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    It all started with an outbreak in the city of Linshore. At first it wasn't a problem....until now.The date was 3150 when it happened.. A virus was spreading...fast. It first started in a host..not only a host but an animal most would usually stay away from..but how would we catch it? The Linshore Wolf Bat is the only known animal to carry this disease. Not only that,but THRIVE from it. But the fact is..how did somebody even CATCH this? Linshore is so highly developed...But extremely clumsy. Some say that it was from a child who was aimlessly playing and it was an accident. But i say it wasn't an accident. The government is the person we should blame. But why now..?
    Virus name
    This so called "Virus" Is called 'MRD'. Which stands for Mental Reception Disorder.
    About the virus
    First of all,a toxin this bat makes is in it's teeth for protection. It can be extracted from a DEAD bat,but extremely rare to not get if bitten. If the mother is infected it will be passed down to the child.

    Stages of MRD
    Stage 1:
    When this happens: When bitten by the bat,or breathing in the air someone coughs/sneezes in,or touching any bodily fluids of the sick person
    Description: Nothing really happens. You're normal for 1-5 hours before the disease comes in.

    Stage 2:
    When this happens:1-2 days after infection
    Description: Terrible headaches no matter what you do

    Stage 3:
    When this happens:3-5 days after stage 2
    Coughs and Sneezes
    Description: This is similar to a cold virus. It is now airborne if you cough/sneeze in the air without covering your mouth.

    Stage 4:
    When this happens:3-4 days after stage 3
    Description: Food water OR blood. You'll just be vomiting.

    Stage 5:
    When this happens:Can happen same day as stage 4,or 1 day after stage 4.
    Description: You'll basically go insane,Hallucinations,And more.

    Stage 6:
    When this happens:2 days after stage 5
    High fevers
    Description:Lucky to live past stage 5 without suiciding really.

    Stage 7:
    When this happens:Whenever you dehydrate,Starve,Kill yourself,Or a week after stage 6.
    Description: You name it.

    Max days alive: (ABOUT) 14 days.
    The plot~
    A heavily forested area. Or should i say,a wolf bat's home... The brindoom forest is right by Linshore. But now it has fallen into ruin and 10 daring teens are deciding to live for a month there. Will we come out alive? Or will be die horribly and never to be found again??

    Outside of RP Rules
    1. No light hearted people,please.
    2. This is a post apocolyptic RP. Keep it interesting?
    3. Be active. If something pops up tell me or i will find another person to replace your spot.
    4. If you are inactive for 3 days without notification i will let another person join. (It really depends on how this RP goes)
    5. There is NO CURE. So don't say "I found a cure!" We're not focusing on the cure,we're focusing on living.
    6. If you read this far put 'Frosty is super frosty.' in others~ If not you will risk your spot.
    7. Cursing is OK just no in every sentence.
    8. There may be fights due to resource issues but don't go around killing all of us for no reason
    9. Conflicts happen but no prejudice about anyone. (EX; I hate her because she believes in Buddha. Or I hate him because he's black etc)
    10. We're all friends in the RP so we might as well act like friends.
    11. One of us has to carry the virus. We don't have any knowledge about it so we're at high risk of catching it
    12. We MIGHT kill each other if we find out about the virus but that's super slim.
    13. Fade in fade out please?
    14. We go from day to night with 12 posts! (This may be longer or shorter depends on everyone's muse)
    15. One character per person. If your person is expecting children please have only one.

    Screen name(Ex; Frostbite):
    Muse(On a range from 1-10):
    Activity(On a range from 1-10,PLEASE DON'T LIE!):
    Age(Has to be teenage from 14-17):
    Looks(Anime pictures not recommended):
    Typed looks(Ex; A slim male with short blonde hair and beautiful shimmering blue eyes.):
    Beliefs(Religion basically.):
    Sexual Orientation(Not required but it may or may not spice up the RP.):
    Specialties(Do you whip up a delicious pie?):
    Are you pregnant?(If you're a guy just skip this.):
    Crush(Not required. Might spice up things,though.):
    Weaknesses(2 min 3 max):
    Strengths(1 min 3 max):

    Key:Female Male
    Accepted people:

    Lyre,15. Played by Frostbite


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  2. Interesting, can i join?
  3. I will join this, for I enjoy the idea of a No-Hope RP :)

    Screen name: TheBountyHunter

    Muse: It really depends on how other people post... but most of the time, I will have something to add.


    Activity: I check Iwaku every day, sometimes multiple times in a day, so I'll say

    Gender: Male

    Name: Lucas

    Age: 16

    Typed looks: Lucas is a red-head with a small amount of facial hair surrounding his lips and chin, as well as the sides of his face. His eyes are the color of Jade, with no sparkles ^o^ He most commonly wears plain T-shirts and plain jeans. With a sharp nose and chiseled chin, it's hard not to find his face attractive on a more muscular body. However, since these are times where food is scarce and everyone works a lot, his physical appearance isn't that of a wimp, in the slightest.

    Beliefs: Weak Agnostic, if there was proof maybe.

    Sexual Orientation: Not necessarily looking for a relationship, but you could coin him as Bi-sexual.

    Specialties: He's good with numbers and sorting things, but he's also good with a bow-and-arrow and has experience hunting animals to cook up.

    Are you pregnant?: N/A

    Crush: Not yet. But I might edit this later on if someone would like to crush on me, too ^o^

    Weaknesses: He's timid and therefore isn't a good leader, Push-over

    Strengths: He'll do basically anything that needs to be done and will learn how to do it if he doesn't know how, Gentle

  4. I'd like to reserve a character that serves as a rival to Lyre!
  5. Can I reserve a spot?
  6. Frosty is super Frosty

    I would like to reserve a spot, but right now I'm in Africa so i dont have the best internet. And again: Frosty is super Frosty
  7. Frosty is super frosty!

    May I join?
  8. (( Hmm, this doesn't seem to be getting much popularity... *Slowly steps out of the room, taking my CS with me* ))
  9. Frosty is Super Frosty!!

    Screen name(Ex; Frostbite): Demonic
    Muse(On a range from 1-10): I am not sure what this is, so I can't answer yet
    Activity(On a range from 1-10,PLEASE DON'T LIE!): 5-6 unless I get grounded and then it drops to about 2-3 cause I can only get on at school in that case
    Gender: Male
    Name: Nick (accident caused amnesia so I don't know my last name)
    Age(Has to be teenage from 14-17): 16
    Looks(Anime pictures not recommended): I will get one, I just have to wait to get home to do so......
    Typed looks(Ex; A slim male with short blonde hair and beautiful shimmering blue eyes.): Nick is on the 6 foot range with longish white hair, like to his chin snow white hair, because of his metabolism defect at birth causes him to not gain weight, so he has been under 100 lbs for his entire life. Nick had surgery on his eyes to correct them years ago and the medication altered his eye color, both are now white because of it, making it easier for him to see in the dark.
    Beliefs(Religion basically.): Greek, but not entirely open about it, in small groups he will say a lot, but with people he does not know, he is silent about it.
    Sexual Orientation(Not required but it may or may not spice up the RP.): Straight
    Specialties(Do you whip up a delicious pie?): I (Nick, I'm a first person writer) was part of my schools Kendo team when I lived in Japan for 6 years pre-MRD, joined back in fencing team when I came back to the states, so I am great with a sword.
    Crush(Not required. Might spice up things,though.): N/A yet.....
    Weaknesses(2 min 3 max): I am deathly allergic to bee/wasp stings and most poisons, causing me to have Arachnophobia, and Ophidophobia(fear of snakes). I also have troubles talking to girls, so when they are around I tend to lock up and manage to do absolutely nothing unless it is incredibly needed (i.e. knife to someones throat and I'm in the position to do something)
    Strengths(1 min 3 max): If I have a sword or a sword-like object, I tend to be a bit braver and take more risks than normal, I am also very quiet and quick on my feet because one of my Japanese friend's Uncle was in the LoA (league of Assassins, yes they really exist, its not just an Arrow thing) and he trained both of us for a year, also benefiting my sword strength.

    Also!!! When I came back from Japan, my team put their money together to buy me a sword, this is what it looks like:
  10. Out of curiosity, how does "gore" make this RPG suitable only for teens? I would understand fully if you restricted it due to sexual content, as to do so would be following Iwaku's rules fully, but I'm pretty sure that there's no reason adults can't also enjoy gore? I also understand that your plotline is specific to teenagers, and am not questioning that, but I don't understand why you justified your decision by saying it's due to gore when you could easily just say that it's because the required characters are limited to teens. I'm just curious, don't mind me :)
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  11. Frosty Is Super Frosty!

    Could you please reserve a spot for me? This roleplay seems very interesting, and I'd love to take part in it. I'll have my character sheet done before tomorrow if I'm accepted. Cheers!
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