Spontaneous Medieval Fantasy Roleplay

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  1. Criteria
    • Sought are who like medieval fantasy as in WarCraft, Lord Of The Rings et cetera.
    • Getting along with each other is most important for me. I'm quite picky in that regard.
    • No romance.
    • Preferably not a lot of plotting. The last time I was searching for a 1x1 roleplay, my partner just disappeared, and all the preperations went to waste (as I didn't feel like continuing with someone just dropping out). This time around, I'd like a spontaneous approach.
    About me
    I'm a 19 year old male from Germany (CET/CEST, about 6-9 hours ahead of the USA) and consider my English to be fairly good. Though I haven't roleplayed a lot here, I have done so in other forums in the past, so it's not new to me, even if I can't give an exact statement of my abilities.

    Before roleplaying, I'd like to know who I'm roleplaying with, so getting to know each other would be preferable.

    For further information, refer to my roleplay-résumé.
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  2. I'm up for winning it. Should I PM you?
  3. Sure, feel free. As I said, getting to know each other before roleplaying would be advantageous.
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