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  1. Fotbal (Soccer)

  2. Minge De Fotbal (Football)

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  3. Baschet (Basketball)

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  4. Other

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  1. Which do you Prefer?
  2. I don't know what any of those are o.o

    EDIT; google translate is my friend! I like watching Curling :3

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  3. I like watching baseball or ice skating. e.e;
  4. Did someone say...


    No but really, I enjoy combat sports. MMA, Boxing, Kickboxing, Judo, Olympic Wrestling, Fencing. I do like (American) Football, though!

  5. Ice hockey is the only sport I can watch without getting bored. I'm mostly into NHL, but I enjoy minor league teams as well. :3

    I do have a love for NFL and college football, simply because of Seattle Seahawks, and the Oregon Ducks. Partway through a game though, I'll pay less attention. I think it's because I'm not watching games with my dad. xD Without his enthusiasm in the room, it's just not the same for me anymore.
  6. I used to watch football (American) because my friends did, but then it became for the strategy and because I like to yell. Usually I try to logic out the "troop" movement. Also enjoy MMA fighting, or really any combat type of contest. I also enjoy bowling when I'm baked out of my gourd.

    Aside from watching sports, I enjoy sparring. Full contact, bare fist style. You learn the real way or you don't learn at all. Also bowling when I'm baked out of my gourd.

  7. I was quite sure that I had, seeing as it shows it upon my screen.
  8. I edited those in
  9. American Football all day. Played it all 4 years while in high school.
  10. i would prefer football basketball and parkour those are the best sports i feel
  11. I'm a huge Volley ball player but as far as Watching sports goes Sepatakraw is it me for me. it's the only sport I will watch.

    Everytime I mention it thought people look at me like WTF are you talking about.
    so, Check it. It's epic.​
  12. Gah, sports! The bane of my existance! *loud hissing noise*

    I did train Kendo for three years, though, but I had to quit due to stress from school :(
  13. I'm also into Kendo, I couldn't deal with competative sports myself, its funny you mention a martial art I was thinking the same thing. I usually go an practice when I am getting stressed. Nice to meet a fellow stick slinger.
  14. Yet to this day, one of my biggest prides is being able to jump from 8 kyu right to 6 kyu.
  15. I rarely watch sports as I think it's the most boring thing ever. But if I happen to not have anything else to watch then I can watch Ice-skating. But that's pretty much the only sport I can watch without being completely bored to death.

    When it comes to playing myself I rarely play sports, badminton is one of few that I enjoy, but I rarely have anyone to play against. I also do kick boxing now and then (twice a year as I'm lazy as hell). Oh, and swimming. Haven't been doing that for four years now, the first two years because I were busy with high school and after that it has been because our bathhouse has been closed for renovation. They were supposed to be done last summer, buuuut now they're supposed to be done this summer... ... So I might be able to pick up swimming again soon? But probably not. They're never done on time over here xb
  16. Oh, I love badminton! :D I think it's so fun I don't even consider it a sport. I play it with my friends all the time at a nearby sports center, and we always have a lot of fun.
  17. yea I would love to play Sepatakraw, but i'll never be able to do that jumping kick. it's like the inbetween volley ball badmitton with football(soccer) thrown in there.

    it also has signs of martial arts, Its not a well known sport.
  18. Ice hockey. The only sport worth watching. Lol. I like to watch occasionally watch ice skating or gymnastics and imagine them throwing fireballs/electricity/whatever else in their routines....Am I the only one who does that?
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