Spirits Of The Abyss

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  1. ζSpirits Of The Abyss ζ

    Dust flew everywhere as boxes were moved one by one, the sunlight brightening up the whole attic. A teenager coughed into his hand as he used the other to swapped the clouds of dust away from his face. Smoky gray eyes glanced around the small room. The owner of the eyes crawled around the room as he moved boxes by boxes, trying to organize his grandparents' attic. The boy sighed deeply as he leaned against the half finished wall behind him, knees brought up to his chest. The short teen's eyes traveled to the last box. A box full of ancient books. A dark brow rose upon seeing a lone book just inches away from the box, almost glowing as if the sunlight was hitting it. The teen crawled over to the book and picked it up, examining the cover and its content that was held inside. Silver orbs carefully read the words scripted in the front cover of the book. King of all Kings. It read. The male teenager rose both brows as he noticed the foreign language written inside the book after scanning it twice. "Dante!" A voice cried out from the bottom of the steps. Said teen glanced over his shoulder before his eyes traveled back to the book. "Hm... You're coming with me." He muttered to the book in his hands before crawling over to the entrance of the attic. His grandmother stood beside the stairs that lead up to the attic, hands placed on the sides of her waist. "C'mom, Dante, it's time to eat breakfast." She said before walking back to the kitchen downstairs. Dante climbing down the steps and headed to his room, placing the book on his bed. He left his room and headed down the steps, walking into the dining room. The table was filled with two plates full of blueberry pancakes, a plate of scrambled eggs, another plate of cooked bacons and three full glasses of milk placed on three spots of the table. One on the end of the table and two acrossed from each other.

    Dante sighed softly as he took a seat on the left side of the table, greeting his grandfather who greeted back to his grandson while reading a newspaper. The older lady walked in to the dining room and setted a plate of toasts on the middle of the table. The small family began to eat silencely as they were mostly minding their own business. Asfter a few minutes, Dante stood up from his seat and gathered his dishes, heading to the kitchen to wash the plates since he had finished eating now. The short teen ahead back to his room after chatting for a moment with hi grandmothers. Once Dante entered his room after reaching it, he went to grabbed the book and his dark colored messenger, placing the book inside. He grabbed his phone, wallet and keys as well, placing them inside with the book in the messenger bag. After getting his things, he walked out of his room and down the steps to the front door, opening after waving at his grandparents.

    The cerulean haired teen closed the door behind him and began to walked towards the direction of a small place that he works at, hoping to meet his friends there after texting them for a few minutes.​

    To: ♣JayJay♣, ♦Val♦, ♠Ann♠
    From: ♥Dan♥

    | Hey, guys, meet me at Crowy's Cafe right now. I have to show you something.
    With that, the blue haired teen quickly walked to said cafe and made sure not to bumped into anything or anyone. After a few turns and straight walking, Dante arrived at the cafe and looked at the glass window to see if any of his friends show up before walking inside. The gray eyed teen took a booth next to the window in the corner and greeted his co workers once they spotted him. Dante sighed softly before taking a seat on the right side of the booth, leaning into the cushion after glancing at his watch, hoping that his friends received his message and that they won't be late for the hang out.​
  2. Anna woke that morning with fear coursing through her. That nightmare had come again, the flames coming closer to them all as they tried to get out of the house and to safety. It was a memory of the fire that had taken her parents and brother, one she couldn't fully shake. At least she wasn't scared of fire anymore, she had worked through that natural fear afterwards. She could sit and watch a campfire without panicking, and with their lifestyle that was a good thing.

    She got up and headed to the kitchen to grab a bowl and cereal to eat for her breakfast, listening to the silent house around her. Her sister and brother in law were always gone when she woke, leaving early to get to work on school days then sleeping in on weekends that they didn't leave the city behind. Either way, the result was the same thing, a quiet house.

    Anna looked to her phone at a message alert then smiled a little, sending a text back.

    To: Dan
    From: Ann
    Be there soon. :)

    She sent then went to her room to change quickly and grab her bag then heading out and for the cafe. She ran quickly, slowing only at the lights that were against her and waiting for them to turn green so she could cross. It wasn't that far to the cafe so it was only a few minuted later that the dark haired girl with grey-blue eyes arrived and opened the door to go in. She looked around then headed for the booth to take a seat "Hey Dan" She said softly and gave him a smile then looked around for the others, waiting on them to arrive.
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