Spreading my rp range (M needed) [1x1]

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  1. So I'm currently trying to expand my horizons of Rp, seems like the ones I try to do people always leave in the middle right when it gets good. From Walking Dead to romance to superhero blah blah. Now I just want to find a partner who will be dedicated and not leave the rp and be an asset to adding story, plot, and creative fun. I want a strong romance / mature rp right now and I'm willing to do fandoms all the wat to slice of life. If anyone has any ideas for an rp respond below or PM me.

    + College Girl x Best Friend/Ex
    + Harry Potter rp (Post Deathly Hallows)
    + Geek x Jock
    + FF7 Rp: Cloud's Daughter x OC
    + College Athletes 1x1
    + Vamp x Human (Twilight Universe)

    No No's:
    - Tentacles/ Incest / all that unorthodox stuff
    - Anything Demon and or Angel. SOO cliche.
    - No cross species or animal type things.
  2. Geek/jock interests me if I can play the geek!
  3. I actually have a plot that can be changed from brotherxsister to college girl x bestfriend. Let me know if. you're interested.