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    1. Please, do not power play or god play. You may be playing as a character that might be powerful, but that doesn't mean that he isn't allowed to get hurt once in awhile.
    2. You may have characters from a different kingdom, but I will need to accept it before we get to the actual role play. Just to make sure your character can fit into the plot.
    3. In the plot, I do only mention humans and demons, but there are other races. You may be an elf, dwarf, fairy, and etc. Like I mentioned in the above rule, I need to see if the character fits.
    4. You may be more than one character, the max is four unless stated otherwise.
    5. I would love it if you can play one of the roles in my list, but it isn't required.
    6. If you need help creating a character, feel free to ask me!
    7. There may be romance, but keep it PG-13.

    Luria, the richest mortal kingdom of Erandul.

    The land was at it's peaceful rest because of a treaty that they held with the demons of Asgaroth, the neighboring kingdom to the east that was a barren wasteland. They both agreed that they have lost many kin in their war twenty years ago, and so, they agreed never to set on foot on each other's land. Death, or imprisonment, would come to those who disobeyed the laws if they crossed the border without trading permission.

    The King and Queen of Luria are slowly getting older, and their daughter is the right age to marry. Suitors come from near and far just to ask for her hand in marriage, but every suitor has been shot down by the young woman. Her parents promised that she would not ever be forced to marry, but time was not on their side. They were getting older, and their time was soon going to pass. Before that even happened, they wanted to see their daughter marry.

    As the tenth suitor came and went, they started to become fed up with the princess. An arranged marriage was in order to a man that she had declined prior. With much protest, she was still going to be forced to marry the man that she did not want.

    She runs away a few days before the wedding.

    To the land of Asgaroth.


    Asgaroth is a barren wasteland.

    The demons never cared for friend or foe. They would kill on sight, especially the ones who watched the borders of the land.

    Kaine was one of those watchers, overseeing everything that went in and out of the kingdom. He killed many from mortals to his own kin. His fellow watchers would wait for his orders, as he was the captain of them, as well as their prince.

    The treaty was making the demons bored.

    They wanted to cross the border, but their prince would always stop them with a glare before he would slash his sword out to kill them. As long as the treaty still existed, he was not going to risk another war unless there had to be a reason to.

    Until he sees the princess.

    Kingdom of Luria
    Princess Sonnomaya [played by Lady Sabine]
    King Asmodeus I of House Nazar [played by Lady Sabine]

    Luria Border Watchers
    Captain - Elysium Silver [played by Rosie]

    1st Lieutenant - Aristeides [played by Pandora Sinclair]

    Kingdom of Asgaroth
    Prince Kaine [played by princessyuna]

    King Caim [played by princessyuna]
    Queen Elspa [played by Pandora Sinclair]
    Asgaroth Border Watchers
    1st Lieutenant - Akuma [played by Akuma]



    Aaron Von Beluché [played by

    Lakar the Lunar Shapeshifter [played by Tensu]

    Sylvienne Starym of the Fairies [played by Silvir]

    Character Skeleton
    Rank: (if playing as a watcher)
    Family: (if in any royal family)
    History: (optional)

    My characters after this post.
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  1. [​IMG]
    Name: Kaine
    Age: 630
    Gender: Male
    Race: Demon
    Rank: Captain
    Father - King Caim
    Mother - Queen ____
    History: He became a captain of the border watch after the war that took place between the mortals and the demons. It gave him something to do rather than being punished with sitting on a throne for hours on end with nothing to do. His father never liked him from the day he was born, always having matches against him to see who he was stronger. Kaine wasn't, and will never be, fit to rule. His father would never pass down the crown to him willingly, and Kaine was glad that he never wanted the crown in the first place.

    Personality: A very hard headed demon who does anything that he wants when he wants to do it. No one tells him what to do, unless it is his mother who is telling him to do it. He has small compassion, but to an extent. As a captain, he is mean and shows no mercy to the enemies that he faces. His kin can die for all he cared, and outsiders can suffer through torment. The only ounce of his compassion went towards his mother, the one that actually loved him. Even as a demon, he still valued her for giving him life.

    Name: Caim
    Age: 989
    Gender: Male
    Race: Demon
    Rank: None
    Wife - Queen ____
    Son - Kaine
    History: He was passed down the crown when his father was murdered in his sleep by the hands of an assassin. Caim never knew his mother, since she had died after she gave birth to him. He never asked how, or why, and he never cared. He was never fit to be a ruler because the greed and power went to his head, which made him start unnecessary wars between lands. With the neighboring kingdom of Luria, he had always picked battles with them and started the most recent war. His wife was not fond of it, threatening to take the throne and give it to their son if he didn't stop, so thus the treaty was made. He never wanted his son to take over the throne as long as he lived.

    His hate for his son grew, watching as he grew older and ruthless. Kaine was getting better than him, and therefore, he hated being the weaker one against his son as he aged. It always was a laughing matter when they did their cage matches, his son never seemed to win against him.

    Personality: He was always so cold to everyone, even his own family. He only cared for himself because of his pride. His only love he had was for his wife, and he loved her with all of his heart. Other than that, he was still the demon that everyone hated. He was ruthless, worst than Kaine was. The only thing nice about him was if he would let you live after a trial, but you will still be destined to die in a cell, or killed by his own hand.​
  2. Can I reserve a Miscellaneous character slot for a few hours? I'm watching a movie then I'll be back on to make a CS :3
  3. Go for it!
  4. Would you let play a shifter type character?
  5. Yes! :)
  6. So would that go under Misc?
  7. Yes.
  8. [​IMG]
    Name: Akuma Delvanar
    Age: 450
    Gender: Male
    Race: Demon
    Rank: 1st Lieutenant
    Family: No family mentioned (but if someone wishes to be related i have no problem)
    History: His history is a mystery as he appeared one day 200 years ago, and has yet to speak of his past to his friends and fellow demons
    Personality: Quick witted, Loyal, Brave, Funny, Trickster

    (Do you think Akuma and Kaine be like, close as in work wise or friend wise just seems to help me out in a roleplay having a rp friend lol if not its fine )​
  9. Perfect. Yeah, Kaine and Akuma can be close. :)
  10. Character Skeleton

    Name: Lakar



    Appearance: Human[​IMG]
    Totem Animal:
    Race: Lunar
    History: I was captured by colonist and placed into slavery, during that time I caught the eye of Luna. She came to me in the night of a full moon and blessed me with her powers. By giving me this blessing, I went into a rage killing my master in the process. With no where to go I set out on my own, learning the new found powers I had attained. On a starry night I was greeted by fellow Lunars, they would guide me in our laws and rules. This group of Lunars was know as the Silver Pack, they had Luna's blessings as well but different as night and day. During my training with them, my caste was locked into being a Full Moon Lunar. Which is basically a warrior for Luna and her purpose. I have been trained in hand to hand and ever melee weapon now to man and beast. I have the ability to change into three forms at will, Human Form: Beastman and my totem animal the black panther, this are know to my pack as True Forms. My other abilities consist of great strength, hyper movement, slow regeneration( depends on how bad I am hurt, could take hours to a couple of months), Zoolingualism (the ability to speak to animals) and light sleeper.

    I have walked this path for a long time and now it has lead me here.....

    Personality: Abrasive but has a good heart.
  11. Accepted.

    I am just awaiting a princess character.
    I will create an actual board when we have the needed characters.
  12. Name: Sonnomaya "Sundrop" of house Nazar
    Age: Six and Twenty
    Gender: female
    Appearance: Bright golden-orange hair falls in loose curls halfway down her back, though she usually binds them into a loose braid. Her skin is of average complexion but covered in freckles, and some scars and marks from years of riding, training, and fighting. She has sea-green eyes and a snaggle-toothed smile that she shows quite often. Her height is average and she is slightly thick of build, but it is more muscle than fat. While she isn't graceful she does move very deliberately and intently, with her shoulders back and her chin raised proudly. While she catches the eye, it isn't so much for her beauty but for her personality showing through.
    Race: Human
    Title: Princess of Luria, Maester of the Grand Academy, Degreed Justiciar, and Lieutenant Colonel of the Light Cavalry (honorary)
    Family: King Asmodeus I & Queen ____
    History: An only child, her parents knew from birth that she would not be just another pretty face bearing her king's heirs. She would be a queen well involved in the kingdom, a hard worker and loyal servant of the land. As such, her requests were never denied. She attended the Academy from the age of sixteen until twenty-two, and gained her Maestership by being proficient in every major area of study. When she wanted to learn the laws of the land, she attended the Justiciary from eighteen until wenty-five, and walked away a full lawyer licensed to practice anywhere in the kingdom, a Justiciar. She trained with the light cavalry on and off from the age of thirteen onwards, and just six months ago they gave her the honorary commission of Lieutenant Colonel after she completed their Officers' Academy. She has also spent time with other learned people from physicians to physicists, learning all she can to be a better informed, better prepared queen. It came as quite a shock to her that, after all her parents have said and done, that they will still not allow her to rule alone. She is certainly better qualified to rule than any man who has so far approached her, and is more than a little pissed off about the entire situation. As she sees it, if she is not good enough for them, she is more than willing to find a place that will accept her as a leader, not just a womb ready to bear more heirs.
    Personality: Fiercely loyal and unfailingly hardworking, Sonnomaya is as stubborn as a rock and ornery as a mule. Once she sets her mind to something, one would have better chances of stopping a raging bull than the princes. While she is kind and generous, her temper is well known and she has been in trouble numerous times for striking people in anger- not to mention her notoriously acidic tongue lashings. She is very intelligent, fairly pretty, and has almost never heard the word "no". Arrogant, perhaps, but hardly surprising.

    Hope this is alright. ^^ I'd love to double as whatever else we need most.
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  13. Awesome. ^^ Can't wait for this to begin.
  14. [​IMG]

    Elysium Silver

    Age: 26

    Gender: Female

    Race: Human

    Rank: Captain

    Family: Her mother and father raised her in a happy home, until the day her older brother died. Raziel, her brother, had been slaughtered by a group of the Wasteland's watchers and since then she swore to Luria and everyone in it. Her family is important to her but not as much as her duty.

    History: Living in Luria, Elysium trained hard in the most rigorous training programs and came out on top as the best in her class. She completed a task to avenge her brother by joining the elite force of royal guardians. After an accident and a lot of finger pointing, Elysium found herself thrown to the bottom of the chain as a Border Watcher. The disgrace of being demoted turned her revenge into nothing more than a numb thought. A dream. Since then she has risen in the ranks once more and has become a once again respected Captain.

    Personality: Elysium has always been intelligent and hardworking, this constant need to learn and do a perfect job has made her quite stoic. She has never really searched for the attention of another, or anything really. She craves the fight, and she is trained extensively so. Protective and ruthless, she will do anything to protect the kingdom of Luria and is ruthless in completing the job. She is disgusted by demons and truly quite vengeful.
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  15. Accepted.

    I will be creating a thread for this tonight.

    I am still waiting on a king for Luria, then we can start on this.
    Last resort, I can double as him, but at the same time I don't want to. Hahaha.
  16. I could double as him, if needed.
  17. If you want to, you are more than welcome to.
  18. If it means getting started tonight, I'd be glad to. ^^ I'll have it up in a couple of minutes.
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