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  1. What do you splurge on?
    From shampoo that costs more per bottle than your phone bill to the finest cold pressed almond oil, most everyone has a reason for why they're willing to spend top dollar on this splurge...
    So what's yours?
  2. Nothing! I'm a cheap person. I guess technically I'm splurging on my new laptop: but only because I absolutely have to. I need a pretty high tech one for what I'm doing in college. But otherwise, I pretty much go as cheap as I can go without forfeiting functionality.
  3. Fix'd.

    In all seriousness? I grew up poor. So the closest to "willing to spend top dollar" I get is when I'm buying certain kinds of groceries. Not steaks and stuff like that, haha, fuck that, that's expensive. Think more like canned goods. I'm not buying value brand canned tuna or canned chicken. I have no idea what they do to knock 30-40 cents off the price and I'm not in the mood to play Russian Roulette with my stomach to find out, thanks. (Albeit, store brand spam isn't bad if you cook it into a meal and throw some sauce on it so it becomes edible.)

    I guess certain games I'll buy on release if they aren't too horrible in price. Usually I just throw games I have interest in on a wishlist, then wait until a massive sale, and then browse the wishlist and see what I can nab at a steal of a price.

    I guess splurges are for people who have never starved. :ferret:
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  4. Computer parts and peripherals.

    The hobby's a money sink.
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  5. Hah, well. I can say that when it comes to my own things, I can hardly be bothered to buy some at all, let alone a fancy brand (store brand groceries hoy!).

    However, my little bit of splurge applies to... the cat. I lecture her often about not pulling her weight, costing money without reward, etc. but I want her to be healthy and all that, so I buy her the nicest cat food that I can afford. Does it mean her food costs twice as much as the "drugstore" brands and has to be ordered online? Yes, it does. It's a bother. But she loves it and I like feeling like I'm giving her the healthiest I can.
  6. Coffee creamer. I know that sounds lame, but I use a lot of it, and I can't survive in the mornings without my coffee. I usually pay $20-30 a week on it, depending on sales, and availability of the kind that I like. It might be less than that, but I usually end up buying a container every 2-3 days. =/
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  7. I am the opposite of Brovo in the grew up poor front when it comes to food. 8D I had nothing growing up, now I get what I want how I want it and I enjoy the ever loving fuck out of it. >:[ My big "splurge" thing is always food. D: I will buy what tastes the best regardless of price. (Unless I'm budgeting for something, then it's the cheapest of the fucking cheap!) We go out for nice dinners and enjoy the best that food can offer!

    And I guess maybe DVDs. O__O Those prolly count as a splurge item cause it's not a necessity and I just like grabbing them.

    Everything else I purchase I am very selective about. D: I look at reviews, I carefully check prices and all that jazz. I save up money ahead of time and plan my purchases according to needs and budget.
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  8. I splurge on games. That's about it. Oh it's ONLY 30% and not 50%? Done.

    Same goes for free to play games. Sure I could spend two weeks grinding currency for that item on a single character.

    Or drop ten bucks, get the item across my account, and get some pixel cosmetics. Yay disposable income.

    Otherwise I'm pretty stiff on my money unless it's something that may possibly make my wife happy.
  9. I BUY EVERYTHING ON SALES AND SECOND HAND! It saves soooo much money! :D

    I do spoil myself with candy though :p But even there I try to get it when there's a sale on it in the stores. I did buy a book for 26 dollars a while ago, which is the most expensive book I have ever bough o_o Usually I buy them for between 1 and 5 dollars at second hand stores or the annual Swedish book sale. But I reeeaaally wanted that book and I knew it wouldn't appear on the sales >_>

    So I don't have anything specific I splurge on... Weird word... First time hearing it o-o It's mainly random items that I really feel like I want/need (must need it at least a little bit, only want isn't enough and it can't be something that is super expensive and has cheaper and good alternatives that are basically the same thing), but I always try to find another cheaper option or weight my chances of the item coming up on a future sale before I buy it. Usually there are cheaper alternatives that works just as well. Like, I bought my previous computer at an online second hand store for electronic stuff. It's a really good Swedish site where they buy in old stuff, fix them up and then re-sale it. The computer I bought from them costed me 1500 kronor (150 dollars) and lasted five years. My current one which I bought from the same place works just as fine. :3 ALWAYS BUY CHEAP STUFF! (At least if you can trust the company that's selling it.) ALWAYS WAIT A COUPLE OF YEARS BEFORE BUYING A GAME, BOOK OR A MOVIE SO THEY BECOME SUPER CHEAP IN COMPARISON TO THEIR RELEASE PRIZE! I'm a cheap bastard o_o
  10. Gun parts and accessories aren't cheap.

    Also, I told myself I'd never cheap myself out of groceries.
  11. food

    all the shit I buy is cheap shit, but it's frequency that kills me and makes me count this as a splurge

    I buy snacks, drinks, small lunches...

    I love food, it's hard to resist when I'm hungry and there's a snack for just a couple bucks!
  12. ^ Same here. I'm also on Disability Support so I don't get a lot now either. I'm usually very reluctant to part with my money (like to the point where my friends have to assure me that it's not frivolous spending if I need it). I'll occasionally splurge on groceries, but my biggest splurge is books. If I want something that is more then 20 bucks and it's not a necessity I'm hesitant, more then $50 and I save up for that stuff or ask my mother for it for my birthday or Christmas.
  13. Here is a pretty good list, from one to Five:

    1. Board Games
    2. Miniatures for RPGs and Tabletop War gaming
    3. Food
    4. LARP Equipment
    5. Video Games
  14. Groceries pro-tip: I worked part time at a save on foods for two months as a teenager. Most grocery stores cycle sales on items based on expiry dates and when they're received. Due to the sheer volume of items, every week (especially on thursdays, fridays, and saturdays) they'll have sales on a motley assortment of food. You can have something new to eat that's decently priced every week by simply wandering the store and window shopping. This can save you hundreds a year if you know what you're doing, plus you can occasionally get some really expensive goods at a steal of a price. If you can, find a way (typically online websites) to get catalogs in the mail. Yes, they're spam, but they're spam that comes with coupons for ice cream and tells you about impending sale cycles so you know when and where to shop to get really good food at good prices.

    Also, as a general rule of thumb when you aren't doing sales shopping, Walmart has the cheapest overall prices, Costco is best for meat products like beef and chicken (do a "meat run" once a month and you can stock your fridge with three months worth of meat for under 100 bucks), Safeway & Save-On-Foods have 10% off all groceries (including sales prices) if you spend more than 50 dollars on the first tuesday of every month, et cetera.

    As for books, check small-time book stores (IE: Not Indigo). They usually have competitive pricing and may sell second hand copies for far cheaper than you can normally get. If you like, you can also save your pennies and do a "splurge" on amazon searching through the second hand section to nab large quantities of books from a single seller to lower your S&H costs. Of course, if you have no money at all, there's also other ways I shouldn't say here...

    Oh, and get a membership with your local public library. They'll have hundreds (if not thousands) of books you can borrow and read at a price so cheap, even the most impoverished family can afford it. :ferret:
  15. Nothing... I don't splurge for anything... *hiding vinyl records under the bed* I never overspend on anything... *hides more records* I am smart with my money...!!

    In all seriousness, though, while I certainly spend more on records than any other hobby I have, it's not as bad as it could be. I buy most of my records second-hand from a tiny little mom-and-pop shop, which, on the one hand, means they don't have a very large selection, but, on the plus side, the prices are considerably lower than they are in a "real" record store. The few times I've gone into a higher-end store... I felt like I didn't even deserve to be in the same room as some of their fancier stuff. o_o That being said, I've learned to avoid the really cheaply-priced ones because they're always in worse shape than the copies of the same album that cost a few dollars more, so... yeah... ;w;

    I'm just afraid of when I'll inevitably need to repair/replace my turntable. ;w;

    OH, and I definitely didn't recently spend $40 on a DVD set just so I could own all 26 episodes of Trigun... nooope...!! *tosses that under the bed, as well*
  16. I don't think I've ever splurged on anything v.v Any time I'm tempted, a whole bunch of other 'necessary to spend money on things' come to mind.
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  17. Thanks for the tips :)

    Yeah, I took a foods and nutrition class back in high school and we spent a few lessons on grocery stores and how they're laid out to make you actually spend more money by having the basics at the back and how to avoid that and which days had what on sale/reduced prices. My roommate and I are also big on coupons.

    For almost everything else, I use amazon. It's kind of amazing how many things you can get for cheap on there when getting the same thing at retail price would be ridiculously expensive (for example, one of my friends got a book for 15 cents used from amazon and when they looked it up online, they found it usually ran for a thousand bucks). And since it's difficult for me to leave the house to go shopping, online makes things a lot less stressful
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  18. Books. I can never have enough books.

    And art..*thinks of the hundreds of dollars I have spent on art and then looks at my avatar* It was worth it. So much money spent on that one artist. So many beautiful pieces of art.
  19. Nail polish.

    I have tasted the glory of high end nail polishes, and now I can never return to Essie.

    Otherwise I am pretty cheap. I do a major shopping trip on the first Tuesday of the month for 15% off groceries, and otherwise only buy stuff (that isn't a necessity) that's on sale. Even on the 15% off days I try to stick with stuff that's on sale... I rarely go clothes shopping, and when I do, it's after quite a few months of saving up some extra dosh specifically for clothes.

    However, I admit that I actually have been kind of irresponsible with my money this past month. Lots of stuff going on and, for some reason, my first idea was to buy a bunch of shit uncontrolled instead of my usual coping mechanisms. Can't say this has ever happened before. Trying to pick up a lot of extra shifts to make up for that. On the plus side, now I have a lot of unnecessary, but very loved Pokemon plushies, a new purse, and nail polish.
  20. I splurged on my laptop. I still feel guilty about spending that much money on myself.
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