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  1. I'm horrible at sports. I understand the theories and tactics behind them, but I just don't have the endurance and agility to do more than kick against a ball.

    I do however enjoy playing a game of soccer or basketball now and again. Just challenge a few friends to a match and go at it until we're all exhausted and ready to go home, lay on the couch and watch TV again.

    Do you enjoy practicing sports? Are you any good at them? What sports do you enjoy most?
  2. I played soccer and track for a while, but I'm so fragile and have constant nosebleeds. So. My doctor and my mom forbid me from playing anymore. :( I can't say for sure if I'm good at either of them.

    I do enjoy watching hockey, though. <3 Best sport ever.
  3. Lesse... I was good at volleyball and decent at badminton and tennis. Dunno if swimming technically counts as a sport, but I'm very strong at that at least. I kinda sucked at hockey and netball, mostly because I can't aim to save myself. Hockey I whacked people's ankles, netball I never scored. Mind you though I did't like them quite as much anyway, so I suppose it's all good :)
  4. Did someone say...


    EDIT: I fight. Boxing, Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu-Jutsu... I used to play baseball when I was a kid. Stopped in high school. I want to learn how to play golf, learn to be a better archer, annnnd... learn how to ride a horse.
  5. I also fight. I buy weapons that are well made enough to be used in practice and I frequently do so with those weapons. I've had many informal lessons, though the instructors were competent. Like Seiji, I would also like to be more proficient at archery. Unlike Seiji, I have a small measure of experience on a horse. :p

    I would like to swim more. And finally purchase a bicycle this semester. *fingers crossed*
  6. I like playing baseball, haven't done it in forever though.. nothing like hitting things with bats to relieve stress. Football is fun too.
  7. Boxing, other martial arts, fencing.

    I'm better with sports that don't involve a ball. Because I am atrocious at catching and throwing. Funny enough, I'm competent with firearms. Does skeet shooting count as a sport?
  8. I ma lazy lazy lazy, and I have NEVER been interested in most sports, cause they kinda bore me. >>;

    Buuuut, I've always loved Badminton and ping pong. >:D
  9. I played golf for a bit, but wasn't anything exceptionable, but I was pretty mean with a 3 wood lol

    Played softball for a while and up through highschool (played every position at least once)

    I played soccer when I was really young, always got bruised shins
  10. I love American Football! Its amazing! Its been my favorite sport now for about 8 years. I now play at University! Woo! Always loved playing Basketball (But never seriously) and Hockey on the pond. I basically love any sport. Especially contact sports :). And if hunting counts I guess I do that, bow and gun. Bow hunting is much more interesting in my opinion, requires lots more patience and skill.

    I've really thought about fighting, as I have a couple of friends that do it. But If I did I'd have to get serious about it...wish I had the time. But anyways Seiji what kind of Fighting do you do? Like UFC style, or is it the kind that allows kicks to the face on the ground and such? And I think thats awesome. Fighting has always been an interest of mine. Any words of advice for someone who would like to fight in the future?
  11. I gave up 'sport + Iwaku' a long time ago. ;_;

  12. Messed up my knee on a bike, well my knee was under the bike but whatever. Before that it was karate and occasionally cricket and lawn hockey


    Still to the Karate casually.
  13. *puts on JOCKFACE & gives wedgies & swirlies to the lesser, weaker members of Iwaku/all of Iwaku*

    I have VARSITY LETTERS from the sports & other activities I used to be a part of in school. My volleyball attacks were BRUTAL and my reflexes were NINJA-LIKE.

    I quit sports just before the end of school to concentrate on more academic pursuits after I realized that the janitors had been watching us practice from up above the gym floor from where they thought no one could see us. That and the coach I really liked quit & was replaced by an old gym teacher I never liked. Plus she was a big burly lesbian who used to threaten to stand in the showers & watch us if we didn't take one willingly. Yeah, that was creepy.
  14. I used to do martial arts tournaments.

    But football (american football) is the game I loved the most. I haven't played on a team or anything since out of school. But there is nothing funner than getting a bunch of your friends around in a nice back yard and smashing the crap out of each other.

    Plus - the game gets a hell of a lot funner the drunker you get.
  15. Ever play hallway football?
  16. I'm a competitive klutz!
  17. I play football sometimes, watch it whenever I can.

    And I mean the real football, not gringoporkleatherball, which I like too.

    Rugby's better though.
  18. Inever used to be into sports, but I do enjoy playing them now. I am really into beach volleyball lately. I am also interested in learning how to golf. I do wish I took the opportunity to join some teams in high school though.