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  1. *We need a couple more people, feel free to choose two characters so long as you will be able to stay active with both.\

    A story about a high school rock band dealing with hardships such as a death, friendship, rivalry, romance and their passion for music.

    Please visit here for more info.
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  2. I'm interested though is there any chance we can make our own characters for the band or are we restricted to what you've created?

    Also, is Shut Up Flower Boy Band an old title for the same idea or is that what you're calling the current idea? Since you titled the IC thread Eye Candy I assumed that was the name of the current idea.
  3. Well all the characters do have a basic character outline since it all ties into the story-line, but you are able to be as creative as you'd like when you choose. You can add to the bio as much as you'd like so long as you keep the minor details that were already given.

    Shut up flower boy band is the name of the television series this idea comes from. I had it titled that at first, but changed it, anyway it's all the same thing yes.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.