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    My obsession with playing paintball (speedball/supAIR, not the 'running around the woods' game) is somewhat unhealthy I've been told, so that's one of my favourite sports to play. Also enjoy me some longboarding; great way to get around on-campus, if you don't mind nearly colliding with pedestrians.

    Tell me; what do you play?
  2. I'd play hockey, if there were any sheets of ice on this side of town. Once I move (back) to Michigan, I won't have that excuse... although, there is the whole acquiring equipment thing, which is costly as well.

    As you can imagine, I also watch hockey (Go Red Wings!). I love the sport. The action, the incredible moves, the sheer strategy involved in making plays on-the-fly. It's exciting. I watch a bit of football (Go Lions) and baseball (Go Tigers) as well.
  3. Sports suck.
  4. My thumbs and fingers do the exercise for me. >_>;
    But I do like walking/running

    EDIT: Though over here, it gets so hot, you can sweat your weight off just by standing outside. <<
  5. Join a shinny league or just go out on to an outdoor rink during the winter. You won't need anything other than skates, gloves and a stick.

    As for myself I used to play a lot of different sports; I played goalie in hockey, played badminton on my school team, ran track (long distance, 4x100 & 4x400 relays, 100m dash), played tennis frequently, played soccer, and played on my school's volleyball team. Now I only ever play ball hockey, and I'll go out skating once every couple of weeks (I outgrew my goalie equipment, and that is ridiculously expensive to replace).

    I like watching hockey, football, soccer, and tennis though.
  6. I love me some baseball, er it's all the Mariners for me. College football *AMERICAN* is good too, huskies and Grizzlies for me on that front.
  7. Why can't we have a thread to actually talk about sports?

    No wait only Torsty and me watch sports lolz nvrmind
  8. It's all contingent on me moving back to my home state. It's nigh impossible to have an outdoor rink here! ;)

    This would be a nice idea. Well, the first part, anyway. Obviously, the latter is ...well, wrong. :P
  9. Oh, you.
  10. I like playing baseball and used to watch a lot of football, haven't lately though.