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    What is the most spontaneous thing you've you ever done?
  2. Spontaneous: coming or resulting from a natural impulse or tendency; without effort or premeditation; natural and unconstrained; unplanned

    Well... Based off of this definition, most spontaneous thing I had ever done was get on stage and act. It was a comedy sketch between me and my other classmate Michael. At the time I had some major issues with being around people and speaking in front them was nearly impossible. For some reason I decided to take Theatre as one of my electives for high school. The sketch we performed made us proud because we were able to get some laughs from people. I ended up writing a Halloween show over the summer, co-directing it, and then acting in it.

    Long winded answer, I know. XD

  3. -thinks back to Bangkok-
    No comment....
  4. Only thing I can think of is a morning I was at Tacoma Mall. The food court had just opened and it was during a weekday that no one really shopped, plus it was 11 so it was pretty empty. I saw a dude just standing there, bored out of his mind at one of said restaurants. So, I impulsively walked up to the counter and went


    He slowly nodded his head and smiled at me. xD And then I asked if I could hug him. So he walked around to give me a bear hug, then went back to work.

    Nothing too great, I know. But for me, it's amazing and out of character because I've always been anti-social, introverted and shy. That one moment with that guy, just... I was totally different. >>; And I totally made his day!
  5. For me, it probably had to be bursting out into "A Whole New World" when I was walking home with a lot of my convention friends. No one had been talking to me at all, and BOOM. "I CAN SHOW YOU THE WOOOOORLD~~~"

    ......pretty strange for me, seeing as I never... EVER. sing in public. o//___//o~
  6. I moved to Arkansas with Gibs! It was one of those last minute "fuck it, let's do this." and then life was awesome. :D
  7. I went to Florida for a week with no real notice to anyone.

    ...To work. Yeah, I subcontracted with another company to do a computer setup at a convention near Miami.
  8. what do I do that isn't spontaniously?

    I don't know what my most spontaious thing is but one thing I have done is starting to sing lucia songs with my class on a buss on our way to a concert.
    Another is dancing on the street and singing and screaming weird things with two of my friends on our way home when we had been out ice skating.
  9. Half the shit I buy is spontaneous.