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    The modern urban sprawl of the 1400s, Llosgidinasgoedwig --more commonly known as just Llos-- was situated at the foot of the Cysgod mountains and also at the edge of the Llofrud forest. The human capitol city and home of the great Castle Duwiol, Llos is also a major trade city, with both the elves and halflings calling Llofrud home. While humans had always been trade partners for the elves, halflings had only recently begun allowing humans to enter their own cities, and have only accepted elves as tentative allies a couple years ago; elves and halflings had almost always been at war with each other, sharing the same forest. The ogres in the mountains almost never come down, but have almost always been at war with everyone else...but only when they weren't at war with themselves.

    But what does this have to do with our heroes? Not much, I'm afraid. Because, to the best of common knowledge, there wasn't a great threat to this city. They didn't know anything was wrong within the mines. For all they knew, the most interesting thing that would happen would be in a tavern, as it usually was. Today, it wasn't in a bedroom, however. Today it was where our heroes meet: The Maiden and Shield. It was a commoner's tavern, but located in the ideal place to also attract nobility, or at least the nobles who didn't despise the lower classes. There were even rumors not five minutes ago saying that one prince of the human world took an elven barmaid to one of the more expensive rooms within the tavern. No one can hear the outcome over the din of the crowd within the bar, but everyone suspects she's having either the best night of her life or the last. The whole town shares the same general emotion, with the success of the new trade routes to the Halfling queendoms bringing a fair amount of wealth to even the lowest workers.

    And this is where the heroes will meet. Whether they're here yet or not, they will at least share their time within The Maiden and Shield soon. And their night will be even more memorable than that barmaid's, for better or worse.
  2. Ren trotted through the streets of the city he had grown to learn was called Llos. Tired from his travels he began to scan for a place to rest and lay his heavy head. Passing several establishments that reeked of money and nobels he decided upon The Maiden and Shield as a good place to stop. “At least I can ask for directions, even if they are a little slurred,” he paused to allow several men to saunter out of the tavern. Ren watched as they began to walk down the street in their drunken stupor. Ren swung open the door to the tavern and walked in.
  3. Ethan was sitting at a booth-style table on the left hand side of the room. He seemed very much out of place. His robes were crisp and unwrinkled. His hair fell to his shoulders in a neatly combed cascade of chocolate strands. Even the table at which he sat was ordered in a rather precise fashion. A single candle placed in the center of the table, and a mug of ale place six inches from the edge of the table with the handle facing a 45 degree angle to his right. His eye caught the candle and he quickly reached over and adjusted it a quarter inch to the left and picked off a stream of wax which had dried in such a position which displeased him. His eyes scanned the area in neat and ordered sweeps taking in the sight of the unruly and disheveled mess around him. It was aggravating. None of these baboons knew the meaning of the word 'neat' or how easy one's life would be if everything was organized in an efficient manner.

    Now to explain why this particular individual was in such an odd place for a kid of his character we must know a little more about him. He had just finished his long tutelage under the watchful eye of a relatively unknown wizard who lived a few leagues to the north of here. Setting out after his training was complete Ethan needed to find a use for his seemingly useless magics. Even his master had scorned the uselessness of them though he had trained the boy anyway, for a price. So setting out he traveled south to the city of Llos in hopes that he would be able to find other, more experienced wizards to scrutinize his magic and tell him what use it could even be of. After two days of no luck whatsoever he decided to spend the night here. Why this specific INN instead of a much higher class one that he would look less out of place in? Simple. He had no money left. The last two days, not to mention the travel to get to the city in the first place, had drained his purse to a mere handful of coin.
  4. Will entered the tavern with a swagger, her stained white hood pulled over the top of her forehead as she slid into the tavern. The place was alive and thriving with life. The men chugged down their ale and hugged pretty halfling girls to their sides who clapped and hooted happily. The bar wenches were running around with thick sloshing mugs of ale, and the place was alight with candles, pipe tobacco, and the occasional flash of magical enchantments on foods to make them taste better. She tucked her staff close to her body and pushed back her hood smiling welcoming at the people around her, trying not to make herself seem like she was above all of them, that would be just rude. She gave her unruly and currently green hair a ruffle as she looked over and stared at a peculiar boy meticulously mulling over his eating area... She looked him up and down and shook her head. Exsactly the example she did not want to set. Looking like that, acting like that already made you a victim. It only took her five days to figure out that. Apparently a richly dressed girl asking for information of her father was like a lap dog asking to become a guard dog, it just wasn't a good idea. Ahw looked down at her rough muddy palms and wiped them on her leather leggings and began to walk towards the younger boy.
  5. Abbey sat on a stool at the bar proper, but was only barely above the surface. She hadn't touched the drink she'd ordered while she sat there, but she'd only bought it so she wouldn't get chased off while she cleaned off her boots with a lower, outer edge of her cloak. She tried her best to watch everyone in the room, but frankly, she didn't really care. It's not like this was a bar where she'd immediately be killed; House politics usually never left the halfling lands, which this no longer was (though she still considered it to technically be on loan to the humans, still). And even if they did, she was safe for now; to the best of her knowledge, all her other siblings were still alive, and she hadn't made anyone hate her yet, or at least she didn't believe she gave anyone reason enough to kill her. Well, sour elves, aside. But she had nothing to do with that war.

    Her shoes finally clean, she sat up to look at the other patrons. No one particularly interesting, save for a green-haired woman (age questionable) who looked like she probably didn't care how she spent her money, so long as she spent all of it. Abbey quietly laughed, noting that she wasn't too much different. Only she didn't even make an attempt to look like she cared who people thought she stole her clothes from. She'd probably be safer here if people thought she was just a lowly thief, anyway. How many nobles in this room had lost more money than they spent? She wasn't going to be one of them. Even SHE didn't have easy access to her money pouch.

    The woman with the green hair was walking toward a table. Abbey tried to hide that she was watching, but she was bored, so there was no point in really being sneaky, even if it was halfling nature. When she looked back to her drink, there were a few extras sitting there as well. I hope they don't expect anything. They're wasting their money. She stood up and walked past (well...more "under" than "past") people on her way to the other woman. Even if she was completely insane, at least she could keep Abbey's attention. It took her a while to get through the crowd, unfortunately. She couldn't even tell if they were still at the table. That woman could have already gotten the person at the table to go with her upstairs. It was pretty much the only thing people did here other than drink after all.
  6. Lethe sighed and ran a hand through her hair. This was no good, no good at all. It was the first time she was coming to Llosgidinasgoedwig, and she was having issues... adjusting. It was the first time she had been to the city, and it was the biggest one she had ever been to, unless you counted elven cities. It hadn't prepared her for the... well, for Llos. Even the name of the city was a hassle. What was it with humans and their tendency to overcomplicate things? She found herself longing for her home city of Kineyr, but she knew she couldn't go back without disappointing herself and her token goddess, Ellyrin. Her goddess was that of protection and the moon. She fingered her amulet, taking comfort from the charm. In it, she found the patience to not slap the man she was trying to trade with. She tried to talk him down on the price of a knife she had her eyes on, but it seemed that he thought everyone was made of gold or something! Finally, she stormed off, sick of the overpriced bastard. If that's how everything was here, she wouldn't be able to afford to live here for any amount of time, or even resupply here.

    She wandered around until reaching a lively tavern. At least she'd be able to get a good drink here, from what she'd heard. Lethe dodged a couple of drunks that stumbled out and entered. Immediately she was assaulted by sound. She winced as a passerby bumped into her and wished she had a hood to hide her elven features. She knew that not all places accepted elves so readily. But she had lost it a couple of days ago somehow and had yet to buy a new one. She sighed and carefully wound her way to a table in the corner. Before she got there, however, she was suddenly pushed. She gave out a cry and fell, luckily into a seat. Not so luckily, the seat was occupied by a very odd character. Robed and very meticulous, he looked as out of place as anyone can look in a tavern. She quickly spit out apologies and tried to get up, but only made it to the empty seat across from him before being pushed down again. Some idiots were starting a fight, but it dissipated a few moments later, much to her happiness.
  7. In his hovering about the room Ren heard much gossip about the town and a few screams coming through the walls. He slowly began to wonder what the history of the town was and why the gossip flowed so freely without charge. He noticed a flash of green through the shadows that drifted about the tavern. Ren rose to his full height and scoured the room for the same color he had just seen. After double checking every place he could see he gave up and began to sit down. Ren’s sudden action jostled an older halfling man that was sliding behind him. “Pardon me sir, I did not mean t--” A pint of beer was splashed into Ren’s face.
    “Take that you dirty sasquatch!”
    “Sir I meant you no trouble,” Ren began to turn but knocked a tray out of a bar maiden's hand. It's contents spilling very close to the halfling.
    “Oh looking to tussle now are you, well here!” the man jumped and hit Ren square in the stomach. After receiving the blow Ren’s eyes flashed to a silver hue. Suddenly the man stopped, suspended in mid-air.
    “Stop” The man’s eyes darted to the floor and those around him. He began to struggle against his weightlessness. Ren’s eye’s began to dim to their normal color. “Go and buy yourself a drink and enjoy your night, sir.” The man skittered off to the bar in a hurry as Ren seated himself at a table within an alcove. He glanced at a shield on the wall and saw the green again, at the table behind him.

  8. Several things happened at several different times, and the effect was frankly disorienting. First there was a huge commotion all around her, a beer thrown here gasps breathed there...and then a foolish little elf falling onto the boy she was about to warn to stop being so obvious with his money. The girl groaned and rolled her eyes running a hand through her forest colored hair and froze looking over her shoulder and stared into the dark brown eyes of a man. She felt a jolt run though her, and some part of her heart, some part of her soul knew him. He looked moon touched... like the priestesses at the temple...like her. She cocked her head and moved forward towards him fingering the goddesses symbol on her necklace and took two giant steps forward then dive bombed into the ground, accidentally tripping over the halfling woman who suddenly appeared in front of her.
  9. Seemingly out of nowhere, a leg only slightly shorter than Abbey herself passed in front of Abbey's the same time her own leg started moving. Not long after, both her and the woman with green hair were on the ground. Now that she was closer to her, she could tell she was human. Good. An elf would probably try to kill me for that. She stood up, but made no attempt to help the other person up; it wasn't to be rude, she really just wouldn't be too effective at it, and hoped it would be understood. "We're experts at first impressions, huh?" She smiled sweetly, or at least attempted to. House politics and the hunting of wild animals didn't offer many opportunities to practice sweet smiling. "Abbey." She held out her hand, her hands still somewhat muddy from her shoes.
  10. Willow stared at the halfling woman and laughed uneasily crawling to her feet and took the womans hands in hers.
    "Yeah I guess we are, I am so sorry, I wasn't looking at all." She said blushing self conciously and ducked her head before looking into her eyes and smiled gently. "I am Willow, or Will, I prefer Will." Laughing carelessly she motioned over to an empty table and glanced to try to see the moon touched man but she had lost his face. Huffing with irritation Will sat at the table and smiled at Abbey.
    "Soooo what brings you here? Traveling? I never knew such a large city existed until a few days ago, it certainly is a wonderful place." Will said nervously tucking a strand of green hair behind an ear. She was nervous. Usually she was snippy and sarcastic ready to rip into someone at a sudden mood swing but ever since she left the temple she knew that personality would not help her last long out here.
  11. Ren was pulled out of his trance like state when he say that the green was moving, towards him, rather rapidly. The crash of yet another fall followed by the disappearance of the green color but int he moment Ren saw it. “So, what I’ve been staring at this whole time is green hair, how charming, cant blame her for wanting to come over and smack me up-side the head to find out why I’m staring at her like some starry-eyed drunk.” Ren the realized what had just happened. He quickly got up but was shoved in the opposite direction, leading him away from the green haired woman. “My my, she is quite- Hey! quit pulling on my shirt.”
    “Want a good time young adventurer?” a young heavily drunk woman asked him as she attempted to wink seductively.
    “Sorry, I have other obligations- and standards” Ren forcefully thrust her aside and drove his way through the throng of drunk, smoking, singing individuals till he at last came up to the table where the green haired woman and a halfling woman sat conversing. Ren kicked himself for not thinking father ahead than his actions. “Now Renardo what do you intend to say?” Ren whispered to himself then drew the chair back and asked, “May I sit here?”

  12. Apparently, he had lost himself in his OCD. The suddenness with which he was suddenly sat upon made him jump a bit bumping the table off by a whole inch. The unwelcome lap guest quickly made their apologies and moved to the other side of the table, which he very meticulously slide back into place. That was when the fight came to him. A rather rowdy individual bumped into the table itself, this time placing it a full 6 inches out of place! This would not do. This area was becoming more obnoxious then he liked.

    He shoved the man out of the way and replaced the table. barely even noticing the person who had sat down with him he glided, no he did not walk so gracefully that he appeared to glide. He rose just above the heads of the crowd and glided across the room as if he was held by a string attached to the ceiling. Descending to the floor in from of the bar keep he smiled warmly. "It seems this place has become a bit too rowdy for me." Absentmindedly his fingers adjusted an empty mug on the bar. How much are rooms around here if I may be so bold as to ask?" He glanced back just in time to step away from a falling customer. Whether he was drunk or had merely been hit in the face Ethan didn't know. He was ready to at least leave the tavern. Whether he could afford a room here or not, he would be going soon. He didn't feel like getting hurt here. Somewhere in this blasted city he would find a use for his otherwise useless magic.
  13. (I apologize this is going to be my only post for the day I am sorry for inconvience meeting boyfriends grandparents....*gulp)

    Will looked over her shoulder and gave a small jerk of surprise. It was the moon touched man. She glanced up at him through her forest colored hair and smiled with a cocky smirk and nodded.
    "Hey why not, nice to meet you, Will, and this is Abbey." She said motioning to the half-ling woman and inclined her head toward him. "And who are you?" She looked him up and down her head cocked to the side...He was in a word breath taking. She shivered and looked at him seriously. He really...she knew he was moon touched.
    "Have...you ever been to a temple of the moon goddess as a child?" She asked curiously, a slightly hesitant look in her eyes.
  14. "Come on now, Arren! With feeling!" roared the massive dragon as it watched from the sidelines. Roth was overseeing to Arren's training to tame him in the ways of morphing magic. A dragon's magic was legendary next to a God or a Warlock. When he adopted Arren he knew of his people's success with magic, and took him as his own hatching. He laid on his stomach and folded his wings as he watched Arren progress. Hopefully he'd learn by the time Roth would send him to the human world.

    His breathing became heavy as sweat bled from his forehead, he mannifested his magic within his soul and body, but to no avail. He tried again and set his arm's a blaze, but could only muster it into a fireball. He aimed his arms forward and launched it into a tree, making an explosion erupt into a massive crater. His breath became heavy, slowly straightening with the cool wind as he turned to look at Roth with determined eyes.

    "You're stessing yourself, my son. Ease yourself..." Arren wanted to be strong so bad, but knew Roth was right. To push his limit could result in the loss of all his magic, or death. So he nodded, and climbed on to Roth's back. He laid down between his shoulder blades and fell asleep, just like he did as a baby.
  15. The innkeeper looked at Ethan. "Sorry, no more rooms. A local lord's paid for them all for the night and bringing people up. Best chance to get a room's getting him to believe you'll sing about his...prowess. You play an instrument?"

    Abbey never really got much of a chance to speak after that. Right as she was about to answer the woman, someone moved the table, then it was moved back. And then there was a man speaking to them. Before she could politely ask him to leave, the other woman greeted him and introduced her. And with that, the attention shifted away from her. It's what I wanted anyway, I guess. I get too much attention and people are bound to find out who I am. She wanted socialization, but she supposed listening to others speak was acceptable, too.

    The other woman seemed to have some obsession with the moon. Does she follow the halfling moon goddess? No, she can't. She's human, and doesn't seem to have a sickle or even the right clothes. Human moon goddess? That's just absurd. They're too primitive to follow such a potent deity. She sighed quietly. I could ask, but humans are so sensitive about that. Maybe she's really just obsessed with the moon and any temple that has to do with it? I suppose that means she's closer to being enlightened. "You two mind if I just sit and listen?"
  16. “My name is Renardo, its very,” he paused searching for words,” enchanting to meet you both. Please just call me Ren.” Ren noticed her slight pause and head tilt. He did not know what to think of them so he instead ignored them, but something inside him stirred and kindled.

    "Moon temple?" Ren was puzzled by the question Will had asked him. He thought back to his childhood. “I was taken to one by my friend because he was afraid to go alone. May I ask why you asked me this, do I look like a man that spent some time there?”, Ren asked genuinely trying not to be imposing. After the halfing had spoken to him Ren popped his head and looked at her, “I don’t see why not, it doesn’t bother me. How about you Willow, do you mind?”

  17. Scratching his head he frowned a bit. "Music really isn't my strong point. Ive spent too much time learning how to be a useless wizard t take up an instrument." Looking back at the room he frowned. Well looks like he would have to find a new room for the night. "Well thanks anyway.. I guess."

    Turning to face the door he debated which path to take to the door. In an attempt to act halfway normal he picked his way past people, even stepping over them if the situation required it. Perhaps there would be a room elsewhere. Unless, there was money to be made, then he could come up with a way to stay away and take part in it....
  18. Willow glanced at them both and worried her lip between her teeth and nodded tapping her fingers on the table. " It's all good, you seem like an interesting person." Will smirked at the halfling and continued with an almost absent minded voice. "I am a priestess of one of the last Temple's of the Moon goddess, in a way I guess you could say I am a daughter of the moon." She said running a hand through her hair and smirked ruely, speaking of the once ancient group of women who were hand chosen by the goddess herself. She cocked her head to the side and pointerd a finger at the man with a gentle jab.
    "You sir, look to be moon touched, the fact you came to the temple as a child could explain this. She is a wise, but a very selfish goddess, she wants us to all be her children." She murmured and traced a groove in the table thinking of the days she sat in the holy pool and the whispered words of a stern but gentle woman.
    "She would have been beautiful, as beautiful as freshly fallen snow, white as milk, she may appear as a child, or a young woman, or sometimes a crone..." Her voice pettered off. "She also has a habit of bestowing unwanted abilities." She muttered as an after thought, ignoring the quick mental lash of "ungrateful child!" Ringing in her ear. Even to this day the words of the high priestess stung her.
  19. The halfling wanted to question the priestess; apparently the human Moon Goddess was falling out of favor if the priestess was from one of the last temples, not like the halfling moon goddess, who was worshiped almost unilaterally, at least within her house. Then again, the halfling moon goddess was also an anthropomorphic fox, so it made sense for the House of the Fox to worship her. Abbey slowly drew the Sign of the Moon on the table, a clockwise spiral with a crescent below it, the same symbol tattooed on a small part of her shoulder that would never be exposed to any non-royal halfling. With any luck, it would make them stop their talking, though she doubted it would. It wouldn't be the first time that she'd prayed for something like that without receiving it, and she preferred it that way; any deity who'd give people anything they wanted would either want payment, corrupt the wish, or end up causing something really bad to happen by altering the world. Besides, she was no priestess, even within the church run by the royal families of her house.

    Another thing she was not: clairvoyant. Therefore, she was unable to expect the ceiling's collapse in the center of the room. Landing on several patrons, along with the wood from the floor above, was a giant creature not of Abbey's forest. She couldn't even identify what kind of animal it was related to, if any. It had six massive human-like arms, each ending in a clawed hand. From every joint protruded a jagged spike, and its entire body was covered in shiny black scales, save a few key points covered in dark orange fur. Its head was similar to that of three humans fused together and sharing at least one eye together, for a total of four eyes, three noses, and a massive jaw lined with rows upon rows of teeth. While the majority of said teeth were flat, four rows each on the top and bottom were pointed and nearly twice as long. A row of sharp crescent spikes lined its jaw, and it possessed four massive horns: two spiraled horns of a ram, two long crescent horns of a goat. Its eyes were obscured by brightly glowing orange smoke. And most horrible of all: it wore a saddle, on which the human prince sat, a whip in one hand, and what appeared to be a scimitar with a grip nearly as long as its blade, which was also extended.

    And before anyone could act, the prince yelled in an ancient elven tongue, and the beast roared back its response, in the same dead language. As it roared, a tail made of what appeared to only be bones and no connective tissue lashed out, sending many of those still around flying if it didn't outright split them in half. Seconds later, it charged toward a wall behind the tables, throwing tables across the room, and broke through the wall with its front arms. In the process, its tail nearly took out the table with at least three of our heroes. But it was gone before its tail could finish the job.
  20. The man left after Lethe apologized. "Rude..." she muttered, but let it slide. It was a tavern, after all, and a rather rowdy one. She shrugged and looked around, people-watching for the most part. She wondered if all humans were so... lively, for lack of a better word. They were messy and very open about everything, which was very different from Elven society. Not that elves didn't have taverns, but they were never as raucous as this at their busiest. That was helped by the fact that elves were very alcohol-tolerant; it took a lot to get the average elf drunk. She smiled slightly, absorbed in her own thoughts and memories. Her home city, so beautiful compared to this place. It didn't have anywhere near as many people. And, she admitted, Llos did have a bit of charm, even if it was a little rough. Like a shiny rock, she thought. A serving girl came to her and broke her reverie by asking if she'd like anything. She smiled up at the girl and ordered a mug, which she promptly scuttled off to fetch. She tracked the girl's progress, but was distracted when she passed by a table of unusual occupants, at least for a tavern. She watched them curiously; a halfling and two mage-looking humans. One of them had green hair, if she wasn't mistaken. The girl came back with her drink, setting it down with a flourish. She took a drink and stood up, ready to head over to the group; perhaps they knew anything about where she could get decently-priced supplies?

    As soon as she stood, the ceiling caved in under the weight of a monstrous beast. Lethe stared up at it in shock, trying to keep her footing against the tide of screaming people streaming out the door. The beast knocked tables and people over, and even tore some in half with its tail. Blood sprayed everywhere, dousing the patrons in crimson. She got a glimpse of a human on its back and then they spoke. With a shock, she realized it was the Lost Tongue, the language of ancient elves. Only a few words were preserved. How could this human and beast know it?! She couldn't worry about that now; she gathered her magic, balling a semi-strong blast of fire in between her hands. She needed to test the waters, see how tough this beast was. Before she could let it fly, someone knocked straight into her, breaking her concentration. The magic dissipated as she fell. Just as she was about to get up, the tail flew over her, cutting down another batch of people on its way out the door. She scrambled up and followed the thing out. People everywhere were screaming and running as it brought down destructive blows. She didn't know if she could defeat the creature, but she steeled herself and gathered her power again, muttering words to weave the magic. Once she held a good-sized fireball between her hands, she threw it at the creature, hoping to even catch its attention, even if she didn't hurt it.