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  1. Ah, yes, October has rolled around again. And we all know what that means- Halloween is nearing!

    So, what better time to share all of the sp00ky stories you've got? 8D
  2. I live in a home where we have a "haunted" room. Noises are heard all the time in it. The door knob has turned, figures have been seen, and the last time we tried recording inside the room, lots of orbs were caught. Also, my camera no longer records in color anymore. It's stuck on a yellow-ish cracked screen type view.

    There's my story. :D
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  3. No such thing as ghosts and Haunted places. Skeletons are dumb. Fuck your pumpkins. Bahumbug.

    Let the hate commence.
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  4. thanks for playing

    also you're a dullahan that's spooky >:c
  5. Before I moved, I lived in a brick Colonial where weird things happened on occasion. The basement door would open, the doorbell would ring (with no one at the door), and the television would be on at night only to turn off when I shuffled in half-asleep.

    Final straw was when my infant son was playing alone in our finished basement. He made a distressed sort of cry and came up stairs. He told us there was a man downstairs. I took him back downstairs and asked him where the man was, and he pointed to an empty, golden chair. Not knowing what to do, I told whatever was there to leave my son alone. And, when I went back upstairs to continue washing the dishes, a tiny glass ornament above the sink was swaying as if someone flicked it.

    We moved out soon afterwards.
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  6. A good chilling story doesn't need a month to dictate when it can be told.

    Just sick of the shitty stories flooding the Internet by stupid teenagers who believe slender man is real and FNAF is the epitome of horror.


    Lived here in Florida my whole life. Grandpa took me out into the middle of the cow pasture one August day when I was about ten, staying weekdays at my grandparents couple acres during the summer.

    He knelt down and had me do the same when he put his head to the patch of dirt in the middle of this otherwise grassy pasture. It sounded like a train through a tunnel or something being drug along soft dirt. He told me Florida is kinda scary below the first few feet.

    The water table is simply too high in Florida and his pasture too empty all around it to think it was traffic from the distant highway.

    Last he ever mentioned it. Planted a pine tree on that spot and it's nearly 40 feet in under 15 years.
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  7. Preach.
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  8. My apologies that you guys feel that way. I started this thread because someone mentioning Halloween just made it come to mind, thus the mention in the OP of it being for it being a good time to share stories.

    But if it's felt that strongly, I'll edit it out. x_x

    Anyways, that aside; I haven't personally got too many spooky stories to tell. Maybe it's because, personally, my brain applies more logic to situations than superstition(I.e, I do recall a time when I was camping with some friends who tried to use a Ouji board, only for odd noises to start being heard outside, someone feeling a sudden cold 'grab' their hand moments later, etc.).. But I'm not really sure. If I can think of one, I'll share it. o_o
  9. Hmm... I could tell a real story, or one of my many horrific dreams. Which would you like to hear more?
  10. Why not both? :D
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  11. Don't let the party poopers bring ya down, Hospes. Keep it up. I find the thread idea fun as is.

    While more on topic, the most spoopy (@Limeypanda <3) thing that comes to mind at the moment is a time I almost let a slice of pizza hit the ground. The gods were not happy with me that day.
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  12. >Be me playing D&D at friends house a month ago
    >Hear noises from upstairs as if someone else is home
    >Search the house, no one else is home

    That's the creepiest I got. :P
  13. A friend and I were walking around kind of randomly at night (we did this often when we got bored) and there's this golf course right by our high school that people always talked about sneaking into. In fact, it was pretty normal during the winter, as it made for an awesome sledding slope when it snowed. So, we were still in high school at the time and we were going down a path that passed the golf course by, so we decided to walk up to the fence where we knew there was usually a hole to go through. The hole is still there, we squeeze through and start walking up the large hill to check out the view from the top. It was extremely dark, like as dark as it could possibly get, so we can't see too much in front of us, but the entire time we walked ahead, I kept seeing this shadowy figure at the top. At first I thought it was a small tree, but then it started moving a little, so I thought it was a flag waving in the wind.

    As we get closer, it starts to look like the figure is pacing back and forth, but since it was so dark I kind of figured my eyes were playing tricks on me, so I didn't say anything at first. We start to actually climb the hill and by then I'm convinced there's a person up there, so I'm like 'Do you see that or am I crazy?' My friend goes 'Yea, I see it' I'm like 'Is it moving?' He hesitates and just says 'Yea I think so. I think it's a flag.' So I'm reassured that it's a flag, but I keep seeing that its pacing, so I keep telling myself that my head is playing tricks on me. 'It looks like a person' I finally say, which would be bizarre for two reasons 1: the 'person' had no flashlight in total darkness and 2: is that really a thing people do? guard golf courses at such a late time (it must've been midnight or past it)

    He doesn't think it's a person, we keep climbing and then the figure is no longer on top of the hill and looks as though it is charging downhill toward us. It no longer looks like a person it kind of looks like a dog. I saw this so clearly and it seemed so obvious to me that I figured my friend would finally take notice, but he didn't, so we keep going up. I'm staring at this thing charging down the hill, trying very hard to see if it's gaining ground or not, because if it's not then its definately in my head. I think it's gaining ground, but it was gaining stupidly slow for something going down such a steep hill. I ask my friend again 'Do you see that?' and this time he goes 'Yea, it's coming toward us right?' which was the first time he ever said what I had been thinking in my head, so I'm thoroughly scared, but I try laughing it off by saying 'I was thinking that too, I thought it was just seeing things'. We both stand there for a while staring at the thing, still trying to understand what's going on, but we decide to turn back and with our backs turned fear got the better of us and we start sprinting toward the hole in the fence.

    We get to the fence and I look back and still see it, this time about halfway down the hill. My friend still sees it too. To this day we don't know what the hell it was. For the next couple of weeks it became the story we told to everyone we knew at school and the only logical conclusion we could come up with was that it was a dog, but no idea what a dog would be doing there so late and unattended or why it looked like a person at first. Or if the whole thing was a shared illusion.
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