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  1. The long-awaited in-character thread is up.

    I will start this by saying that there is no defined plot to this. There will be once it starts. I'll try to feed you some plot hooks!

    I'm debating having a character in this, as well. I probably will. I'm not saying my character will be useful at much, more like the slacker at mage school, assuming there was a mage school.

    Anyway, whoever joins plays one of four or five party members. While I recommend a balanced party, it doesn't have to be. A team of 5 mages could be amusing, especially if all 5 are lactomancers. So the story will be based on the characters, loosely, after the initial quest. Their pasts will fit in somehow (mine will have a minimal effect as well, but probably not a story all her own). I'll decide when it happens, but don't worry, I'll try to give people equal time. This will hopefully be a fairly long-lasting story, and while it will be based around the characters, if someone decides to leave (hopefully after telling us), we can still finish the story; no one is going to be entirely crucial to the continuation. I'll let other people join, but they'll be..."on call" until there's an open place for them (be it in the party or elsewhere).

    This won't have dice, but I kind of want skills rated anyway, simply for reference. They'll be on a scale of 1-10 when you get to them. You have 50 points to spend, though.

    The sheet:
    Name: Obviously, your character needs a name.
    Age/Sex: Try to keep it reasonable; no 5 year old tanks. Also note that as this is fantasy, female characters will be perceived as equals to males; I never said I was going for a "real medieval RP", after all.
    Motivation: What are the primary reasons for your character to go adventuring? This should include enough backstory to get any possible reasons explained. Were they already an adventurer, but recently left their party? Were they the worst druid ever and got fired, then burned down another tavern? Maybe they were an elven barbarian, one who adventures because it's fun and they have nothing else to do? Regardless of their reasons, they don't have to keep with the main party the whole time. Also try to include any other appropriate information about history here, such as why your character has a large sum of money.
    Class: Fighter, Wizard, Sorcerer, Bard, Ranger, Thief, Druid, Monk, Barbarian, Cleric, Paladin. You know, the standard classes.
    Race: Human, Elf, Halfling, Half Elf, Half Ogre. Note that there are no dwarves; in this case, they're the same as halflings: Short humans.
    Appearance: A picture is acceptable here if you don't feel like describing your character. In fact, it may be preferable, so people don't pick up on your bias toward your character. A little bit of text would be nice to accompany an image, though.

    Strength: How much they can handle. This should theoretically be highest for Fighters, Barbarians, and Paladins, but monks somehow manage to get this pretty high, as well.
    Dexterity: How good with their hands. Thieves and Bards make good use of this, as do Monks.
    Agility: How light on their feet. Thieves, Bards, Rangers, Monks, and Druids get the most use from this skill, but Fighters and Paladins don't waste it, either.
    Constitution: How well they can take a hit and not get dead. Rangers make extensive use of this, as do monks, but pretty much everyone would probably like this high...even though they're eating moldy bread.
    Knowledge: How smart they are. Most useful for Wizards, Bards, Monks, and Clerics. Don't expect to see too many Barbarians with this at a high level, though it isn't out of the question.
    Charisma: How easy they make friends. Sorcerers, Bards, and Clerics need this pretty high, usually, though it's obviously not required, by any means.
    Magic: Just because a character doesn't use magic doesn't mean it's not in them. It's entirely possible a thief could be loaded with it, while a Wizard could have next to nothing. This is referenced primarily in the casting and resisting of spells, so Sorcerers, Wizards, Bards, Druids, Clerics, and Paladins should probably have this somewhat high.

    Equipment: History Appropriate Clothing; Chain Mail for Fighters, Clerics, and Paladins; Leather Armor for Bards, Rangers, Thieves, and Druids; A holy item of some sort for Clerics and Paladins; A class-appropriate weapon (or inappropriate -shrug- Would change the feel a little); Anything else appropriate to your character's history. Please don't take too much with you.

    I intend to make this story a little on the darker side as it goes on, but I don't have to; if we're having a bit of lighthearted fun throughout the whole thing, I'll turn the story that way; pretty much the mood of the story determines the direction it goes.

    1. Renardo (Ren) Kafuda - jad1942
    2. Byar Blackthorn - ObsidianDragon
    3. Simon Vire - Faronel
    4. Willow (Will) Drake - ThornFlower
    5. Madaline Brii - Dovahkiin
    6. Asilethe (Lethe) - Space Forager Indy
    7. Arren Black-Fire - Radd
    8. Ethan - Polly the Parrot
    X. The Lady Abigail Blaidd Drwg of the House of the Fox (Abbey) - Me.
  2. Name: Renardo Kafuda (Ren)
    Age/Sex: 19
    After running away from home after Ren’s drunken father tried to kill him, Ren was captured by pirates. He was robbed and beaten within an inch of his life when suddenly everything disappered into total darkness.
    “You, Renardo Kafuda, have been chosen to receive my blessing,” the darkness then burst into silvery light. Ren couldn’t move or feel his body, his mind was overflowing with images. The face of a woman, beautiful as untrodden snow, hair like fine wood, Ren felt within himself her smile. He began to feel again, pain, every inch of his body was being forced into the deck of the ship. He began to scream in pain, surely his captors would come to silence him and release him to whatever lies beyond death. He longed for it to end. He lost consciousness from the pain.
    Ren felt like he was weightless, his body fluid and pliable. He awoke with a startle, he couldn’t breath! He began to swim towards the surface but could not make it. A figure jumped into the water and pulled him up. Ren coughed his lungs dry then looked to his savior.
    “Renardo, thank you.” The woman Ren had seen in his head was standing before him dripping wet from saving him.
    “What- How did you-?” Ren was incredulous at his current situation.
    “Shhh, rest now and grow strong, find me when you are able and I will explain everything.” Ren could feel his eyes drifting and his head swimming, he held onto consciousness just long enough to watch her slowly fade and vanish.
    “I...will...........find you.”

    Class: sorcerer
    Race: human

    Appearance: Renardo grew to be six feet tall, his once blonde hair had grown darker to a light brown color, his eyes an earthy color like fertile soil. His body was slender and dextrous, built by his swimming and magic exercises.

    Agility: 9
    Constitution: 7
    Knowledge: 6
    Charisma: 6
    Magic: 10
    (assuming you wanted this on a 10-point scale.)

    Equipment: small dagger, flint and steel, flask of water, small pouch of stones
  3. (Yes, I did I want it on a 10 point scale. I said that in there somewhere~)

    I don't see anything particularly wrong with that. ^~^

    I should probably set a point limit or something, though. You're fine, though, since I didn't. Adding up the points now. 51 points. Drop one point from somewhere, and I'll make it a limit of 50~!
  4. I would really appreciate it if more people came forward with characters, and anyone who has looked (particularly the people I invited in teh cbox before even posting it), you'd better have awesome characters~! -giggles-
  5. Oh I will! Might not get it until Monday, though. Tomorrow is a family day at Moody Gardens. :3
  6. So, I'm in? YAY! :D I'm such a noob for doing this but yay!!!!!!! Thanks.
  7. Yay! NEw Roleplay! *bows* please accept my character sheet.

    Name: Willow (Will) Drake
    Age/Sex: Female 18
    Motivation: Willow was sickly as a child, not a week went by that her parents did not think she would suddenly die. In a fit of desperation her mother, a proud, stubborn woman, brought her daughter to the temple of the Moon goddess and begged the high priestess to let her and her sick child in. The old woman, knowing the wild look of the mother too well took one look at the painfully thin, painfully sick child and turned to the mother. "Is this child worth it?" The mother held her wheezing daughter to her chest and nodded. The high priestess nodded opened the doors to the temple and she and two of her fellow priestesses led the fierce mother to the moon cooled pool residing in the center of the moonstone temple. The mother exchanged a glance with the old woman and with strong strides brought her daughter to the edge of the sacred pool, offering her daughter to be the Moon goddess's vassal and at the same time condemning herself to the executioners block, for any woman who touched the waters of the beloved and pure Moon goddess and was not a virgin shall be put to death. As her mother waded into the pools of healing water and submerged her Willow three times beneath the water the one of the priestess drew her sword and waited. As the mother went to pull her daughter once more beneath the water something spectacular happened. Willow's eyes, normally dark and clouded over with sickness opened wide beneath the water, white light shining through her and around her. The water frothed and bubbled, the young girl stone still as the temperature in the pool rose and frightened her mother screamed and retreated from the pool, as the priestesses fell to their knees praying. Willow's body breached the surface of the water and as if thick strong arms were lifting her she rose above the water. Willow's mouth opened and a strong clear voice emitted from the child: "This is the daughter of my daughter, with whom I am pleased, I shall raise this child as my own in return for my daughter's pure sacrifice. A child saved by a mother's loved, she shall be blessed." The high priestess stood and walked to the edge of the pool and held out her arms for the child as the water carefully placed her in her outstretched hands. Willow's mother who sat on the ground crying in relief at the look of health that now surrounded her daughter and tilted back her head baring her throat. The younger priestess looked at the high priestess who nodded before taking the sleeping child with her, and tried not to flinch when she heard the girl's mother's body hit the floor. Ever since that day Willow became the ward of the temple, an unruly child who caused no end of mischief with the fantastical powers that had been granted to her and spent her days harassing everyone she met. Wither it was setting things on fire with her elemental abilities, or painting the white walls with dark splatters of mud. Though everyone wished to keep it a secret she knew how she had become a ward here, and knew the man who came every weekend to pound his hands on the door and beg for his daughter, was her father. On those days she was especially naughty. As the years went by her father came less and less, and his pleads were quieter and quieter. By the time she was seven he had stopped completely and the pain in her chest was made permanent. Raised as a cleric by the high priestess Willow yearned to do more with the powers she had and leave the temple. She wanted to continue to hone her abilities and find the man whom once called her daughter. With money stolen from the temple's vaults and her pack upon her back the young woman for the first time since she was four left the only place she had known, and began her journey.

    Class: Cleric, striving to be more.

    Race: Human

    Appearance: [​IMG] She's about 5'4, not terribly tall, and while her hair is naturally brown she enjoys changing the shades with different dyes made from roots.

    Strength: 6

    Dexterity: 7

    Agility: 5

    Constitution: 5

    Knowledge: 9

    Charisma: 8

    Magic: 10

    Equipment: light white chain-mail, a long white staff that increases both her rang and her magical ability. She also has a long thin sword strapped to her side and a length of white rope in her pack.

  8. You have another point to spend, TF~
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  10. Another attribute point, sorry. ^//^ I wasn't very specific. Was focused elsewhere. Not all here today. Stood with someone as they had a heart attack earlier and haven't been all here since, due to certain...memories.
  11. Give me some time I will have a character for this my fine furry friend
  12. Ok will fix, I'm so sorry. *huggles* hang in there I'm sorry you had to witness that, that's nothing that anybody should have to go though :(
  13. I've gone through much worse. Just the coincidences today that bother me really.

    And more characters, yay~!

    Edit: Realized I don't have anything for perception. We'll just say it's under knowledge. No point in making anyone reallocate points (would still be 50 points, just over 8 things instead of 7). Number of points is generous. 10 more than Fallout gives~! Then again, the points don't matter.
  14. Just stopping by to say I'm interested and would like to reserve a spot if possible. If there's still room, I should have a character sheet within the next 24 hours.
  15. Oh, there's always room. Take too long to make a character, they go in the reserve list. Might make an "antagonist" list, too, if anyone's interested. It'll be later on in the story, though.

    (Also, I've been slowly working on a character pretty much since I posted this. Would be pretty pathetic if I ended up in the reserved list, being the one who made this. Then again, it hasn't been my highest priority lately. Gotta give other people the chance to play, after all).
  16. Name: Ethan
    Age/Sex: 17/Male
    Motivation: Having just completed his tutelage under the watchful eye of his magical tutor and master, Ethan is ready to see the world, and find a way to put his magical talents to proper use.
    Class: Wizard
    Race: Human
    Appearance: At the height of 5ft 6in Ethan is a little shorter then most youths his age. However what he lacks in size he make up for in physical beauty. He is a remarkable specimen of his genetic line, whatever that may be. In body build his muscular structure is superb. He spent much time during studying the ancient texts and runes toning his body to be as perfect as he could possible make it look. Long dark hair and hazel eyes the boy was quite adept at winning the hearts of the ladies, thought for the last few years, he has had no practice in the social realm, being locked into his master's home. His skin is white, seeming to glow upon contact with the sun, hence the very real need for his long grey robes which cover nearly all of his body.

    Strength: 7
    Dexterity: 6
    Agility: 5
    Constitution: 4
    Knowledge: 9
    Charisma: 9
    Magic: 10


    - Grey, flowing robes
    - A staff a few inches taller then he is, carved with runes and such
    - Emerald pendant which he wears around his neck
    - A tome which he magically keeps hidden within his spacious robes
  17. You, too, have an extra point for the attributes. But otherwise, it's good. ^~^
  18. Fixed for you my dear. Also I hope your feeling a little better and things are going well!
  19. A little bit. I've blocked a lot out of my mind. Just think of me like The Doctor: I can witness the expiration of an entire race and feel so bad about it, but then be perky and happy in the TARDIS. -shrug-
  20. Well, as I said. I hope things do indeed keep improving for you~

    I quite looking forward to rping with you actually.