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    (Art by TILLITH (you should go totally check out her art, it's really amazing and beautiful!))
    ζSpirits Of The Abyss ζ
    PlotZoska. It was the name of the mountain that the souls were wandering around. A mountain that no one could enter. Until one day there was a group of teenagers wandering around the mountain, looking for ley lines and an ancient tomb of a dead Romanian king, that is thought to be buried somewhere on the mountain. These kids have met other people that will soon help them in their journey to find the king's amulet, which could be somewhere around the world. They were just living their daily lives until one teen found a journal that contains secrets and mysterious of Zoska, a dead king that could be regenerate if his amulet was found. This journal was hidden in the attic of his house, right beside a box full of ancient books. The teen called their friends over, explaining them the journal and what he had discovered. This group of teenagers left their daily lives to explore more about Zoska.

    Theme Song:

    ZOSKA (open)

    Zoska's Friends & Guardians (open)


    Names of the Guardians of Zoska


    Rant?? OKAY! So, I know the plot seems a little, well a lot, mess up, but at the time I couldn't think any plot and that one was just popping out of my mind. I might end up changing the plot, or, as I preferred, discuss the plot with you guys. I mean, to me, the plot doesn't make any sense and I'm very sorry if I confused any of you. ; - ;
    Anyways, I still might edit this thread... don't really like the way it came out. But, aside from all that, please enjoy yourself in the RP and all Iwaku Rules applied here. SO, have fun everyone~! ^^ I think I might need help TuT

    Okay, here's the OCC thread~! ^^ Here, we can discuss about the plot, how to connect our characters, and talk to each other, y'know, making friends~. I hope you enjoy yourself~!! ☆〜(ゝ。∂)

    Oh, and if you have any questions, please don't be afraid to ask. ^^​
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  2. looks cool :)

    have to ask though, what is posting requirements and such?
  3. It can be up to 5-7 sentences in how many paragraphs you do, though I do prefer paragraphs to be at least 3-4, but it's alright with me how many you can do. ^^ Hope this answer your question. :)
  4. I'll be joining but work all week so char will be up this weekend.
  5. Alright then! Look forward to it. ^^
  6. Hello, the IC Thread it up, guys. Please reply when you're able to. ^^
  7. [​IMG]

    Enjoy this precious gif~​
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  8. Since the IC thread is up, do you guys have any questions, want to add/discuss something to the plot or anything at all?
  9. No questions, but I literally just finished my CS a moment after you liked it soooo, there's that. XD
  10. Okay! That's cool! I liked it because I know the character you use for the looks. ^^ I'll go check it out! :)
  11. I'm gender bending him for New York Comic-Con. :bouncy:
  12. That's cool! I'll like to see a pic of you of gender bending him one day. ^^
    Btw awsome CS! :) You can start posting an intro post on the IC now.
  13. Don't you worry, I'll be taking many pictures at the con. Good thing it's not until October though, I still have to get my hands on a few things.

    OOOOOH, but I do have a question now that I think about it. You're character sent out the text already, so should we just pretend like Xander got it too? Or just have him coincidentally run into them? lol
  14. That's cool then!
    And, you can have your character run into them if you want. Or I can also edit my post to state that he got the text.
  15. I'll just have him run into them. It's cool.
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  16. Ack! Sorry I've been absent over the weekend. Work got unusually crazy. -_- Back to school rush.
  17. It's okay! You can take your time posting the first post for your character! ^^ I'm sure everyone else are busy with school as well.
  18. Whoops! I just realized I still need to post as well. My apologies! ^^'
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