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  1. Idea/Exposition

    While the Institute of War has brought about a sense of order, not all of Valoran's denizens are content to have their wars won on the Fields of Justice, and some seek to remove the Institute and restore Valoran to its former state, bestowing ultimate power to the magic-wielders once again. The Order of the Black Rose has been biding their time - and now, they are ready to make the first move in a dangerous game that could spell disaster for all of Runeterra...

    Player Interest Check

    If you would be interested in participating, please post below so we can start getting a feel for numbers and plan accordingly when we make the OOC. Yes, there will be more plot to come -- but this is our starting point and we'd like to know we'll have players before we continue. Questions or comments? We want to hear them!

    (No, this will not be a create-your-own Champ, sorry.)

    Player requirements:
    • Some knowledge of lore (or willing to learn about lore)
    • Canon characters
    • Intermediate-Adept writing (proficient grammar)
    • Regular posting

    Co-GM Interest Check POSITION FILLED!

    @B l u E s and I are seeking a third Co-GM to help us with the development of this RP.

    We are looking for someone who:
    • Knows (or is willing to learn) about the lore
    • Will work with canon characters
    • Is a proficient writer (adept level or higher)
    • Can contribute ideas and help drive plot
    • Will be able to write for an NPC if necessary
    • Has a sense of humor
    • Is available fairly regularly

    Interested? Send me a PM!
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  2. Co-GM position has been filled. :3
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  3. Here to confirm my attendance! No queue dodging for me.

    Also don't know if we can, but I already would like to reserve the following characters:


    If we're only suppose to use one I'd go with Zac, but I'd like to use both him and Blitz if possible. Two of my favorite and most used Champs.
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  4. haha I love the enthusiasm :)
    Unfortunately, we won't do any reservation yet! I'll make sure to notify you the moment we do tho and I'll keep you in mind love!
  5. Nice to see some love for Zac, though.
  6. Would Ao Shin be considered canon?

    If not, may I reserve Diana? c:
    And Rengar.
  7. Mean-looking but kind-hearted Zac!

    I had difficulty using him at first, since I was more used to being Blitz. He's also the first character I ever used that used health for their skills, so as you can imagine in the beginning I had difficulty keeping him alive in my lane. After a while though I sort of built him into this sort of Support/Fighter if I have a lane partner, or a tanky assassin if I have to jungle. I also like his strange fanon about his relationship with Riven. I think it's cute.
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  8. I remember buying Zac because me and my friends were planning to do the Revive Team + Zac Teleport strat :')
  9. No Ao Shin, sorry. Also, we're not taking "reservations" per se, once the OOC is up and more plot is available, you may change your mind. :)
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  10. I am hesitant to consider agreeing to join due to my rule of thumb of not playing canon characters. People are oft prone to breaking character or behave in accordance to the contrary of that character's personality. For instance, if I want to play Brand, expect me to burn every single one of you to a crisp or die trying. If you're Zac, remember that he is actually a really good guy despite how scary he is. Nautilus, a life-long pursuit of seeking revenge. Warwick was a bounty hunter seeking more power and ended up suffering from eternal hunger. Cho'Gath or Karthus? Jinx? Fiddlesticks?

    So not only are people going to have to rigidly hold true to the characters, but at some point, there's gonna have to be a cut-off on what characters are even allowed, because quite a handful of them don't even play well with the others and would rather destroy everything or everyone around them. A couple of them aren't even considered an intelligent life-form on a sapient level (looking at you, Gnar).
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  11. Definitely right! But that's why we require players to know(or at least willing to learn) about the Lore!

    But it will stay Canon Characters. That's for sure :)
    The three GMs are discussing about exactly this subject and looking at the reasons why this person will join and why that one won't etc.
  12. Great statement by the way :)
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  13. Alright, then in that case I suppose I'll consider this. Just gotta look through a whole ROSTER to see what would be appropriate.
    Can you believe this person? Auto-locking on my favorite characters, I cannot even! Well, uh, Zac and Nautilus at least. You can have Blitz and Mordy. Alternatively, I could shoot for Maokai or Rengar, maybe Shaco if I tread very carefully and play it smart. But what a damn shame that Fiddlesticks probably wouldn't work well in a team. :(

    EDIT: Oh my goodness, I forgot about Twitch. I love that adorable little plague rat.
  14. Haha there is no reservation yet!!!
    First person who post the CS will get it once the CS thread is up!
  15. I chose Zac cause he's such a sweet guy. Blitz is pretty cool too. Nautilus can be rather scary and is hellbent on revenge, but he also needs to finds answers. I'm sure that, if he could find a clue from whoever is causing trouble now, he'd look into it. Morde might be a bit tougher, but than again he is drawn towards the decay and squalor of others. Depending on where the Black Rose hits first, Morde might just be around to involve himself. Probably on tour with Pentakill.
  16. Hahaha there is many ways to involve a character. And people change.
    Kayle and Morgana. Perhaps it is not wise to have both interact or join the order right away, but you could have a side story where you develop with the storyline!

    Like me, I want to RP Tryndamere. And my friends brought up " Why would Freljord even get involve?"
    Well, I'm going to rp with anyone who wants Ashe or Sejuani and the story will evolve and at some point I'll be able to jump in the opportunity!

    So there is many ways to involve characters!
    The order is just a group of people! But it's not the whole RP!
    Something will be happening in voodoo village with Annie. jinx is probably still causing problems in Pitlover and Ezreal exploring!

    You don't have to limit yourself. It's a whole universe ready to be explored :)
  17. What she said - only the first person to have their posted CS accepted will get it. If someone makes a CS that is a disaster and looks as though they aren't going to play them in accordance to their personality, then we will seek a different candidate.

    Again, we ask that people wait until the OOC is up with more of a plot, as you may find yourself changing your mind about who you'd like to play. :)

    There will be a list of characters we'd like to see involved and some that are "banned" as well. Of course, if someone wants to make a case for one of the banned champions, we'll hear it.

    Hang in there -- we are working on the OOC. We just want everything finalized before we post it.
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  18. Boy I'd sure like to join, but I only will if you guys have something fairly thorough and we got a bit of interest :3

    Probably going to attack a CS for a void character or someone from Shurima, or maybe both (Hi Rek)
  19. Glad to see some more interest. :3

    However, we ask that you not start on a CS until the OOC is up with necessary information.
  20. Of course of course.

    I wouldn't dream of it.

    Regardless, expect me to take an extremely intelligent or leaderly champion... unless I for some reason feel the need to snatch teemo from everyone's grubby little hands. MAYBE I WANNA BE SATAN
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