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SIDE STORY Spooky's Halloween Party [Non-Canon]

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    Prologue - An Invitation

    Wherever they were, whoever they were... An invitation came for them, having been left on their doorstep, blown their way by the wind, or simply, they happened to pick it up by coincidence.

    All the same, the invitations were composed of a yellowed sheet of paper, with the same thing written on it:

    "You're invited!

    By: Spooky the Ghost!

    To: Spooky's Halloween Party

    At: Spooky's Manor

    From: Now!

    Until: I Say So"

    The whole invitation just seemed utterly silly... And honestly arrived at complete random, and really, they all looked like some aged invitations that someone had hastilly just filled in, they didn't even provide a proper address!

    However, while the invitation itself seemed mundane, and almost useless, like the average flyer telling someone about some event in a not so specific place. However, it was quickly noticed that upon reading that invitation, those it had come to had found it increasingly difficult to tear themselves away from looking at it... Even, impossible, after a while. Their surrounding seemed to fade away into nothingness, until finally, when they finished reading that invitation, their senses slowly returned, as they found themselves able to look up again.


    They were supposed to be the guests,
    but they were hardly given a choice in the matter.


    The first distinct sound that could be heard was the faint tune of some strange music, coming from all sides of the room, speakers, presumably, but there was no indication of exactly where they may be.


    Slowly but surely, the bigger details of the room itself became clear... It was some sort of ballroom, complete with a balcony, food and refreshments, laying around in various tables in the area, and evidently a heavy adornment of halloween themed decorations. Someone had certainly been decorating for a halloween party, and it appeared that there was an unsettling amount of shadowy guests lurking about, they seemed to pay the new arrivals no mind, nor anyone really, just milling about in a creepy manner.

    "Hello there. I, am Spooky" Came an uncanny voice, ringing out throughout the room.

    Soon enough, accompanied by a overly dramatic flash of thunder and lighting, the source of the voice became clear as some sort of ghost quite literally faded into the room, apparently she didn't see anything weird about this at all.

    "And this is my home. As you can see, I've made some renovations! For uh... A party! Your party! You'll be here for a while so, feel free to run around... Explore the rooms... Have fun! Anyways... If anything comes up? I'll uh... Appear! Here... For... Some reason. But until then, enjoy the party!" She said.

    And then, she sort of... Faded away, rising into the roof of the building. Welp, that was an awkward start to this whole event... But, apparently the guests were going to be stuck in this mansion for a while, so they might as well make the best out of what they've got!

    It is also noted that if anyone had any weapons, they were for the most part gone with a few exceptions such as Crona's weapon, Ragnarok, and Sylvia's pokeball containing Sylveon, but it is uncertain how the powers of these (potential) weapons may have been effected in this strange place.

    So... For the time being, there were a few options the guests at this "party" had laid out for them;

    They could just mill around in the ballroom and enjoy the refreshments available... It is also of note that there were a few other guests that had arrived before them, and unlike the shadow people, they seemed more attentive to the new arrivals.

    Of course, there was also the option to explore the rest of the manor through the double doors near the back of the ballroom, but who knows where those lead, considering that Spooky apparently overhauled the place for this party of hers.

    On the other hand, if there were some matters that needed to be resolved about misplaced weapons and such, or just questions/complaints in general that were desperately in need of attention, one could always call out to Spooky the ghost, as apparently that's all that is required for her to address these sorts of things, after all... She was the one in charge, right?


    (This will come into play a little with the exploration option I suppose)



    @Archmage Jeremiah as Angela, the Witch of the Wilds from Overwatch

    @Atomyk as Yuki Takeya from School-Live!

    @Bomb as K-Sha from the Hyperdimension Neptunia series

    @Chewy Rabbits as Sam from Trick 'r Treat & Micheal Myers from the Halloween Series

    @Crimson Spartan as Keaton & Asugi from the Fire Emblem series

    @Crow as Mirei Hayasaka & Layla from the Idolmaster; Cinderella Girls

    @C.T. as Doctor Aphra from Star Wars

    @Dec as Jacket from Hotline Miami

    @Hana as Wadanohara from Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea

    @Hospes as Emerald Sustrai & Neopolitan from RWBY

    @Jeremi as Nikkare Aoe from Touken Ranbu & Seaplane Tender Princess from the Kantai Collection

    @Kaykay as Koto from Kyosogiga

    @Klutzy Ninja Kitty as Crona Gorgon from Soul Eater

    @Krieg as Reynauld the Crusador from Darkest Dungeon

    @LuckycoolHawk9 as Scooby Doo & Scrappy Doo from the Scooby-Doo franchise

    @Mari as Alice Cullen from Twilight

    @Michale CS as Tucker & Dale from Tucker & Dale vs Evil

    @Minerva as Ada Wong from Resident Evil

    @Ringmaster as Leon Scott Kennedy from Resident Evil & The Black Knight, and OC from the Castlevania Series

    @Sen as Kana from the Fire Emblem Series

    @Mason Moretti as Gym Leader Valerie from the Pokemon Franchise

    @Moca Latté as Marceline from Adventure Time

    @Takumi as Morgan Lowell from the Fire Emblem Series

    @TheColourlessRainbow as Lizzy from ??? (OC)

    @The Wanderer as "Vector" from the Resident Evil Franchise & Pyro from Team Fortress 2

    @Verdegris as Herbet Pulmer from ??? (OC)

    @Verite as Richter Belmont from Castlevania & MIki Naoki from School-Live!

    @wakely as Wilson from Don't Starve

    @Yun Lee as Sakura Kasunago & Dan Hibiki from Street Fighter
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  2. [xtable=bcenter|100%x100%]
    "Well don't that beat all, Tuck. Ya figure we're dreamin?"
    "Since when do two people dream the exact same thing at the same time, Dale?"
    "Well, this could me my dream and you're in it, or your dream and-"
    "Imma stoppin you right there Dale. We may be best friends, but I ain't the type to be dreamin about another man."
    "I dreamed about you before Tuck."
    "Not listenin. Not. Listenin."
    "Whoo-ee! Wouldya look at this place, all fancy like with all these folks here and... a ghost? Reckon she's friendly like Casper?"{/td}

    Then she started talking and the pair paid pretty close attention. Especially Dale.
    Dale then just, raised his hand a bit, so he could talk to the ghost.

    "Put your hand down, Dale, you ain't in the fourth grade."
    Dale ignored the comment but put his hand down anyway.

    "It sure was nice of you to invite us to your fancy place for a party and all, but I reckon an invitation ain't really one if folks ain't got a choice on the comin' I don't suppose if some of us didn't exactly wanna be here that they could mosey on out? Not that we want to but-"

    Dale gave his usual nervous laugh. "Just so we clear this up. In case some of the other nice folk here had other plans for their night. Y'know." the hillbilly ended his little ramble with a question. "Ya wouldn't happen ta have any pickled eggs, would ya?"

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  3. [​IMG]

    It was another one of those days again, a bright sunny day in Valla. Kana was prancing through her mother's camp, watching the others do their daily duties. There was nothing better than spying on the different Hoshidans and Nohrians. Takumi and Kiragi would be shooting endless amount of arrows at the targets, trying to best each other as usual. Leo would be walking around with his nose stuck in a book, yet still not bump into any of the pillars of the palace. Forrest was probably off making clothes in secret as usual. Hinoka would tend to the horses, sometimes with Subaki, sometimes not. Saizou and Kaze would be sneaky and be their ninja-self, but it wasn't enough to hide from Kana!

    Even though there was plenty of do, the dragon-girl was bored. Her mother was off trying to start another war meeting, finding Ryoma and Xander to help her out, leaving Kana out like every other meeting. She didn't particularly like it inside that stuffy room anyway. It wasn't very fun, in her opinion.

    From the corner of her eyes, she spotted a familiar figure standing out in the field, looking up at the sun shielding his eyes from its blinding rays with his hand. A sword lay idly by his side, he was probably practicing in the early hours of the morning. He had spiky brown hair that had still not grown out like his father, but was tied up to be tamed. He always seemed to be wearing armor around his arms and chest - which Kana thought was a nuisance - bound with red sashes. The imperial red looked good on him.

    But now that she had found a playmate... "Shiro! Shirooo~"


    The young man turned around to see who had called out for him. And when he spotted the barefoot Kana running towards him with her arms wide, his hardened and concentrated expression softened somewhat. "Well, if it isn't the other half of my four-armed ogre!" he leaned down to ruffle her hair. She had grown considerably over the years. The girl was starting to look more and more like their leader, her mother. "How are you?"
    She laughed at his comment. "I'm a bit bored, really... but I'm good otherwise!" She couldn't stop giggling at the memory of her sitting on his shoulder, trying to reach for the apples. It had started some sort of fun game, where the two of them would form a massive four-armed ogre! They would terrorize the apple trees, and feast on them until they needed to go home. Sometimes they would offer to them to others as well, but it was mostly for the two of them - and Mama as well.

    "Say, um. Shiro? Have you ever been to the Nohrian Festival of Bonds?" she asked, tilting her head at the young man.

    He scratched his head, shaking. "No, I haven't before. They always tell me about it though. Is it fun?"

    "I- I haven't been... Camilla thinks I might be scared by the vampires and the monsters..."


    "Huh? But isn't it just dress-up and carving pumpkins?" He laughed. Why would they keep a child away from that?


    "I'll definitely go next year! Just you see. You come with me too, Shiro!"


    "Alright, Kana. But I have a better idea... why don't we dress up as a monster now and scare the others?"

    "Huh? Wowee! That's a great idea!" she exclaimed, almost jumping with glee. She couldn't contain her excitement at the idea, but she covered her mouth in case anyone heard them. She didn't want anyone else to know! "I've read Leo's books before... there's this thing called Halloween people from outside Hoshido and Nohr celebrate! They drape a white cloth over them to be a like a ghosty... Shiro, let's be a four-armed orge ghosty!" she said, clapping her hands.

    Needless to say the ghosty was not well received in the camp of Valla. While Kana and Shiro were shrieking with glee as they ran from the shouts of the other camp members, also having stolen an apple from a basket, the others were beginning to panic as to why there was a spectre hanging around the premises. Nyx seemed to be amused by what was happening around them, Dio looked incredibly frightened when the duo had bolted past them. But when the older brothers Ryoma and Xander had finally stepped out to see what was happening... they scattered. Kana ran left, Shiro ran right, and they parted as shouts followed them into the setting sun.

    Just as she turned the corner to hide behind the Mess Hall, a paper from the sky flew right into Kana, slapping her square on the face. Rubbing her nose, she peeled the paper away, blinking down at the words written on them. What was this? Invited? To a Halloween party? Who was Spooky? She didn't even have time to question herself and try to think of who it might be when the world around her seemed to disappear. And when Kana had finally looked up from the invitation. She wasn't behind the Mess Hall anymore.

    Surprisingly, she wasn't nervous.

    Hadn't this happened before?

    Kana blinked confusedly at her surroundings, it was all too bright and weird. It reminded her of Nohr, but lighter. Not a place Leo would have liked to be in. "Uhm..." she began, before a ghostly figure appeared, frightening the dragon-girl. "Waagh!" she cried out, stumbling back. "G- Ghosty? Do ghosts exist?" she whispered. "No, they don't. Kana, you're just imagining things again! Stop thinking about them!" She was having another dream with Keaton, Mirei and Wadanohara, wasn't she?​
    Reaching for her sword, which was always at her side, she realized it was missing. Where was it? This didn't happen before- she searched quickly for her Dragonstone, sighing with relief when she found it. But... that warm glow that normally emanated from it was gone.
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  4. Vector

    He honestly didn't remember how he got the invitation. Save for where he was when he got it.

    He was doing a job in Canada after the Raccoon City incident and after Umbrella left him along with the rest of Delta team for dead. The job was simple. Kill target. Leave. Nothing more, and nothing less. And thanks to Vector's skills, he completed the job.

    Must've been between the time of him completing the job, and heading to collect his money.

    He thought the invitation was a prank or misplaced and was delivered to him instead of someone else. But, as Vector read the letter, he couldn't stop. And before he knew it. Bam, he was somewhere he didn't remember heading to. He also noticed that his old uniform had been replaced with a dark blue shiny version of it. After looking into a mirror, he also saw his gas mask's goggles were red instead of a light blue.

    He also realized he was missing his rifle and handgun, along with his knife. Infact, the only thing that stayed with him was a flashlight. Something that would be useless in a fight. Nonetheless, Vector was certain he could handle any threats with hand to hand combat.

    As the ghost lady showed up, Vector was skeptical the entire time. Afterall, he didn't believe in the Supernatural. 'Must be a projector nearby.' This skepticism intensified as the ghost vanished into the ceiling.

    A part of him wanted to ditch this party, as he had jobs lined up, but another part of him told him to stay and live a little. Afterall, he was due a break of sorts. Since he hadn't been able to since abandoning Umbrella. And the remnants of said organization were not willing to let loose ends remain loose.

    So, he opted to go talk to some of the other guests that were there before the others.


    Pyro was busy showing the BLU team the joy of fire, when the Administer called him to her office. Saying he had received a invitation of sorts. Coarse, Pyro didn't understand her, as he was reading the letter. Amazed it wasn't distorted by the Pyro-vision.

    When he looked up from the letter, he was amazed he was no longer in the Administer's office. And was instead in a fancy room of sorts.

    None of it was distorted. Which got Pyro curious. Another thing that confused him was that his flamethrower and axe was gone. He had the stuffed unicorn that Medic forced him to keep from setting things alight. Along with some matches and a lighter. He was also still wearing his suit, albeit it had a firefighter's look to it.

    When Spooky showed up, Pyro tilted his head. "Mmmpf?" He attempted to speak through his gas mask. But before he could ask questions. She vanished into the ceiling.

    So, with nothing else to do, Pyro was about to go and sit in a corner and play with his stuffed toy. He noticed one of the other guest freaking out a bit. So he walked over. "Mmpf mmmmpf?" He said, in an attempt to ask if she was alright.

  5. The DWMA


    Death Weapon Meister Academy™

    Ever since Crona had arrived to this place, and left his very questionable living situation with his mother, this introverted witch's child felt as if he had changed just a bit--possibly for the better. However, in Crona's own opinion he was still a despicable, boring, worthless individual who didn't even deserve to exist. He still had a long way to go in order to better himself, but on a more positive note at least he had some friends now.

    Soul, BlackStar, Tsubaki, Kid, Liz, and Patty had all been very kind to him--especially Maka. Even after learning how he had betrayed everyone at the academy by doing something to hurt one of the school's teachers under the orders of his own mother, the great witch Medusa, they still accepted him in the end. They knew Crona had a weak personalty and had easily been manipulated so they forgave him. He had been so touched by the forgiveness of his friends that he even tried to make up for his crime by helping the others to defeat Medusa. But even now that she was gone Crona wondered if his efforts has been enough.

    In front of the others, Crona always tried his best to put on a smile and appear a little less depressed, but deep down he was still coping with his own mistakes, learning to deal with the world, and looking for ways he could better himself. He tried to spend as much time with his friends as he could and to be active in his studies at the academy, but there were some days where he just felt so depressed that he couldn't bring himself to do much of anything. On days like those, Crona would part from the others after school and go straight to his room without saying a word.

    The young meister would sit in the very corner of his room and pull his legs close to his chest, saying nothing as he went deep into thought. His weapon partner, Ragnarok--a demon sword who lived inside him, was never amused by these fits of depression. He would emerge from Crona's back and begin to pound his white fists against the top of his partner's head.


    "Ugh, don't tell me we're doing this again, Crona! Hiding away in your room? You boring, worthless crybaby!"

    Crona groaned, reaching up to try and block Ragnarok's punches. "Ow, ow, ow! Stop that right now! It hurts! You're not making me feel any better! There's nothing wrong with me going to my room after class! I can't talk to my friends every single day. It makes me uncomfortable and I don't know how to deal with being uncomfortable!"

    "Oh yeah? You haven't even started to feel uncomfortable yet! By the time I'm done with you, you'll really know how it feels to be uncomfortable!" the weapon exclaimed, reaching out to yank and tug on Crona's cheeks.


    "Ow, ow, ow, ow! Stop! Stop that right--"


    Even while struggling with Ragnarok, Crona would notice when something would fall down in front of them. It looked like a simple envelope that had seemingly appeared out of nowhere. Noticing the envelope as well, Ragnarok let go of Crona and glanced down at it. "Now, where do you think that came from? Could it be from--"

    Crona twitched his head anxiously, his whole body starting to shake. "L-L-Lady Medu-- O-Oh, no! It can't be from here. Sh-She's supposed to be gone!"

    Cocking his head to one side Ragnarok suggested, "Well, open it. You aren't going to know who its from or what its for if you don't."

    Crona cringed, his hand shaking as he started to reach for the envelope. "I-I just don't know how to deal with mysterious messages..."

    "Oh stop whining. Either you open it or I will," Ragnarok replied, letting out a sigh.

    Very hesitantly, Crona then began to open the envelope, pulling out the invitation and beginning to read it. He continued to quiver the entire time he read the paper, feeling very uneasy after reading it. "I-It's an invite for a p-p-p--"

    "Spit it out!" Ragnarok would exclaim, pulling the invite away from Crona so he could read it himself. "So its an invite for a party. Big deal! I think you could use a little more social interaction. We should go! Plus, I'm sure there will be food there. Heh Heh heh," he said, licking his lips. "So what do ya say, Crona?"

    Crona shook uncontrollably, his eyes bugging out of his head. "B-B-But, I--"

    The student would glance down at the paper invite once again, feeling his gaze drawn to it for a moment. When he would look back up, however, he immediately realized he was no longer in his room--but was in a strange manor of some kind. He rose to his feet straight away, his knees buckling in fear.


    "W-W-Wait a second, where are we? H-H-How did we get here? We were just in my room one second ago!"

    "Beats me," Ragnarok replied, "But it looks like we aren't the only ones here. Why not ask someone? It looks like there are plenty of people around."

    "A-A-Ask someone? But there are so many strangers here, and I don't know how to deal with strange people..."

    Growing increasingly frustrated with his meister, Ragnarok would begin yanking on his thistle colored hair and punching him in the face. "CRONAAAAA! YOU WHIMPY LITTLE LOOSER! GET YOUR BUTT MOVING RIGHT THIS INSTANT!"

    "OWWWW! RAGNAROK STOP! THAT HURTS! I don't think I can deal with you beating me up right now!"

    Arguing loudly, the two would remain in the middle of the ballroom where they had arrived for the time being.

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  6. Morgan Lowell Prologue

    Morgan had spent most of his day at his mother's side happily until she had some business to attend to with Chrom. Over what, Morgan could only guess since the war was practically over.

    While they did that he decided to see what his sister was doing-which happened to be training. Well, he arrived towards the end of it.

    "LUCIIINNNAAA!!!" he called across the castle courtyard as he ran to her.

    "Eh? Morgan?" she replied as she put Parallel Falchion away. Just in time for Morgan to slam into her and wrap his arms around her in a hug.

    "Let's hang out!" he laughed. Lucina thought of the last time they "hung out together"...



    "Brother, I'd rather not have you use Falchion for such things. It's a blade made for cutting down enemies! Not apples." the Princess muttered.

    "Eh? But Lucina! This blade can cut through practically anything though, right?" Morgan replied sheepishly.



    "Lucina? Wh-why do you look so upset?"

    End Flashback

    "Brother. My apologies, but not now. I am rather tired from training." Lucina sighed before ruffling his hair.

    Morgan was a bit disappointed but bounced back from it quickly enough.

    "Alright! I'll just go find Cynthia and Owain then!" he replied cheerfully before waving and leaving his sister to her own devices.

    Along the way he paused, glancing down at a piece of paper that caught his eye. Curious he picked it up.

    "I wonder who dropped this?" he glanced around, currently being the only one in the hall. Shrugging to himself he decided to peek at the paper and found it to be an invite to a party.

    "Huh, how strange. A party? So soon?" he questioned aloud as he read. Once he looked up though, he knew this wasn't the castle in the capital of Ylisstol.

    He also noticed that 1. His sword and tome were gone! And 2. Some poor person was getting beat up ny what resembled a puppet!

    You don't see that everyday.


    "Excuse me. Do you need some help?" he called to them.

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  7. Prologue: The Wolfessenger and the Ninja...


    "Tch... Why do I end up like this...?" Once again we have Keaton wandering around lost like always. Seems even after becoming a Wolfessenger he still got lost all the time. However today it seemed fortune favored him as someone else happened to be in the area.


    "Lost again, old man...?" Asugi spoke from high up in a tree. He had been returning from a recon mission and happened to see Keaton while resting in said tree.

    "M-me lost...? Hah!...No way i'd ever get lost... I'm just...er....exploring!... Yeah, that's it.... exploring..."

    "Eh... Whatever you say old man... Want help getting back to your clan...?"

    "Nah... I know where i'm going... Er but if you want to come along I can't stop ya..."

    "I'll take that as a yes...."

    As Asugi jumped out of the tree he was in and landed on his feet he noticed something ahead... It seemed as if two invitations were on a decent sized tree stump ahead of them. As the two walked over each one picking one up they read and as expected neither of them could tear away from it as they were suddenly transported to a new area..

    "S-since when d-did ghosts become real...?"

    "Are you....scared, Keaton...?"

    "W-what... No way!... Who'd be scared of a little ghost!...."

    It was at that point Keaton happened to pick out a voice among everyone else present...
    "Wait...Is that....Kana!?!..." Oh boy... This all seemed familiar to him... Keaton took off after the source...

    "W-wait, Kea-... What the hell...?" Asugi spoke before noticing he was without his weapons.... Well at least he had his sack of sweets with him. He sighed as he picked up his sack of sweets and chased after Keaton.

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  8. The following gentlemen who entered were a disparate pair, two opposites that couldn't be more evident if you tried. The first was dressed in a Mafia outfit. A tommy gun was held loosely by his side, an airsoft replica for Halloween's sake. A somewhat big figure, he had opted for wariness at their host, his features betraying nothing.

    How had it come to this?

    Oh, right....

    About a day ago....

    Another bullet, another Umbrella zombie down and Leon Kennedy sighed out at it all. Ever since Raccoon City, his life had been nigh-defined by the Umbrella Corporation and those who followed in its footsteps. Horrific as it had been at first, eventually it had deteriorated down to just another enemy to put down. Pressing a finger to his comm, he settled into a wary crouch and waited.


    "Hunnigan. That's the last of them."

    "You're sure?"

    "Yeah, we came in just in time. Could have just used the nominal strike team."

    "You were closest. We chose who we could."

    "I guess. Still."

    Leon surveyed the room and frowned.

    "What kind of deranged freak tries to ship zombies over the border?"

    "Maybe someone wanted a bit of Halloween pzazz? Speaking of which....Are you coming?"

    "I think I'm washing my hair that night."

    Ingrid scowled as she tapped away on her computer.

    "Get serious Leon. You work a lot. At least show up for the food?"

    Leon began to walk, glancing out the window at the crashed truck. He thought about his night, comparing it to that ruined city, so many years ago.

    "....Costume required?"


    He knew he was going to regret this....


    Ok, maybe he didn't regret it too much. Ghost kid seemed like a cute sort, the place was much nicer than he had anticipated and there was free food.

    ......Oh, and two people he knew of. One an ex-Umbrella mercenary who he had yet to cross paths with. The other....Was complicated. Not ready for a conversation of that sort, Leon decided to take full advantage of the party.

    And he went right to the refreshments.

    Meanwhile, the other was a tall figure in armor. Paying close attention to the wolf man, the dragon girl and the sea witch he crossed his arms briefly and tapped his fingers in thought. Coming to a conclusion, he stepped forward to join their conversation and spoke in a distorted, deep intonation.


    "You all got the invitation as well I see. You don't seem overly surprised."

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  9. Zombies? Ada had been there. Genetic weapons? Ada had done that. Bioterrorism? Ada had the T-shirt and had worn it out. Ghosts? That was new, however.

    When the card arrived to Ada, she was somewhat surprised. Considering no one knew where she was at the time except for the ones who had sent her on the mission, and they probably weren't willing to divulge the location of an agent in the field. So, the letter was somewhat of a surprise.

    When Ada arrived at the party, she looked around the room. It gave her a strange feeling. She had been completely disarmed, including the weapon hidden in her high heels.The crowd didn't make her feel uneasy. She could blend into crowds, and zombies and bioweapons were something she dealt with on a frequent basis, so the fact that a lot of guests were shadows weren't scary at all to her.

    Ada made her way to the refreshments table. When she arrived, she saw an old... friend there already.

    Well, that was going to make things at the party awkward. Ada began pouring herself some punch, only glancing at Leon.

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  10. What could he say to her that he hadn't already went over in his mind? Since Raccoon City, since....Spain. She had been a perpetual thorn in his side and as some would say, obsession. Any sighting, any place her trademark touch had been, he had examined thoughtfully. Was she his friend? His enemy? No, it went beyond such terms and the uncertainty he felt beneath his skin felt like a Tyrant screaming to get out. In the end, he took a sandwich, chewed a bite thoughtfully and swallowed before speaking.

    "Nice costume."

    Nailed it.

    @Minerva @york @Buffet table. ​

  11. Halloween had been around for quite sometime. What had originally started off as a Celtic celebration eventually spiraled out into a commercialized event to pass out candy and dress up! One night of the entire year where you could pretend to be someone that you weren't. To revel in the mischievous cheer that a holiday like this encouraged!

    But some people didn't see it that way however. They were the kind who saw Halloween as kid's stuff. They were the kids or teens who went around smashing in jack'o lanterns and generally making a mess out of an entire holiday. Someone needed to step up to these bastards. Those who would so blatantly disrespect Halloweens' traditions! Easter had the Easter Bunny and Christmas had jolly ol Saint Nick. But what did Halloween have?

    Why they had little Samhain or Sam for short.



    Peeking out from behind a tree while hanging around in a pumpkin patch, Sam watched people go by. Some were on their way back home to take their kids trick r treating. Some were getting ready to go to parties! But then there were those who came to make a mess of the patch just to spite those who actually cared about the holiday.

    As the enforcer of Halloween's rules, Sam made sure those boys and girls didn't see the end of this glorious holiday. Which meant those exploring the pumpkin patch would have been in for quite the nasty surprise when they picked up what they thought was a pumpkin. Only to discover a severed head instead! But as much fun as Sam had punishing those who defied the rules, he too enjoyed the fun of going trick r treating! Hence the current form he took which was that of a small boy in footie pajamas and a burlap sack over his head. Making his way out from behind the tree, Sam waddled over to the side of the street.

    Somebody had to come by who actually cared about the holiday! Someone he wouldn't have to kill! But as he heard the sound of a person drawing closer and closer, Sam giggled as he clapped his hands together. Someone new was coming by! He just hoped they knew what they were getting into! Much to Sam's enjoyment, two people seemed to be approaching! One of them sounded like they were in a hurry with their feet smacking against the pavement! But the other's footsteps seemed soft and methodical. Was it perhaps an overzealous child and their put-upon parent? Was it a excited lover and his girlfriend who couldn't have cared less about the holiday?

    As it turned out it had been none of those things. Sam watched curiously as a woman who's shirt appeared to be half torn with blood running down from her right shoulder raced towards the pumpkin patch. The man who was following her wore a boiler suit with a white mask. The most distinguishing feature and rather the one that caught Sam's attention the most was the kitchen knife!

    "HELP! SOMEONE HELP ME! THIS MANIAC'S TRYING TO KILL ME!" The woman screamed but the only one who could hear her was Sam and he wasn't particularly in the business of helping people. It did make him suspicious though. He had originally thought this to be some kind of Halloween-themed schtick these two were doing. But no, it seemed quite real, oh so real. Watching as the woman made it into the pumpkin patch and stopped before him, she quickly began to detail off what had happened.

    "K-Kid? What are you doing here all..Nevermind! You have to call the police! That man in the white mask has murdered my friends and now he's after me! You've gotta call someone please!" The woman pleaded and what did Sam have to say in response to her tragic plea?


    The woman was quite confused as to why this child was laughing. Surely he understood what he had told her right? They had to do something about this guy before he killed even more people! But as she was about to try explaining again to Sam, she'd given the killer the time he needed to catch up as he picked up the woman by either side of her head and squeezed. The woman kicked and yelled and shrieked as she clawed desperately at the man's hands but to no avail. Her skull caved in and bits of brain matter splattered all over Sam's mask and the nearby pumpkins.


    Without a word, the killer let the body drop to the ground as he started to walk off. This was merely a victim who'd gotten away. There were still plenty more that were unsuspecting of the fate that was laid out before them. But the killer glanced down as he felt something tugging on his pantleg.


    Well, this had turned out to be quite the strange development. He had chased this woman out here to make sure she wouldn't get away. It seemed in doing so he had attracted attention. Not that of the police or any other kind of human authority figure. But rather a being who could feel the lingerings of Celtic-spirit emitting from this killer.

    It wasn't often that people researched back enough to figure out when Halloween had been a Celtic holiday but it seemed like this man had! Even if he was a serial killer. But that was okay! He was simply enforcing the rules just like Sam! You didn't wear a costume on Halloween? Then you paid the price for it! The same price that you'd pay for not handing out candy or blowing out your jack'o lanterns before midnight.

    "Ooh.." Sam cooed curiously as he walked towards a nearby pumpkin. Kneeling down and pulling out a lolipop that he'd taken a bite out of, Sam began to cave into the side of the pumpkin. Waiting until he was done, Sam held the pumpkin up for the other to see.


    Realizing what this little boy or thing was getting at, the killer turned and grabbed a pumpkin of his own. Digging into it with his kitchen knife, he'd show it off to Sam once he had finished carving.


    Michael huh? Well then, Sam at least knew what to call his new friend! Though thankfully it seemed like neither of them spoke too much. Instead of extending a hand for Michael to shake however, Sam put forth his lolipop which seemed to confuse Michael at first. What was Sam getting at here?


    Realizing that his immediate gesture may have been lost on Michael, Sam hopped up and down and pointed to Michael's knife! Glancing down at his signature weapon, Michael nodded his head as he understood now. Placing the blade of his knife against Sam's lolipop, the spirit of Halloween smiled behind his mask. This was going to be a fun friendship after all! As it turns out? It was going to get even more crazy! As the invitations came in and whisked Michael and Sam away, the two had quite the different reactions to their surroundings.

    "Oooh! Hehehehe!"

    Sam giggled as he was practically bustling with joy. He hadn't paid much attention to what Spooky had said but this place seemed like so much fun! He could eat whatever he wanted, bother whoever he wanted and not get in trouble for it! Climbing atop Michael's back to get a better view of the place, Sam smirked behind his mask. Here he was a four foot tall guardian of Halloween piggybacking on a seven foot tall serial killer who seemed to get into Halloween's spirit but to the extreme!

    In all honesty Michael wished for nothing more than to murder everybody here. But his knife was strangely missing and he was carrying this sack-baby along on his shoulders. When would he get to murder someone again?


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  12. [​IMG]

    "Oh my my...I think I have gotten a bit lost."

    The man, who in actuality was but a sword given human form with the name Nikkari Aoe had one day on the farm where more individuals like him toiled away their lives to fight against foes bent on ruining the time stream. Nikkari had thought it had just been a very weird prank from Tsurumaru, but he couldn't shake the feeling that something was off about all of it. Considering were he had ended Nikkari had been right on the money.

    He was surprised though...a spirit right in front of them. Perhaps he wasn't as spirit proof as the legends said. Smiling softly he'd look around the area pondering where he should go. Oh wait was that food? "What a cute kid. Giving us food like that. I guess that means this is a party huh?" Nikkari replied aloud to no one in particular.​

  13. Prologue: The Witch Bewitched


    At the wee hours of the morning out in the wild countryside, the witch Angela and her accomplices were all that stirred.

    Well, Angela and one of her accomplices at least. While the witch prepared the morning brew in her cauldron, she knew she could always count on the Reaper to keep her and her lazier servants safe from any angry townsfolk who got the smart idea to go on a witch-hunt deep into the night. So the witch hummed to herself, feeling safe and comfortable in her hut in the woods.

    That was, until there was a knock at the door. Her happy tune was silenced as her heart skipped a beat, and she gasped in fright. Angela's eyes snapped towards the front door and remained glued to it as she stood from her chair and set everything aside; allowing her concoction to simmer while she warily approached the door with her broom held firmly in hand. It couldn't be anyone with too ill an intent, right? A villager out for her blood would've undoubtedly just broken down the door instead of...knocking politely. But in a way, that only scared her even more. Just who would have the gall to approach her in such a manner?

    The second she reached the door, Angela flung it open and stood back with her broom pointed at the doorway, only to look shocked again once she noticed there was no-one at the door. Stepping just slightly out the door, she peered around outside, and scratched her head when her search came up short. She was about to walk back inside when she noticed a letter at the foot of her door. Quirking a brow, she knelt down to pick it up and quickly read through it. It wasn't hard, considering how short it was. Angela squinted her eyes and shook her head, stepping further outside and spotting the Reaper patrolling the witch's grounds, and beckoned him over.

    "Gabriel! Gabriel, come here!" she hollered, and waved down the apparition.

    The Reaper turned, and suddenly appeared in front of his master under a shroud of shadow with his pumpkin head bowed, "Yes, my lady?" Angela showed her servant the letter with an odd look on her face, "You haven't seen anyone come through here have you? I heard a knock at my door at found this letter sitting there." she explained, continuing to eye up the letter as she started to feel woozy. The Reaper shook his head, "No-one has set foot here. I have made sure of that." his pumpkin head tilted to the side, and an ounce of worry shone through his grim voice, "Are you okay, my lady? You seem ill." Angela looked up from the letter to give the Reaper a quick smile before returning to ogling the letter, "I'm fine, Gabriel, but thank you-"

    The witch was cut just short and she lost her balance. She clutched her head to stop it from bobbing, just as the Reaper reached out to hold her shoulder and stabilize her, "You need rest." he stated plainly, and began to escort her inside before Angela pushed him away, "No, no, I'm fine, stop worry-...augh..." the witch's eyes suddenly closed shut, and she nearly collapsed to the ground just as the Reaper caught her. After some long moments of silence, he shook her silent body, "My lady...? Angela!"


    Angela breathed a sharp gasp as her eyes shot open wide, and she stood up straight, hastily scanning the ballroom she now found herself in. Slowly, the shock from her sudden relocation wore off, but her heart was still pounding out of her chest. Carefully standing up, she found it strange that all the symptoms she was experiencing before ending up here had magically disappeared. How much time had passed? Angela shook her head; she couldn't dawdle, stressing over the situation. She had to take action and find out what was going on.

    Besides, she seemed to have found herself smack-dab in the middle of a lively party at a wonderful venue. No doubt the one her invitation was advertising. So Angela putzed around the ballroom and hovered around the refreshments while she waited and watched the other guests. Perhaps she'd even find another poor, unfortunate soul to take home with her.

    @york @Ringmaster @Ballroom​
  14. Ada gave a small smile at Leon, and sipped some of the punch. She chuckled a bit when she saw him dressed in 1920's mob regalia. She herself was dressed in a red jacket and pants, similar to the clothing of Leah from the video game Diablo III. If only she were able to have her crossbow to complete the look.

    "Yours too." She said with a bit of a chuckle in her voice. She finished the punch and began to pour some more into her cup.

    The Sexual Tension was real.

    @Ringmaster @Refreshment Table
  15. [​IMG]



    Certainly one of the more unorthodox tricks and illusions pulled upon him. The only one capable of this power was surely the dark priest Shaft, if not the horrid Dracula himself, but the two of them had been vanquished now, so it couldn't be...! Could it?! After all, Richter Belmont could attest himself that they were effectively gone, at least for now. Of course, every generation or so, Dracula was perhaps destined to return, but it had hardly been even a year since he had been defeated!

    The young man furrowed his brow as he could only look around the strange mansion-like place he found himself in, not too much unlike Castlevania itself, though the air was... far more inviting, and less sinister. He didn't trust this open friendliness, but it wasn't like there was much to be done about it. Especially since it had seemed like he was disarmed of all his weapons. That would prove to be inconvenient. Without his trusty Vampire Killer, the heirloom passed down from his family, the Belmont practically felt naked, having been used to holding it in his hand or otherwise on his form.

    Still, Richter took notice of the many strange guests throughout, among other things, such as a refreshments table where others, some in rather strange clothing, were gathered around, among other places. He'd take a mental note of his observations, but before he'd make his move, Richter would hear the idle musings of a nearby man, almost looking like some sort of royalty or at the very least, one close to aristocracy.

    "So that's what we're calling it? A party?" Richter would ask, making his way over to the man with an uneasy look, his gaze focused on the place they were inside, "I would not be so blasé about the situation, not when a ghoul like that has abducted us, or at least, so I assume..."

    @Jeremi @Anybody
  16. "Not my idea." He grumbled aloud, eyes flicking to her lips in that mocking smile. Curse that poise and curse that he had to see her now, of all times. In a setting, he had never, ever expected.

    A party. But some part of him had always remained a policeman and he reached to his pocket to check- Ah. His military knife.

    Gone. Of course.

    And keeping his back to the table, he looked on at the others. Ada he recognized....Vector looked somewhat familiar, though not to him personally. There was a rather attractive witch floating around, some kind of military uniform, a masked man with a kid on his shoulders.

    For some sinking reason, he had an idea that a lot of these weren't costumes.

    Which was why, he finished his sandwich, brushed off the crumbs and headed off to the balcony section.

    Maybe a better view would be nicer-!

    "Sir, would you care for some shrimp?"

    What? Leon blinked, at what looked like a blond teenager in a maids outfit, holding up a tray.


    "Umm....No thank you."

    And Leon side-stepped, moving for the balcony as the girl watched him leave. With a shrug, she moved to approach Nikkari and Richter, holding up the tray.

    "Shrimp, sirs?"

    Meanwhile, gliding among the guests in a butlers outfit, another server would be making his rounds with glasses of sparkling cider.


    @Michale CS @Sen @The Wanderer @Klutzy Ninja Kitty @Takumi @Minerva @Chewy Rabbits @Jeremi @Archmage Jeremiah @Verite @york @Everyone​

  17. Michael noticed Leon's stare and blankly returned it. Although Leon wouldn't have seen any eyes through the holes on Michael's mask. Simply pitch-black darkness as the killer gently set Sam on the floor and started to make his way off from the spirit. Michael had no reservations about harming or even murdering children but he could tell Sam was no mere child and Sam could tell Michael was no mere man. Hence, the two had some common ground.

    Sam however was still quite overjoyed! This was a Halloween party alright! Ignoring the shrieks of the cat coming out from the sack he carried with him, Sam glanced around at those gathered.

    Almost all of them seemed to be in some kind of costume! There was food, costumes, it all seemed perfect for a Halloween celebration!

    @Ringmaster @Michale CS @Sen @The Wanderer @Klutzy Ninja Kitty @Takumi @Minerva @Jeremi @Archmage Jeremiah @york @Everyone
  18. [​IMG]
    Mirei & Layla Prologue
    Trick or Treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat!

    It was just a regular day in the office.

    Alright, I lied.

    It was Halloween. And Halloween is anything but regular. Spooks, spingles, Jabberwocks and ghosts! Whar prutingles in the coasts!

    Wait, how many of those were even words? All of them. I made them up. They are now words, deal with it.

    "Woo! Now that we're in a non-canon event, I can use this fancy P-head! So, what's up girls?"

    Girls will be girls. They were giggling non-stop, unphased by the Producer's presence.

    "M- Mirei-chan... that tickles... you can stop now..." Shouko utters as she takes candy to the face.
    "I'm just getting warmed up ~tsu!" Mirei exclaims cheerfully, proceeding to shower Shouko mercilessly with candy.
    Nono, on the other hand, simply looked. A soft smile.

    Producer looks at the sight. Happy idols means a good job. And a good job means a happy Producer.

    "Eeehh... figures. That's pretty typical of you three," the Producer laughs a little. "I, on the other hand, have some pretty important business to attend to - the Production's annual Trick or Treat event! Each year, representatives from each Project set out to the rooms of all the other Projects in hopes of getting treated and hopefully, not getting tricked! This year, I sent Haru. She said she wanted a... masculine task."

    "Uh..." Mirei utters, "you do realise that trick or treating isn't particularly feminine or masculine, right?"

    "Precisely!" Producer exclaims as Mirei looks at her two other friends with confused expressions.

    "Morikubo... is glad that she doesn't have to venture the building to trick or treat... that feat... is impossible for someone like Morikubo..."

    "I'm just glad you're having fun with others, Nono. Maybe next year it could be your turn!"

    "Morikubo isn't prepared for that!"

    "Haru-chan... must be having a ball right now... fuhihihi.... I'm almost... jealous..."

    "Yeeaah..." Producer was visibly sweating.


    "Why did I ever agree to this? Oh great, it's that Risa at the door again. Let's just hope she doesn't see me..."

    "She's having fun, she's having fun... hehe... nothing to worry about at all..." Producer says as a knock was heard on the door. "Yeeaah coming!"

    "Trick or treat!"

    "Aaaayyy Miria! I hope my sister's treating you well! Hope you won't mind the trick I have in store for you! My sister will probably fucking kill me but this is worth it. Nihi~"

    "Did something happen?"

    "Miria? Is it a trick?"

    Producer was most frightened by the appearance of the reptillian being within the second girl's shoulders. His greatest fear, his kryptonite - iguanas.


    In sheer fear, Producer dumps some candy into the girls' buckets.

    "Thank you Mister! You're the best!"

    "I sure am..." Producer utters.

    "That, you don't see everyday ~tsu," Mirei comments, mocking her Producer in a lighthearted manner.

    Just then, Producer recieves a call.

    "Miria, hold up. My sister tasked me to take you to the site of the Granblue Fantasy event. We've got ourselves some intensive collaborating to do. Nono, we've got a bridal photoshoot to attend! Well girls, it's time to go!"

    "I was so caught up and excited with Halloween activities I forgot aaall about it!"

    "Same here... Morikubo... didn't want to remember the nightmare of the bridal photoshoot! Mirei! Shouko! Someone, heeeeeelp!!!!!!"

    And so the only two left in the room were Shouko and Mirei.

    "Mirei-chan... want to do some... forbidden things?"

    "N- n- no homo! No homo ~tsu!"

    "That's not what I meant."

    "OK, OK, so, what did you have in mind ~tsu?"

    "Special... SHROOMS."

    "Alright, this getting weird. I need an adult right now ~tsu."


    Just then, the door was opened.

    "Ah, have Halloween fun, Mirei? Where are Producer-dono?"

    "There's no time to explain ~tsu! Suggest another Halloween activity!"


    "I am supposing that some letter reading won't do tricks?" Layla unleashes two orange-hued letters from her inventory. "Something magical will be happening if you read it with friends... so it says..."

    And so, Mirei and Layla read the letters while Shouko continued to shout in the background. When Shouko turned to look, Layla and Mirei were gone.

    "I can't really do anything alone... can I?"

    "Oh wow, it wasn't chain mail!" Mirei comments. "Then what was it- wait, where are we? And why are you dressed like that?"


    "Oh! Layla must be in my Halloween costume~!"

    "Put on some clothes, will you!" Mirei exclaims as she pulls a gown out of nowhere and dons Layla in it in the blink of an eye.

    "If you say so, Mirei. The last time I was this bare was during that little camping trip you and me gone to. You and me both."

    "We didn't spend more than a day in the woods. I had no need to... well... bathe in the wilderness."

    "And I did."

    "TMI, Layla, TMI ~tsu. Don't continue. Guess I should start putting this picture on in case someone thinks I'm wearing the usual and not my Halloween garbs."

    @Sen @Hana @Crow @Crimson Spartan @york
    Taking canon chronology into account of this non-canon event, this occurs after Civil War.
    The two children displayed are produced by Madoka, who, by the way, is attending a LIVE event that will occur during the epilogue of Civil War.
    Holy fuck that is a lot of pictures.
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  19. [​IMG]

    Kana would have lied if she said she didn't miss the people she had traveled with in Rapture. It was true that the place stank and Kana was somewhat happy she didn't smell of dampness and rot when she had returned, but that hallow feeling had remained. Nobody except Keaton seemed to understand why she was so down for the next few weeks, not even her mother - Kana had not told anybody what had happened. The others tried to cheer her up... and it did work, sort of. Shiro was there to play hide and seek. And she had managed to find Kiragi's treehouse hideout and play with the archer there. She wasn't alone.

    She saw Keaton often enough, and she was happy to have him around whenever he did come to visit. Wadanohara had probably returned to her sea, and Mirei back to wherever she came from. Kana still had their souvenirs with her, tucked safely away in the armor she always wore.


    Suddenly thrown into this... hall, Kana was understandably disorientated. There was music, but she could barely hear it. There was food, but she could hardly smell it - and she loved to eat. She stumbled around, taking notice of the shadowy people that roamed around with seemingly no purpose...

    When she heard a very familiar voice. And smelt a familiar smell.​


    Kana ran towards the call, spotting a figure with a shock of white and black hair, pointed ears sticking out alert and attentive. And behind him, a lazed back man hauling along a sack of sweets...

    "Keaton!" she cried, throwing herself at the Wolfskin. "What are you doing here? she sniffled, before turning her attention at the sweet-eating ninja. "Asugi! You're here too! Uhm... this is new," the dragon-girl said meekly. She was a bit confused, but she had an idea of what was going on. That invitation was just like that portal she had found in the flower field, right? Had Asugi been through something like this before?

    @york @Crimson Spartan @Hana @Crow @anyonewhowannainterracts
  20. [​IMG]

    "S-Such amazing special effects!"

    Yuki had let out a dramatic gasp right in the middle of the group of spectators as they marveled at spectral sight of Spooky. However, her gasping sounded almost fake, and it wasn't entirely clear if the girl actually thought the sight was impressive, special effects or otherwise. She had turned on her heels as Spooky had left, before moving about to check out the refreshments, but got caught up on looking at the other guests. Some were decked out in cosplay, just like an authentic western Halloween party.

    How did that go? Trick or treat, right? If the party had treats, that meant someone had to bring the tricks, and who else but Yuki?

    The girl made her way over to her friend, Miki, walking on her tiptoes and keeping out of sight by hiding around the other guests. When she was close enough to her friend, Yuki jumped out at Miki from behind. "Omm~!!" She had latched on to her friend by playfully biting her in the shoulder. She tried to relent, but giggled into Miki's shoulder before she said in a muffled voice, "Boo."

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