Spoorloos (The Vanishing) [OOC/Plot Discussion]

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  1. Wondering if anyone had heard of this movie, I know it's a little old but it was a great watch. So basically the story is about the man's obsession of finding the woman he'd love.

    This is the plot taken from Wikipedia:

    Show Spoiler

    A Dutch couple, Rex Hofman (Gene Bervoets) and Saskia Wagter (Johanna ter Steege), are on holiday in France. As they are driving, Saskia tells Rex of a recurring dream that she had, in which she is drifting through space in a golden egg. She tells Rex that this time there was someone else in another golden egg, and that if they were to collide, everything would be over. Soon after, their car runs out of gas in a tunnel. Saskia begins to panic and Rex, angered at her reaction, leaves her in the tunnel. Returning with gas he finds her gone from the car and waiting at the other end of the tunnel. Although angered at his abandoning her, the two reconcile.

    Later they stop at a gas station/rest stop. Unseen by either of them, a man at the rest stop, later identified as Raymond Lemorne (Bernard-Pierre Donnadieu), puts a fake cast on his arm and covertly observes them. Saskia makes Rex promise not to abandon her again and the two bury a pair of coins at the base of a tree. Saskia then leaves Rex by the car as she goes inside the store to buy them some drinks. When she does not return, Rex begins an increasingly frantic search for her.

    A series of flashbacks introduces Raymond Lemorne, the man from the rest stop. A respectable family man with a wife and two daughters, Lemorne has secretly been plotting how to abduct a woman. Flashbacks show him buying an isolated house, determining how much chloroform to use, and practicing scenarios whereby he might entice a woman to enter his car. His first few attempts at putting his fantasy into action do not go well as the women become wary, the are in the company of male companions, or, in one case, they turn out to be someone his family knows. Through a series of coincidences, partially prompted by his daughter, Lemorne perfects his plan: he will pose as an injured motorist on the highway who needs help with a heavy load, thus giving him and excuse to get women into his car.

    Three years after Saskia's disappearance, Rex is still searching for her. His new girlfriend Lieneke (Gwen Eckhaus), reluctantly helps him but becomes increasingly dissatisfied with a relationship that she refers to as a menage a trois. Five times over the past three years Rex has received a postcard directing him to meet the kidnapper at the Cafe Beaux Arts in Nimes. Each time the kidnapper refuses to show. Unknown to Rex, the cafe is directly across the square from Raymond Lemorne's apartment. One day, Rex has a dream similar to Saskia's that he is trapped in a golden egg in outer space. Shortly thereafter, Lieneke, unable to take his obsession with Saskia, reluctantly leaves him. Rex then appears on French television, stating that he only wishes to know the truth about what happened to Saskia.

    Eventually, Raymond, fascinated by Rex's fanatical compulsion to know what happened to Saskia, confronts Rex and admits to kidnapping her. He tells Rex that he will reveal the truth about what happened to Saskia if Rex comes with him. As they drive, Lemorne describes himself as a sociopath who got the idea of committing a kidnapping after rescuing a young girl from drowning. Heralded as a hero by his daughter, Lemorne became obsessed with discovering whether he could commit an act of great evil as well as one of great good. he describes how he kidnapped Saskia from the rest stop by posing as a traveling salesman and enticing Saskia into his car after she inquires about buying a gift for Rex.

    Lemorne takes Rex to the rest stop where he abducted Saskia. He puts off Rex's threats of police action by explaining that there is no evidence connecting him to the crime. He then pours Rex a cup of coffee into which he has added a crushed sleeping pill. Rex is told that the only way to learn the truth about what happened to Saskia is to experience it and is instructed by Lemorne to drink the coffee. As Lemorne waits in the car, Rex rages for several minutes, unsure of what to do. After digging up the coins which he and Saskia had buried, he frantically drinks the drugged coffee. When Rex awakens he discovers that he has been buried alive. Above ground Lemorne relaxes at his country home, his family none the wiser. A newspaper headline displays the strange coincidence of Rex's disappearance.

    I know it's a little boring when the story is written and the ending is known already but I'd thought that it would be fun to do something like this. Anybody keen?