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  1. Spore. A game which caused quite a bit of disappointment due to an overwhelming amount of hype, something many games suffer from (and some just deserve). Spore? I can't say I was ever really disappointed at any point with this game, underwhelmed maybe, but in spite of the titles hype in its release I for one could say I had quite a good time with this title and am almost re-discovering Spore again after nearly seven years from its original release. But most of all, I'm seeing what Spore achieved that a number of other games still haven't quite done.

    In Spore you begin as microbial life, fighting for dominance in the primordial ooze, evolving by your hand into a creature which soon crawls onto land and fights with tooth and claw or uses its charm to become the dominant creature. Eventually forming tribes and one day into a flourishing civilization that sets its sights on the stars. And then the game near entirely falls... flat. Going from the confines of your world you set about in a small star ship and discover other advanced space-faring life, the game suddenly becomes almost overwhelmingly underwhelming. You've reached space and what can be done in terms of game play slows to a crawl.

    Now there is an expansion which added in some space adventures for you and the crew of your small star ship; visiting other worlds and embarking on adventures on quite a number of other planets. However in the end, it doesn't amount to much in the face of the galaxy. Back then I found this to be a bit of a downer, what almost seemed to be a lack of things to do. Sure, you have the ability to terra-form planets and colonize them, almost becoming the equivalent to "Noah's Ark in space." You can fight other empires and take on their defenses, conquering worlds and or become an intergalactic economic powerhouse. As interesting and fun as these options sound, the process of doing them is incredibly tedious.

    The combat is fun, but becomes either ridiculous easy or frustratingly difficult without much of an in-between. Though given a modest amount of weapons to collect over the progress of exploring space, the combat becomes very predictable and more of a task or chore than an entertaining genocide (not that that isn't work mind you). Trade and buying planets essentially becoming a hauling service, collecting varieties of spice and trading the spice to different worlds and establishing trade routes doesn't really become much of a chore, but more something to do just to pass the time. But terra-forming does keep some amount of in it, despite it to becomes more of a time passer over your next objective in inter-galactic domination.

    Though lately I've found myself playing again and finding something about the monotony to be an entertaining aspect. It's a lot of work to maintain an empire (yeah, no sh*t Sherlock); but it almost seems like something emphasized by the paths your given in how you establish and expand from that speck of dirt in the face of the galaxy. But even more so, Spore seems fresh despite its age. Sure, we do have some up and coming games which have begun to touch on space exploration such as Elite: Dangerous or No Man's Sky and even Space Engineers. Or other green lights and betas such as Kerbal Space Program, Empyrion: Galactic Survival or Star Citizen. Most of these are either betas or haven't been released yet and yet Spore has lingered around for awhile now.

    But of course, many planets are very similar, given you have the ability to change a planets entire eco-system, the colors of its atmosphere, water and land. The ability to raise up mountains and create vast oceans at your very fingertips. Terra-forming was the one thing that Spore got right more than anything and that was giving more than enough tools to really make your planets truly yours. Along with this are tools just for exploration, slowing getting better warp drives to travel further into the galaxy, go at it long enough and eventually carve an empire into the galaxies center through a horde of hostile aliens.

    In the end, I think nostalgia may be clouding my eyes a bit here, but if you haven't played Spore, I suggest giving it another look. If you have, go dig it up wherever it is and look at what it really had to offer.
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  2. When I first got it, it was amazing. Then I looked at the original footage of what it was supposed to be, and now I can't help but be disappointed. Regardless, it is fun from time to time, and I can still get into it when I feel like being creative. I'm quite proud of some of my creations.
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  3. I played until the civilization phase, then it just became a slog.

    Everything before that was great, though.
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  4. I'm tempted to reinstall it, but have other things to keep me busy for now. Really fun game though. I loved creating different races and seeing those different races appear on planets and in space.
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  5. I loved Spore as a kid.

    But it honestly feels like they were originally just planning to make a "Evolve to Civilization" game, where the end point was establishing a Tribe.
    But then when they made it, someone came in and said "We can do more! Add more eras!" and then the Tribal and Civilization Era's were just rushed into the game.

    But then once they had that, someone else came in and went "Spaaaaace! Space is awesome! I want to make a Space Civ game!", so they simply added it onto Spore.
    And as a result it got filled with a ton of content because of the man hours, but it was also just all over the place and poorly polished cause it was more just someone being a Space-Boner.
    But thankfully one person sat down, and just focused on Terra-forming and perfected it.

    I know that's not what actually happened.
    But that's what it feels like.
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  6. Too many good ideas. Poor excecution. Time constraints. Bad management.

    It's always hard seeing what people had in mind for a game and the lukewarm average stuff we get..

    Spore was fun though through it all. Cute and quirky with some really brutally grim moments.

    Wish there had been more to do for each aspect. Each one only took me maybe 2 hours to get through. Just when it felt like the challenge was just right with the fun stuff unlocked to use.
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  7. I think I'm one of those people who didn't (and still doesn't) pay much attention to hype. If anything, I was loyal to Maxis at the time and had enjoyed just about every title from them. All the way from Sim Earth, Sim City to The Sims. But even now, it is still oddly refreshing for what it is.

    Yes, it does become something of a slog when you hit civilization, particularly the space age. If anything though, I felt the civilization stage was almost to easy.

    That seems to be something which has plagued every Maxis game. Some aspects can be lacking while other features are extraordinary and well done. But like a lot of games published by EA, I think the dead line for development just caught up and really hurt the games overall potential.

    Agreed. Though through modding there have been some pretty cool improvements to the games mechanics and really expand on bits and pieces. But of course that's mods for you.
  8. I remember this game. I played all the way through but was terrible at the space age. My aliens were bright green, quadri-limbed, and *FABULOUS*

    The game gave them the most stereotypical gay lilting voices in the space age. I fucking loved it xD one of the lil gibberish sound bytes actually sounded like 'fabulous'
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  9. My original race was called the Takavulu.

    My friend (whose computer I was using when I played it) said they looked like flying pieces of turd.
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