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Spirits of the Earth - medieval high fantasy; 11 years of awesome!

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Rhi, Jun 14, 2012.

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    Spirits of the Earth is an original medieval high fantasy role-playing game set in a large and diverse world, focusing primarily on the lively continent of Le'raana.

    Here you will find exotic city-states and thriving kingdoms, miles of untamed wilderness to explore and untold adventures to discover. It is a world where magic runs wild even while some try to tame or outlaw it, where humans brush shoulders with fae and shifters and dragons alike, and where old ways are forever at odds with new.

    Here gather the highborn and low, the fettered and free, the innocent and corrupt, to tell their stories...

    • No word counts! Long posts, short posts, rapidfire, everything in between? Go for it!
    • Going strong since Dec. 13th, 2000. This game will never die on you!
    • Always active and forever friendly! IC posts made every day.
    • Epic, growing world that you can contribute to directly.
    • Laid back, drama-free community.
    • Tons of countries, cultures, and locations for you to explore!
    • All original characters welcome, even characters of a species you've created.