't afford them and I see no reason to burn money on them except to feed corporate greed on specific dates. Just wait until after the holiday, buy a ton of chocolate while it's on discount because the stores are trying to liquidate the stuff, and then sit down and watch a movie with your kids, or practice important religious ceremonies, or something other than corporate cultural nonsense. :ferret:
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  9. Oh, no! I didn't think you were insulting religion or anything. This was just a PSA thread so I thought I'd offer my two cents. I totally agree though, Easter is so commercialized, just like Christmas is. It's laaaaaaaame. And I feel so bad for anyone who has to deal with that fake paper grass shit because honestly, it never ends.
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  10. Eh. I grew up in a household that did the whole Easter egg hunting thing -- just because it was... fun, I guess. Just a chance to do something interesting that ends with you getting candy, and it's something that only happens once a year. As a kid, that's pretty exciting. ...A sort of exciting that it doesn't take long to grow out of, but, still -- it's sort of a nice thing when you're young.

    Granted, it's not as if my mom spent a ton of money on Easter baskets and the like. In fact, I'm pretty sure she re-used the plastic eggs and grass each year. o_o

    I can't say that these kinds of traditions don't exist because of consumerism and corporate greed, but, on the consumer end of things, it's not like I can't say I understand why people do it. Parents spend money on candy because they like seeing their kids scurry around and get all excited to see what the Easter Bunny brought them. Same sort of thing with Christmas. In fact, hell, I'm usually the one who goes crazy around the holiday season buying gifts for my friends, so... yeah. I definitely acknowledge that Christmas is incredibly over-commercialized, but I sort of go along with it just because I enjoy the spirit of giving and I like getting things that I know my friends will really love. At that point, it feels less like I'm spending money because of corporate-influenced cultural traditions and moreso because I just like seeing the look on my friends' faces when they open up a gift that I saw on a store shelf and knew they'd absolutely love. And I guess Easter is sort of similar. ...Except less personalized with the whole gift-giving thing, because kids tend to be a bit less picky with the chocolate bunnies. :P

    It's easy to mock the over-blown commercial side of things, but, eh. I can at least understand why these kinds of traditions persist, despite so many people's distaste of the corporate greed that leeches off of it all. :P Commercialized? Yes. Silly when you sort of step back and take a look at it? Yes. But I really can't fault people for wanting to spend money on their loved ones.
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  11. I built a huge bonfire with a bunch of people when I was a teenager once. The authorities didn't appreciate our traditionalist spirit.
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  12. ...don't owls EAT bunnies?
  13. Was going to say this. <3

    Why yes they do. Good observation ^^
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  14. They absolutely do. (Part of our bird-feeding routine at the sanctuary involves dead bunnies and hatchets.)

    What they don't do is force domestic bunnies to live miserable lives in too-small cages with limited social interaction, minimal nutrition, and (often) no veterinary care. They also don't buy irresponsibly and dump bunnies at shelters.
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  15. They say the same to me on the 4th of July. Apparently spending $548.33 on fireworks for one night is "a little extreme." It was the simulation grenades and parachute flares I snagged from my last AT that got their attention though.

    They don't appreciate my rampant pyromania Patriotism!
  16. Just tell them you're doing more for the economy than they are.

    Which unironically brings this topic into full circle.
  17. To add onto this. I can get people who are struggling to make money find doing this to be a confusing concept... Because, well there's very important stuff to pay for and throwing it at Holidays can put you in big trouble.

    But it's important to remember a lot of people have more luxury/wiggle room to spend on fun things, and for them it's not a factor of "Have Easter or eat" but rather "Have Easter or a slightly bigger vacation fund".
    And most people usually prefer spending time with family than they do just having a slightly fatter bank account.
    Me and some friends did that with another friend of ours and his family at their farm.
    Something about burning carbon into the soil to help plants grow better.

    However his Dad forgot to notify authorities beforehand so we ended up with 8 Police Cars and 4 Fire trucks showing up. XD

    Photo Proof


    People seriously got worried about someone wanting a big fireworks show? o.O
  18. I see this point, too. It can be fun for the children and the parents. I just wish non-religious families would pick a different holiday to do it on. The Christmas thing always made sense to me because of the collide in traditional celebrations--it all just formed into one holiday celebrating multiple things (and besides, according to science, Jesus's actual birthday was in June). It became a celebration of the Winter Solstice, Saint Nicolas AND Jesus's birth. I get that, we can share. And with Easter, I understand cultural traditions like gifts and cute bunnies which stem from German roots, but it's gotten BEYOND ridiculous. At least with Christmas the original meaning is known and honored by those who celebrate, even those who aren't religious, but if agnostic/atheistic parents want their kids to get pictures with a guy in a bunny suit at the mall instead of acknowledging a very significant religious day, please find another time to do that. Easter is the most important holiday of the Catholic faith. You can spoil your children with chocolate and peeps some other time.

    :banghead: /endrant

    i'm a really nice person and if i offended you please don't hurt me omg

    On the other hand, sometimes I wonder if I can't really complain. Ramadan and Passover and so many other religious holidays are looked over without a blink, and those who don't celebrate Christmas or Easter must be frustrated with constantly having it in their faces. Idk man, I just don't want people to make my faith's holiday about chocolate and bunnies and wash away the incredible significance of what it means.

    /real endrant
  19. I'm not really sure where you live, but over here (Ontario Canada) the knowledge of Easter Weekend being about the crucifixion and rising of Christ is rather common knowledge.
    Everyone whose more religious has their big sermons and celebrations on it, everyone less religious has their chocolate and bunnies.
    Same with Christmas, more religious do their thing, less religious also do their thing.
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  20. I'm in the US. You can imagine corporations taking it to a new level, lol. I don't have a problem with people doing their thing, I just don't want the religious significance to be erased by those who celebrate.

    BUT. This is off topic I think. PROTECT THE BUNNIES.

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