SPRAWL KNIGHTS - A Cyberpunk Noir Tale

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"If you want to make enemies, try to change something."
- Adam Jensen, 'Deus Ex: Human Revolution

[size=+2]The year is 2046.

Welcome to the United States of America, at the peak of the Second Renaissance.

Technology advances at unprecedented rates; cybernetics have become a part of everyday life across the entire globe. Powerful corporations vie to out-do their rivals with incredible products and designs whilst governments scramble to gain control of the latest marvel. Art flourishes in the midst of it all, new scenes and styles being developed all the time as artists are inspired by the new wonders unleashed upon the world.

Yet there is a dark underbelly to this creativity and pioneering.

The rift between rich and poor grows ever larger; those with live in vast skyscrapers at the heart of the great megacities, enjoying the latest technology and the chance at longer life thanks to the marvels of cybernetics. Those without are not so lucky; the world grows ever more populated, leading to the growth of the Sprawls, vast residential regions that are cities in their own right. Crime, poverty and corruption are aspects of everyday life in the sprawls; in many parts law and order has broken down entirely, and one must fight to survive.

Public resentment towards the corruption and decadence of the upper echelons of society grows every day...

...the breaking point is not far off now.

It may already have arrived.

A group of cybernetic terrorists, heavily armed and highly dangerous, have attacked a research laboratory belonging to Kalypsis Technologies, one of the leading corporations in the development and production of cybertechnology, kidnapping one of it's lead scientists. No demands have been issued, no ransom money requested. No-one knows what their motives are.

And their trail leads right into the heart of one of the most dangerous regions of the New York Sprawl.

And here is where you enter the picture.

You have a particular set of... talents, an individual known in the Sprawl with a reputation behind you, good or ill. And Kalypsis has hired you to track the group that has taken their scientist and rescue her, by any and all means necessary.

The risk is great, the rewards greater.

Can you and your team-mates find them in time?

[bg=grey][size=+2]CHARACTER SHEET
[b]My Name is...[/b] (What is your character called?)
[b]And I am...[/b] (What do you do/how do you define yourself? This can be as straightforward as your occupation ((ie. "And I am a Private Investigator")) to something a little broader and explanatory ((ie. "And I am a former police detective who resigned in disgust of the corruption I witnessed, now working as a PI to make ends meet")). Be as descriptive as you feel the need to be.)
[b]My skills are...[/b] (What is your character good at? Shooting, knife-fighting, making insane leaps of faith. These can be as strange and out-there as you like; just try and keep it balanced and don't go overboard with it)
[b]My augmentations are...[/b] (Does your character have any cybernetic implants or limbs? What do they allow your character to do? If you do have such augmentations, remember not to go overboard, because I really don't want to have to reject anyone's characters; that would suck)
[b]I am carrying...[/b] (What do you have on you? Weapons, armour, supplies? Please list everything you're carrying, even if it's hidden; it helps prevent meta-gaming. If you have a hidden item upon you, simply have 'HIDDEN' in brackets next to it so the other players know that their characters won't be aware of it, at least initially.)


A Chat RP is in many ways very similar to the regular roleplays that occur on this forum; people play the roles of characters in various situations described by a Game Master, and so on.

The difference between a Forum RP and a Chat RP is that the latter takes place in the Roleplay Chat-Box; players post the actions of their characters and how they react to the unfolding situation as the GM guides the world they all inhabit.

As such, a Chat RP is a faster-paced form of roleplaying; games and stories can be played out in a single night. Character interaction is greatly increased, as is player involvement in the plot. All in all, it's a unique experience in terms of forum roleplaying; you should really give it a try.

Yes, you.

THERE ARE FIVE SPACES IN THIS RP; once we're out of spaces that's it, I'm afraid, so join whilst you can.

  • Follow the rules of Iwaku
  • One character only
  • Don't act like a prick to fellow players
  • Don't meta-game; nothing kills a Chat RP faster
  • Be prepared to run with what's thrown at you

The game will take place on FRIDAY 26TH AUGUST, at 21:30UTC. Here is a time converter that you can use to figure out what time the game is at where you are, so you know if you can play.[/size]
My Name is... Edison Kendrick

And I am... A scientist working for Kalypsis Technologies as in the 'advancing device design' basically I help work out the technical part of product design. A few of the companies most highly rated products have gone through me! I am on this mission as the captured scientist is a good friend of mine.

My skills are... Technical genius and computer wizz. Whilst not especially good at hacking, he could bypass simple technologies and could fix most small devices given enough time to figure out what's wrong and the correct parts. +5 to all rolls involving Kalypso Tech!

My augmentations are... his glasses are cybernetically enhanced to give different views. (similar to metroid prime visors) they provide thermal echo and xray sight.his left forearm is augmented as a sort of 'tool bay' providing a soldering iron, a hard drive and all common connections, it also has a touch screen for interfacing with computers

I am carrying... an experimental combat device I have borrowed from the labs. It is a compact pulse rifle and does not need ammunition, but is still a prototype and is prone to overheating and has been known to short out the visual link interface. It connects to the visors to add a targeting reticule as well as to highlight 'high-priority' targets.

Pic and name to come.. I just wanted to get this noted down... Hope it's ok?
Ocha and I can't make it tonight, but I can't WAIT to read the logs when we get home! XD
Well, I had something of a catastrofuck with my interwebs last night, it going down at around 4pm or so and only deciding to start working again this morning. So I missed last night's game.

Really sorry for messing you all about, guys. Hopefully this is just a once-off issue and won't occur again.
It's cool Grumpy. I'm still up for it if you still wanna go ahead with it.