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  1. Gaurdian angels are there to help troubled spirits any day. Some are attached to a human for the rest of the humans life, to make sure that there spirits aren't harmed. Others are jumping from person to person, protecting anyone in need.
    Himeko wasn't a spirit, but a human that can see spirits and talk to them if they allow her to. The spirit must talk to her first before she has any access to talk to them.
    Jasmine watched over her human. She was stuck with her until she passed on the other side.
    (You can make more than one character)
    (no killing unless its okay for the writer)
    (If an angel gets destroyed than a new Gaurdian is given to the human)
  2. Takashi's parents always wondered why he would stare up at the ceiling and reach out. His mother would always laugh and joke about him seeing angels and wanting to play with them. His father was on the more cautious side. As Takashi grew he seemed more distant from his parents and was always talking about his imaginary friend Joel. His parents found it strange how as he became older, he didn't pass out of his imaginary friend stage. After confronting him about how he was too old for imaginary friends, Takashi grew more distant. He never spoke of his friend Joel again.
  3. Himeko was in class studying while Jasmine was standing next to her, watching for any harmful spirits.
  4. Takashi ran down the school hallway, Joel following close behind. "You're going to fail." Joel hissed.
    "Shut up." Takashi growled quietly, hoping that nobody noticed he was talking. He didn't need any more attention that usual. When he got to the classroom he stopped and smoothed out his dark hair. He opened the door and smiled, trying for charming. "Sorry for being late." He apologized and took his seat. Joel's eyes narrowed as he looked about the class. "Ignore them. They're not good." Takashi looked over at Joel, who he began to call his companion since he wouldn't tell him what he was exactly. Joel looked more harsher than normal. Takashi followed his gaze and saw a girl sitting at the class, somebody standing next to her.
  5. Jasmine played with her long brown hair then looked around some more, bored.
  6. Takashi smirked at Joel who whispered a threat. He slowly stood, despite Joel's protesting. "Don't you dare." Takashi sent him a cocky smirk before shifting his expression into a kind smile. He trotted up to the girl at the class. "Hi, I'm Takashi. I don't think I noticed you here before. Are you new?" Joel gaped from behind him, glaring at Takashi for disobeying him.
  7. Himeko looked up, her long brown hair flowing behind her. "Oh hi" she smiled sweetly "yes, I'm new here, the teacher isn't here yet so I'd thought I sit down" she said. Jasmine looked at Joel for a while without saying a word, studying him.
  8. Joel smirked mischievously at Jasmine. He knew what she was, but he sensed that she had no clue about him. He restrained his laughter.
    "Pleasure to meet you." Takashi said, smiling brightly. "Mind if I sit next to you?"
  9. "let him sit next to you, but be cautious" Jasmine said outloud.
    Himeko smiled, "of course you can" she said.
    Jasmine stood in front of Himeko, blocking Joel from seeing her. Jasmine was a sassy gal.
  10. Takashi's grin widened and he took the spot next to her. He pulled out his binder and a pen. "Where did you move from?" He asked as he began doodling.
    Joel's smirk widened to an almost impossible size. "Problem there, missy?" He asked Jasmine, casting a glance at his human. He better not befriend her.
  11. "Florida" she smiled.
    Jasmine didn't move at all, nor did she say a word still. Instead she gave Joel a warning look, for him to stay away from her as well as her human. She had no idea what he was but she needed to be on gaurd at all times.
    "I Uhh...I live with my grandma..." Himeko said.
  12. "Florida.." Takashi looked up at the ceiling and kept his smile lingering slightly on his face. "Sounds nice. I'd like to be in a warm place like Florida." He looked back over at Himiko and rested his chin on his hand.
    Joel cackled quietly and leaned over to wrap an arm around Takashi's shoulder who seemed completely unaware of the touch. He could physically feel Joel, but he chose not to let anyone know.
    "When did you start seeing them?" He asked quietly, staring into her eyes.
  13. "Act like you don't know what they are talking about" Jasmine said, "don't tell them a thing!"
    Himeko blushed and looked away from Takashi's stare. "im sorry" she lied "I have no idea what your talking about."
  14. Takashi stifled a giggle. He leaned over so she could hear him clearly without having to speak louder. "So you can't hear her whispering in your ear?" He perked his head up and stared blankly at Jasmine. "Smart boy, he is. Huh, guardian?" Joel sneered.
  15. Jasmine looked around then diss appeared, the bell rang and everyone got up and left.
    "I Uhh, I better go..." Himeko said and left, "not smart enough" Jasmine said smiling and following her.
    As they walked into the halls Himeko looked at Jasmine, "who we're those people?" she asked.
    "I have no clue, but being able to manipulate objects takes a lot of energy out of a spirit..." she said. "Lets go eat outside of school so that guy won't follow you, thank goodness you transferred as a senior" she said.
  16. Takashi smiled as she walked away. He remained in the empty classroom. "She seemed nice." He said simply. Joel cackled loudly, free from disrupting others now. "Say, Joel?" Joel slowly calmed down and turned his attention to his human. "Are you my guardian?"
    Joel chuckled again, but much less disturbingly creepy. "No."
    Takashi furrowed his eyebrows. "Then what are you?" Joel didn't reply. Takashi sighed and stood up, putting his books away and walking out the door. Joel followed close behind, eerily silent. Joel usually was in constant chatter, mostly mocking Takashi. He never harmed him, so if he wasn't his guardian, what was he?
  17. Himeko drove to McDonalds "there was somebody near that boy that we talked to...what is he?" the young girl asked. "I don't know...he's not a Gaurdian and that's what scares me most..." Jasmine said. They went into the restraunt and Himeko ordered then sat down and waited.
  18. Takashi walked to his next class, hoping he could wait in there until lunch was over. He turned the handle and let out a tiny whoop of joy when it was unlocked. The teacher must have forgotten to lock it, since nobody was in the room. He moved towards the very back beside the window and sat down. Joel stood beside him. He clicked his long nails on the table. Takashi stared at Joel, trying to figure out what he exactly was. He knew him since he was a young boy, but he never was told anything about him.
  19. Himeko drove home and parked her car, three guys walked up to her and started hitting on her. Jasmine looked at the guys, three demons were whispering in the boys ear. This wasn't good at all. "Himeko! Run!" Jasmine said. Himeko looked confused for a second.
    "Run! Now!" Jasmine shouted.
    Himeko ran and the boys chased after her. Jasmine brought out her sword and sliced one of them in the face. The thing screamed and freed one of the boys, who stood there confused. Two were running after her now. Jasmine dodged their attacks swiftly and destroyed the other two. The other boys stopped in their tracks and looked confused. "Go back to class" Jasmine said, "hurry."
    Himeko left and ran into class late "sorry...sorry I'm late" she said breathlessly. Jasmine saw Takashi and Joel "aww crap not them again" Jasmine growled. Himeko sat across the room and pretended not to notice the boy.
  20. Joel suddenly went stiff. "What's the matter?" Takashi whispered, hoping nobody would notice. Joel expression was passive as he stared at the door. Himeko suddenly strode in and Takashi furrowed his brows. What is going on today? He noticed her startled reaction and watched as she sat down, looking away from him.
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