Spooky Russian Story

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  1. ...Funnily enough I JUST read a "dunking" article about this yesterday. o__o


    I love stories like this, though! Sometimes the situations are super weird, and sometimes it's more just people exaggerating what happened. I'm sure that's how all myths are born. O__O
  2. I am thinking either it was really the government doing some crap or the damn UFOS. I mean, bright orange lights sounds kind of alien to me but if the government really close the case then they must be hiding something. Kind of creepy if you ask me. Too bad for those hikers though, they all wanted to have fun.
  3. Alright, I'll bite. I'm going with the government cover-up or that this is all just one big hoax....i mean come on, it was Russia in the late 50's early 60's. There wasnt much in the world that year that didnt have to go off the government or aliens in almost every country. So perhaps the Russian government was jealous of our Roswell program and made that happen just so they could keep up with that. Poor hikers if you were real people

    Okay, so weird disappearance/deaths of a bunch of Russian skiers in the late 1950's. Here's a few facts about the accident that conspiracy nuts will inevitably portray in a sinister light in order to make it seem like the gov'mint/UFOs/Bigfoot/mole people/David Icke were responsible:

    • The victims’ tent was “cut from the inside”.
    • Five in the group exited the tent wearing little or no clothing. Four others were dressed normally.
    • There were many internal injuries and broken bones, but little or no external damage was found.
    • One person was missing her tongue.
    • The victims had a “strange orange tan” and grey hair at their funeral.
    • There were “strange orange spheres” in the sky during the time of the Dyatlov pass accident.

    Okay, so the tent was cut from the inside. How can they tell? The material the tents were made from look flimsy as shit going by the photos; how could they possibly figure where the material was cut from?

    As for the clothing thing, that doesn't seem too incredible. Suppose something dangerous was occurring nearby, like say an avalanche or an animal attack; it seems quite likely that they would have grabbed whatever they could find to wear or even just run outside to escape whatever it was with the intention of returning later once the danger was gone. There's also a proven connection between victims of hypothermia being found in various states of undress.

    They say that there were internal injuries and broken bones but no external damage. Yet of the investigators how many of them were medical professionals who knew how to recognise the signs of injuries properly (bruising and what-not)? Not many I would wager, and apart from anything else several days of exposure to hostile elements will no doubt have made it hard to spot signs on the bodies; it's entirely possible the investigators missed something.

    The missing tongue is slightly odd, I will grant you, but it could well have been taken by a scavenging animal or bitten off in a panic/death throes.

    Moving on to the "strange orange tan and grey hair" that was reported. There's plenty of explanations for this; the bodies were displayed open-casket a long time after death, so the strange appearance could well have just been the coroner doing their best to make them look as human as possible given the circumstances. The dark skin isn't that weird either; skiers often return from trips extremely sunburnt or tanned, and that seems like a plausible explanation for this. I would also stress that the source of this "weird looking corpses" thing was a 12 year-old boy; not exactly what you'd call the most reliable source.

    And finally for the weird glowing spheres thing, well isn't that just fucking convenient? Strange blinky lights in the sky aren't exactly a supernatural phenomenon; it could have been anything from meteors to a passing aircraft. Let's not make a big deal out of nothing.

    So yes, in summary it sounds like a pretty horrific accident and we're probably never going to get to the bottom of it. At a stretch I'll admit that the skiers could have found themselves unwittingly in an area being used for weapons-testing; that's as reasonable an explanation as any. I'd also go with animal attack of some kind. But for god's sake guys, just because it's a bit weird doesn't mean to need to start screaming "OH MAH GAWD ALIENS!"

    That's just fucking silly.
  5. Wow, Mister Grumpy is smart. I'll give him that.
  6. Not really; I just have access to Google and think that UFO conspiracy theories are the intellectual equivalent of dried monkey-spunk.
  7. Well, have you seen the fourth kind? That movie pretty much made me believe in UFOS/Aliens. I mean, who else could have kidnapped the little girl?
  8. You... are aware that The Fourth Kind is totally fake, right?

    As in, it's a mockumentary horror film; fiction dressed up as 'recovered footage', like in [REC], Paranormal Activity or The Blair Witch Project?

    Seriously, none of the events in the film ever actually happened. The 'real' psychologist lady you see at the start is an actor. As for the disappearances it claims to have based it's story on Nome is in Alaska, one of the coldest and remote places in the USA; it's not surprising that people are going to get lost in the cold and their bodies never recovered.

  9. My mind is easily influence? xD

    I will need to learn your ways, oh master Grumpy. The insightful and skepticism one.
  10. I was going to write a long thing about the event, but there is a news article that does a decent job of debunking part/most of it. Or putting forth decent theories anyway.


    Considering it was 1959, Soviet Military secrecy was at an all time high, it could of been a missile test or project gone awry. There were R-7 ICBM missile tests going on not far away at this time, those could of caused the incident. Considering their clothing had picked up radioactivity, it is quite likely they were accidental victims in some Soviet Military Project lost to the vaults in the Kremlin.
  11. *headbutts Grumpy*

    So... the tents were cut from the outside... isn't that MORE creepy?

    And the crushing injuries equivalent to a car crash may have been caused by something external.... isn't that ALSO MORE creepy?

    And if there was an avalanche, how did they leave their camp on foot and travel more than a kilometer in -30 degrees?

    Also, in Woody's link, it shows that a doctor (A REAL RUSSIAN DOCTOR!) examined the bodies and could find no soft tissue damage. And that when they left their tents two of the skiiers had broken ribs and one had a non-fatal fractured skull.

    Face it Grumpy. Jesus did this. We both know it.
  12. What the fuck are you talking about?

    The bodies were slightly radioactive. And slashed tents, semi-naked corpses...

    ...these are all trademarks of a David Icke attack.

  13. Jesus seem like a more reasonable answer since no one knows for sure. It is all a mystery and Jesus is a mystery!
  14. But, Jesus Lizard is real.

    So, that explains it all.
    You're welcome.
  15. A cold-blooded killer, indeed.
  16. ^ o _o THAT WAS A PUN.
    -keep pun in a jar for good.-
  17. The story is creepy indeed, but I have to agree with Grumpy. There is no reason to see conspiracies, aliens and the supernatural behind events that can not be explained at the first glance. Sometimes, events just happen to coincide in a manner that seems impossible, or ridiculous, however, when the sequence is looked at closely, it gives a perfect explanation of events. The solution to a mystery does not need to come from the realm of fantasy or science-fiction, but from reality and facts.
  18. I was gonna say something about the effects of LSD and extasis, but the lizard thing works too.
  19. I heard about this quite a while ago, after googling an explanation to an ending to a movie I didn't get, ironically enough. I agree with woodrat on this one, though. Just saying...