Spiritual Guidance

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  1. View attachment 8269 There are many who believe there are different forces at work around them. Others are skeptical when it comes to the matters of the spirit... the skeptics are the mission.

    Piper walked into a planned out life in New York City. She had never taken the form of a mortal before and seeing herself in a mirror became top priority. Hesitantly, she stepped across the floor, not quite sure how everything worked. Where is a mirror? It took her a moment to find the room she was taught was the bathroom. Over a nice black marble sink was a mirror and being reflected back was an image of a woman, about 23, with thick black hair and smokey blue eyes.

    "Woah," she breathed out, tracing her fingers over supple red lips and smooth cheeks. A smile pulled at the corner of her lips exposing white teeth. Piper looked down over her body, finding it adorned in a tank top and sweatpants, which was different then her normal flowing beige garb.

    In heaven, things were different. People were aware they had bodies, but they didn't really care what they had on. They never paid much attention to their hair, or something called make up. There were rooms in heaven like bathrooms, bedrooms, living rooms. Couches and other items were present, but the difference was.. people didn't care about the names of things; they just had an inborn knowledge of what things were.

    Before Piper was sent down to Earth, she was given back the want to care about things; the want to know things. It was almost what people on Earth called school. Piper had to know the names of things and how things worked. She also needed to be given a crash course at being a preschool teacher since that was her occupation on Earth, and if people asked how she could have such an immaculate apartment on preschool teacher's salary, she had to say she had a rich uncle.

    She quickly went through some facts she needed to know, such as where to go, and who to talk to. With a nod she pushed away from the counter and began to dress in just a pair of jeans and plain white shirt. It was only Saturday, so she could just relax and find her way around. Maybe, she would go to lunch... eating something would be really nice.
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    Disdain, aggravation, and the inherent loathinghe felt were only a few of the things he felt for this place. Personally he had never enjoyed the human's food. It smelled vile, and looked revolting. Adriel took hold of a tray filled with various burgers and things, taking it out to the loud dining room. Some waiters and waitresses had already begun to sing annoying show tunes for the amusement of the diners. With a smile, so forced it hurt his cheeks, he delivered the tray to a group of giggling girls. 'Thank you's were chorused
    and Adriel dipped his sandy blond head at them. Quickly he made his way out the back of the kitchen, weaving through various obstacles and people. Leaning against the brick wall he inhaled the city air. In this form he could feel, he could smell, he could just be. Adriel had become so accustomed to not having a physical body, nut being a form of energy instead. He had been part of a mortal form, but not his own. The change was great, even though he was now stuck with this hell-hole as a job. Oh how different, a demon going form one hell to another, sarcasm intended. In a smooth rhythm Adriel tapped the building behind him.

    His mission was to bring these souls down with him. No matter what he had to bring many of the mortals with him. Everything he needed to memorize was liek second nature now. He even had a small apartment, where he could stay. Although he had no 'family' to speak of really. Sure, Adriel would enjoy seeing them suffer but having to do it here was terrible. Couldn't Lucifer do better than this? Others had ended up in better places. Some as great leaders of the humans, at least they had a position of power. At Ellen's Stardust Diner he was a nobody. A nobody clad in a black and red button down shirt, with black pants, that always seemed to get wrinkled no matter what, and horribly ugly black shoes.

    "Adriel! Get back in here! The rush is about to start boy!" Turning his gaze to the old balding man calling his name from the door of the kitchen, he nodded a bit. Taking in his surrounding once again as he entered the kitchen to begin another horrible couple of hours at the diner.
  3. Since everything was new to her, Piper decided to just go to the diner she could see from her apartment window. At some point she would have to explore things that were out of her range of sight, but that point hasn't come yet. After making sure everything was fine in her apartment she locked out, slipping the key carefully into the pocket of her jeans.

    When she stepped out of the building she was blinded by the sun. It took a moment for her eyes to stop stinging and the world to adjust around her. Finally, she took steps towards the diner. Piper smiled at everyone as they passed but no one returned one. No one even spared a warm glance. This world was definitely different; she didn't like it. After being bumped into and almost run over, since she didn't quite understand the flow of traffic, she was safely seated at a booth in the diner.

    Piper waited patiently, a pleasant look on her face as she watched the passersby. They all looked so upset and burdened; that's why she was here. Light had to be shed on them, and they needed to have the love of God. She smiled at the thought of her home. Oh, how she missed the golden place, but she was doing work that needed to be done on Earth.

    Just then she was brought out of her thoughts when she heard someone in the diner call for a person named Adriel. She looked over the diner trying to figure out who the Adriel was, and that was when she noticed him moving in the kitchen.
  4. "Get moving!"  Sighing Adriel turned away from the old man.  One day he would see him suffering with the other humans.  Then it would be him there to torture the man.  Forcing him to serve these people.  Horrible.  Walking trough the dining room, looking at all the faces Adriel felt a mix of emotions.  Hate.  Anger.  They belonged under him, they were less.  Each and every one of them deserved to die.  That's what he was here for.  Adriel would be the eternal death of these people, better than the actual Angel of Death himself.  

    Feeling a bit smug at the thought he made his way to a table with only one occupant.  Upon inspection of the woman Adriel grew delighted.  This was the first mortal he considered attractive, finally a chance to take part in something the humans had.  Flirting, lust, romance.  The latter wasn't in his interest.  Adriel wouldn't dare thinking of falling in love with a mortal. 
    Smiling at the woman, the first genuine one in a while, he greeted her with a smooth voice.
    "Hey,  welcome to Ellen's Stardust Diner.  My name is Adriel and I'll be your waiter today.  Can I start you off with something to drink?"
  5. His voice was smooth and appealing. She smiled brightly and leaned closer to him, a feeling of attraction immediately pulling her towards him. The feeling was odd, but it was human, and she wasn't going to fight it.

    "I would love just a cup of sweet ice tea, please." Her voice was light and airy, one could equate it to soothing melody. "My name is Piper. I am a teacher at the local preschool, and I reside across the road in the luxury apartments." Piper's eyes were lit up as she talked, but the light faded as she realized Adriel may not need ,or want, to know this information. Her long thin fingers covered her lips as she murmured an apology for talking so much.

    She forgot about the Social Rules that she was taught in heaven. Piper was warned about 'word vomiting' over the mortals. Apparently, some people are scared of others that are overly friendly. Of course that was against who she was because she was used to being open and talking to anyone she passed, but she knew things would have to change.
  6. Adriel gave the woman an odd look. She was beautiful, but a bit strange now. Could it be over looked? Giving the woman another once over Adriel came to his decision. Hell yeah. Deciding to be friendly for the sake of working on her he replied, "That sweet tea will be right out Piper. I'm Adriel. Nice name by the way, definitely different than tons of other names I've encountered." Pausing, and practically wincing as the other began to sing more show tunes, Adriel ran a hand through his hair. "As you can see I work in this place. But you live in a way nicer place than I do. All I have is a crappy apartment, well compared o what you have anyway." Adriel watched Piper, he honestly loved her voice. Calming, very light. It was a good change from the normal mortal voice. To him most were raspy and odd. "Look, I'm going to put the order in. I was wondering if you would mind me hanging around your table."
  7. "I don't mind at all!" She said cheerfully, eyes lighting up again. It was her first day on Earth and one friend has already been made. Not just any a friend. A super attractive man friend. Piper watched as he headed back into the kitchen, heart jumping a bit as she thought about what could be. They had just met and already she was running through things that could happen, all innocent of course.

    Piper knew how relationships went. A man and a woman have an attraction. He pursues her or 'woos' her in order to ask for her hand in marriage, and the night they become married is the night he can first touch her. That's how things goes, and the idea of it all excited her. She was about to have a real mortal life, and if she does good enough then maybe a child would be possible?

    "If you would like, you could come over and see my apartment." What was wrong with asking him over? After all, she was taught she should share. What's wrong with sharing a bit of her apartment?
  8. Adriel smiled, happy with her response. Retreating to the kitchen he grabbed a glass, filling it wih a brew made this morning, a mix of someof the finest sweet tea he had ever tasted. Well, one of the only sweet teas he had tasted. This stuff for sure beat some place called McDonalds. With care he carried out the glass to Piper with a smile. Digging through his pockets in the front he retrieved a straw and a pad. "If You would like,you could come over and see my apartment." His eyes widened a bit. It hadn't taken long to get what he wanted. This woman was definitely very straight forward with things. Adriel smiled, a slightly crooked and cocky smile. Confident in his looks, it had earned him many swoons and admirers before this. Obviously he was what the mortals considered attractive. "Yeah, sure. After my shift though." I jab my thumb behind me motioning to the kitchen, "The old man will have my head if I just up and go during the rush. You could wait or I could just take the train." Ripping a sheet from the pad Adriel handed that and a pen to the woman. "Write your adders. I promise I'll be there. Now let's get down to business, would you like something to eat. You pick anything?"
  9. For a moment she hesitated. She hadn't written anything before. It would probably come out in scribbles. Finally, she wrote down her address and was surprised at the scrolled dainty handwriting scrawled across the sheet of paper and slid it across the table towards him. After that she focused on what she wanted to eat. The turkey club sounded good, and she felt as if she was taking up his time.

    "I will have the turkey club," she said with a nod and handed him her menu.

    Piper sat back and relaxed a bit. She wasn't doing anything wrong. Her morals have stayed intact and now she was making a friend. At least that's how she was going to make it be. They had to be friends in the beginning then maybe, just maybe they could have a stable relationship based on trust.

    "I cannot wait to have you over." She smiled brightly.
  10. Quickly Adriel took her order in his slanted and scratchy writing. It was odd looking but at least it was legible. Stuffing the address into his pants pocket, Adriel flashed a brilliant smile at Piper. "It'll come out soon." He was about to leave when her voice made him stop, "I can't wait to come over either." Devilishly he smirked, winking at her with one icy blue eye. He really couldn't wait. This would be his first sexual experience, well in this body anyway. For once this was his own, finally he would be able to feel exactly what the humans felt. Adriel had heard it was the best possible feeling you could imagine. He had waited patiently for the chance to try it and finally it had arisen.
    After placing the order Adriel took care of other flirtatious customers. None of them were as beautiful to him as Piper was. Now that he thought about it no mortal has ever looked so appealing to him. What was it about her that did this? Made him feel this way? He would find out, but it wasn't time for that. It was time to focus on what the humans called 'getting layed'. "Here you go. Enjoy your meal. Now if you need anything just call me, even for a chat." Looking around the dining room Adriel shrugged. "Do you mind if I join you actually?" It was busy enough, he could relax a bit.
  11. She motioned for him to sit down then stared at her food for a minute. Piper didn't really know how to go about eating her meal; there weren't lessons in how to eat a turkey club. Slowly, she lifted it off the plates and brought it to her lips. Finally, she took a bite. Sincere surprise flashed across her face. This sandwich was amazing!

    "This is amazing," Piper said after swallowing her food. "Have you tried this?"

    A few customers looked at her like she was strange. They didn't understand how someone who looked like them could be so captivated by a simple turkey club. When she was finished she leaned closer to him, offering a decent view down her shirt that she was oblivious to. This was the moment she took the time to get a good look at him. Something was odd about him.. he was more attractive than the regular mortal. Something about him felt.. dangerous? She didn't know. Piper was allowing her human emotions to dictate things; she was now living the life of a mortal. What's so wrong about that.

    "Well, I'm going to go. You have my address. I'll see you soon."

    Gracefully she stood up and gave him a wave that may be considered flirtatious. Once back at her apartment she changed back into a tank top and sweatpants. The feeling of these clothes were new, and she didn't think she had to impress this mortal. There was nothing wrong with being comfortable.