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    Proprietor Tenrai

    For the hot-tempered Tengu, the day could not have started off any worse. First, the someone had stolen hundreds of bath tokens overnight. Second, one of the bath flooded, creating high level damage. And lastly, the Radish Spirit had too much to drink and fell off one of the decks. Luckily, he wasn't too terribly injured--he just happened to require extra care and that took up one too many of her servants.

    The recruiters were going to have their hands full. Of course, she got word that morning about a few newbies having been lured from the human world and into theirs. She smirked, adjusting her hat. She would have to steal their names and out them to work as soon as possible.

    One good new, she wasn't alone in stealing names and enslaving humans. She had two others to give support or do the deed themselves. She finished crossing the second floor and groaned to see the frog men working away to try and fix the water damage.

    "You lil' pieces of crap better do the best job those tiny, pathetic hands of yours can do! If I lose any money or business because of this, I'll feed you to the Boiler Man!" She stopped her wooden shoe on the hunched back of one of the frog men. He curled into the fetal position, "Y-y-yes ma'am!"

    A few of the others watched in horror, their huge eyes bugging larger than usual. She spit out her piece of straw and pointed to the rest, stomping her other foot--splintering the wood, "The heck you think you're doing just ogling! Get tot work!"
    The frog men gasped and shivered, hurriedly looking back to the scrubbing and prying of the bad wood. Some of the female spirit servants gasped and took another route to find the first floor.

    She thundered down the hall, sliding her fingers down her face, "Idiots... I'm surrounded by idiots..." Humans may have looked strange, but at least worked harder. She made her way up to the third floor, where the private business was handled and flopped down in her chair, throwing her feet onto her desk.

    In the lavish room there were two others desks for her work associates.
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  2. [​IMG]


    Current Location: ????


    Will you not join me on this journey?...I offer you adventures...beyond your wildest dreams...

    Like that of a deadly siren, that voice had called out to her during the night...a gentle glimmer the corner of her vision, always just out of reach and sight; however, close enough for her to feel the radiated warmth of its dazzling glow.

    Like that of Alice down the rabbit hole...

    It had taunted her with its beauty, the voice like melted honey with its offering of her weakness...What miraculous creature was this before her, which caused her to leave her bed and home in the bed of night?...She had always been the adventurous sort, so this sort of offer had been one impossible to refuse.

    Like Odysseus as he sailed the seas...

    She had allowed herself to be so easily led astray, riding her bike to the Shrine mountain, leaving a small note for her Uncle upon her nightstand, for she would not be returning tonight...Not until she had satisfied that craving that had haunted the outer corner of her left eye for years, always hiding the moment she turned to gaze upon it. She had left that note, telling her Uncle that he was right about the spirits atop Shrine mountain. She would bring back proof for him as well.

    Like Dorothy and her trip down the yellow brick road...

    She had followed that voice blindly, up the wandering path of the hill...Her sneakers dampened from the late night rain that had decided to fall. She had followed all the way to the entrance of the Shrine...That faded red tunnel, strewn with the body of the forest, which had sought to reclaim it for the widerness. Even here she followed, the only light being the flashlight of her cellphone as she traversed inside... Adventure just on the tip of her tongue...


    He always said to beware
    The little spirits that walk in the night
    With gifts and talents, skills to share
    Entertaining the naughty ones who strayed from bed
    Down the stone path
    Through the forest dark
    Patches of light glittering through the tree tops
    Into the tunnel
    The beast's mouth
    Waiting to gobble up the naughty ones
    Til they were no more...


    Show Spoiler

    Eyes...Orbs of a deep violet, slowly slide open, only to find themselves staring at the blue hue of the sky, flat white clouds slowly passing over to momentarily block out the sun which, although blazing, gave off no immense heat. Instead, it acted only as a way to brighten up the colors below it.

    Fields of green grass went on for what seemed like an eternity, split by the natural dirt paths that had carved themselves into it. Small stone gaurdians were tributes to the simple souls and weather spirits, housed just in front of the scattered shacks, which were tattered and worn with age and elements. All of the paths seemed to be heading in the same direction, heading upward from this lush green valley and disappearing just over the horizon where the very tops of what seemed to be a town could be seen.

    Those eyes, which were large like that of a bunny or a deer, blinked, their long black lashes fluttering slightly. It took a moment for those violet orbs to focus, falling upon a delicate hand of pale peach as it came into view. The fingers were slim, slightly thicker at the knuckle as if the owner had a small habit of cracking them. The nails were on the shorter side, painted a soft baby pink to compliment the undertones of the owner's skin, which were highlight by the sun this person seemed to try and block out. A small groan escaped rose tinted lips, which parted to allow the tongue to lick away the dryness that had accumulated on either corner of the owner's mouth. The voice was soft, feminine with a hint of youth that was undeniable... a young girl.

    She rested among a small nook in the field, her raven locks splayed around her as she laid on her back, the only movents being those of her stirring. She seemed to stand out, as if this place was somewhere she did not belong, dressed only in the light fabric of her pajamas - an oversized white T-shirt; cotton shorts that stopped just below the top of her thigh, designed in a soft pink with dancing rilakkuma in party hats; simple white tennis shoes; and a pink bunny jacket, the hood adorned with two long cotton ears. If anything, this girl looked ridiculous, being out in public in such attire; however, it seemed that in this case even she was stumped, her bunny-like face contorting to an expression of pure confusion.

    "Hnn...wha...?" He first words this entire time, slurred with the stifling grasp of sleep that, even now, wished to drag her back down into the dreamscape she had been stuck in moments ago. She fought against it, small form slowly sitting up and hunching over, momentarily resting her head on her slim knees. She released an incoherent grumble of sorts, obviously not the best morning person; however, she pushed through whatever emotions she had, small hand rubbing her eye as the other pushed thick, onyx locks from her face. "How long was I out?..." Her voice was a gentle murmur, oblivious expression lifting to gaze around her current location... It took her a moment, but after much internal struggling, her mind finally connected.

    "Uhdeh...etto...where am I?" She blinked, the lack of fear in her face rather odd. There was confusion there, as well as mild curiosity... but no fear; however, it did not mean that her reaction was any less...dramatic..


    All of her energy seemed to rush back to her in an instance, the small girl immediately scrabbling to her feet and kicking up blades of green grass as her sneakers dug into the lush earth. "What is this place!? How did I get here?" Why would she ask herself? It wasn't as if 16 year old Hyoka Otahimei would know anything about this, for she was the one panicking.

    "Okay Hyoka. Okay, okay, okay, okay, okay. Back track! Where were you when you last remember!?" ...She had come to the Shrine, following that pesky little light...Yes...That was right. She had followed it up the path, to the entrance of the shrine....She had not been there before, because this had been abandoned for years...She had gone inside and....

    "...You don't remember..." Hyoka's eyes widened, her expression one of mild shock. How could she not remember anything after that? She had the best memory of her class! Well...that was a bit of a stretch, but she liked to BELIEVE she had the best memory of her class. She lightly struck the side of her head with the bottom of her palm, grumbling in annoyance. "Stop being stupid brain..."

    She felt a breeze blow past her, her legs trembling slightly as she heard a soft whisper in that voice, to quiet to make out, yet loud enough for he to notice. It brushed past her, blowing those thick locks off her shoulders for a moment as she turned after it, noticing off in the distance was a large red building... like that of the one she had stepped into last night...It looked like a train station, the large clock on its front side broken beyond repair...Why was there a train station in the middle of the field? That thought did not settle well with her, but she felt herself about to move forward...until the wind returned, but this time with a force powerful enough to whip her around in the other direction, forcing her hood atop her head and blowing her shirt up over her stomach. She immediately grabbed it, face reddening as she stumbled forward, trying not to lose balance and fall.

    "WHAT'S HAPPENING!?" She cried, hugging herself as she stumbled a few steps down the opposite path. The wind died after a few seconds, the wind battered form of Hyoka left standing and adjusting her attire. Well.. it seemed pretty obvious that she wasn't about to head back...So she continued forward, eyes remaining of the town off in the horizon...Hopefully she would get there before the sun died...but there was still many questions she had...hopefully she would find someone to help...
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  3. [​IMG]
    " You must capture and keep the heart of the original and supremely able man before his brain can do its best. "
    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

    AGE: Twenty-Three XX FEELINGS: PlayfulXX ROLE: Recruiter

    It was upon a Sommers shynie day,
    When Titan faire his beames did display,
    In a fresh fountaine, farre from all mens vew,
    She bath'd her brest, the boyling heat t'allay;
    She bath'd with roses red, and violets blew,
    And all the sweetest flowres, that in the forrest grew.

    Ryoichi sat atop a large stone guardian, invisible to the human eye, humming a classic and long-lost tune. Unfortunately the sound of his voice was only his to adore in the moment, as it was to far from the rather confused girl off in the distance to properly hear.
    It had been quite some time in the making, most effort on Ryoichi's part wasted with frivolous cat-calls in the night to even some mild pushing and shoving in the direction he had hoped to lead Otahimei Hyoka. She wasn't so stubborn as to avoid or ignore the signs, but she was definitely foolish enough to chalk it off as a reflection of the sun. Ryoichi had chosen this girl in the hopes her child-like sense of exploration and wonder would land her where he needed her to be, and regardless of the time it had taken, his goal had been fulfilled.

    His amber eyes surveyed her demonstrative movements as she scrambled to her feet, realizing just where her body was and how it wasn't where she last remember it being. This was always Ryoichi's favourite part; not in an ill-sensed manner, but more-so for his personal enjoyment - the spirits line of work demanded unplanned comedy from time to time, and confused, hormonal teenage girls from the human world were his preferred dose. "Fluttering little bird, wisp your wings in tune to the sound of my voice." He spoke with a thick, velvety tone, directing the amplified call in the girls direction. Noticing that she had started moving, the man had skipped a couple heads down the line of stone guardians, perching atop one rather close to the intended path of the young woman. He was bent at the knee, held up by means of a long golden staff dug into the soft grassy ground in which his hand was wrapped around, giving support to the rest of his precariously positioned body. Still imperceptible to the world around him, Ryoichi watched the confused emotions splay across the girls face. He saw her eyes focus on the only thing off in the distance aside from the large red passing that she had traveled through earlier - and that was the town in which Ryoichi was destined to take Hyoka. He cocked his head to the right slightly, finding that the use of Yoru kuria would no longer serve his purposes. Dispelling it was a simple process, and as he let the spell drop it's masking presence, his own physical and spiritual body shimmered into existence right as Hyoka passed the stone guardian he was perched on top of. He looked down at her, watching silently before a set of words much familiar to those before though somehow different left his parted pink lips, "I do so hope you would rather follow me than a white rabbit, dear Alice." Ryoichi spoke with a lustrous tone - a seemingly endless cord to his voice rung through the air. He watched the confused girl, startled from his appearance, but noticed that very evident sheen of wonder and adventure trail past her irises; she was exactly what he was after.


    ╔═══════════════ NOTES══════════════╗

    ❝ - - - ❞
    ╚══════════════════ ═════════════════╝

    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

    LOCATION: Outskirts; Spirit Realm XX WITH: Hyoka Otahimei XX TAGGED: @DoomyCakez
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  4. Location: Fields/Outskirts; Spirit Realm | Mentioned; Hyoka Otohimei @DoomyCakez & Ryoichi Nori @Ali | Interacted with; N/A
    Ri [Airi Toimaru]
    Once she had been a lady, the young mistress of a household where servants would act on her whim. There had been a time once where the young female didn’t have to lift up a finger to clean up the spilled tea, where she only had to say the word and her bath was filled. A time where she lived at ease, without having to perform any labour. A time where she owned a full name that consisted of a first and a last name. A life she didn’t miss.

    It was clear that Ri had done very little work in her life. Her hands that was once so smooth, soft, and pale were now blistered, red, and swollen. They ached sorely with each scrub she had to make and the skin felt irritated because of the chemicals they used to clean out the baths. Despite that, despite the fact that she had fallen down to the ranks of a servants and was no longer a lady of high standing anymore, despite all Ri felt free. Freer than she had ever been. Released from the chains of her former life from which she couldn’t remember her own name from.

    However, that didn’t mean that she was content with her life as it was now. She was free from the grasp of her past, from the chains that were choking her once, but not in the true essence. She was caught again, chained down by something not quite human. Robbed from her name and enslaved. Cleaning daily, scrubbing the backs of strange creatures, filling the baths of these never seen in the human world. Ri had always believed that these creatures had been a mere fiction, a fantasy of these who lived in the imaginary too much, but they were real, her presence here was proof that they were real.

    Each morning she was expected to wake up early, have her breakfast and start her day preparing. Each night she got off late, had some supper and went to sleep, only to repeat the next day. It was far from a satisfying life, but in the first week that Ri had spent here she felt content. There was a purpose to her job, there was a schedule to follow, there was no pressure breathing down her neck to perform, just to do her job. However, after that week, bringing us to the present time, Ri grew wary of her life again, realising that this life she was leading now wasn’t much different from her previous life. She still wasn’t allowed to decide for herself. She still couldn’t do what she wanted herself and it dissatisfied her again.

    The question was; how was she to escape the bathhouse? Ri had heard that as long as she didn’t have her name back she wouldn’t be released. However, how was she to find out her name? How was she to figure out what she was called? What her parents had decided to name her and what her ancestors were called? Though the female didn’t feel all too eager to find out about her ‘true’ identity again she understood the importance of knowing all too well. She would have to investigate.

    With the plan to investigate in mind she had left the bathhouse. In the crowd, as the servants were cleaning, Ri had taken up a job to do the laundry in the river. However, instead of doing her job like expected she had secretly divided her work to the baskets of the other cleaners, sneaking off to see herself out. Perhaps that answers could be found outside? She didn’t expect anyone to notice her disappearance anytime soon. She was a new face, but not so fresh that people kept an eye on her, neither was she so well-known that she was paid any special attention. If anything Ri had been a shadow in the while she had stayed at the bathhouse. At first she had stood out a little, her manners, speech, and appearance had all been that of a refined lady, which she truly was. However, just as soon as they would turn their head for her when passing, whispering questions of wonder, that attention faded away as her stay in the bathhouse lengthened. Everyone understood; once she had been a lady, but now she was nothing more but a servant she had ordered not too long ago. One of them and no pity was given. They believed that it was only right that a rich and spoiled girl was taught some basic understanding of life. Ri in her turn never complained about the work, nor did she ask questions when she didn’t understand. She just remained silent and observed, observed and heard the whispers from her colleagues. Gossips that she didn’t care about, and as such their interest in her died out as soon as it came.

    She had been walking for a while when she could finally hear voices. Whether it was a good sign or a bad sign remained unknown as of yet, but Ri slowed down just in case, slowly hiding herself behind one of the rocks that scattered around the grass fields. From there she could see a young girl, running around frantically as she seemed to be lost. It dawned upon her that this girl was much alike to her, that they were the same. A human who was somehow lured and trapped here in this strange world. If that girl only recently entered this world, then perhaps she could help, Ri thought hoping that her assumptions were right. Pressing herself closer to the tree the female was about to show herself when another presence spoke up. This time it was a male, but unfortunately not a new face.

    Recruiter. Ri recognised the male that appeared next to the child, a frown appearing on her face as she stared at the seemingly human creature. It seemed that she had been too slow, the staff of the bathhouse had already caught on this new presence and latched their tentacles on her. Gritting her teeth the female felt how her newfound hope from earlier shattered again. This girl was lost, Ri couldn’t show herself with the recruiter around. She would definitely lose and be brought back to the house again. It was regrettable, but the female would have to give up on the girl and get herself away from this place before she was caught. There was only so much she could do without ruining her own plans for freedom.
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  5. ((I suck at BbCode, that's why this is so plain. It hates me.))


    Death: Noun: [deTH]: The end of all living processes.

    Origin: Germanic

    Death is ageless, and Death is everywhere. Every culture has Death. Death is usually depicted as a god or an angel, some as an entity known as The Grim Reaper. The Japanese represent Death as a Spirit, called a Shinigami. No matter the representation, Death is not vengeful. It does not discriminate, everything dies. Period.

    Being death can have an effect on a Shinigami. Seeing human suffering, and making them cross over to the Spirit World. Some go mad, becoming demons, some end themselves, and other silently retire.

    Toshiro is one of those who remained sane enough to retire. He began work tending spirits in a Bathhouse. He wanted to ease suffering, make Spirits have a happy life as a spirit. He made his way to Proprietor, and could ease pain better from his position. Toshiro guided suffering spirits to the end, now he aids those same spirits.

    Mortuus Aeternam.

    Toshiro sat in the garden. He needed a break from that day. Tenrai, one of the other Proprietors was on the Warpath. Several things had gone wrong, and they were completely unscheduled. As everything that went wrong was.

    Toshiro hated that. He didn't show it, but he hated it. He needed a break from all the chaos. He sat in the garden, patiently listening to all the humans, frog men, and female spirits deal with the chaos. He drew his deck of Tarot cards, and began shuffling them as he usually did. He closed his eyes.

    All of a sudden, things went to hell.

    A spirit crashed through the paper curtain creating the wall, and in front of Toshiro. The spirit splattered some unknown sludge all over the garden.

    Great, another thing to clear up.

    He sighed, and helped the spirit up, getting some bad smelling liquid all over his hand. Toshiro winced and tried to smile. It smelled so pungent. It wasn't a sludge spirit, but it was an ogre of some kind. How the hell does someone smell bad in a Bathhouse? That's just an oxymoron.

    Toshiro held his hand up, and went to dip it into some bath water to clean it off.

    He was pushed into the bath by three female workers who wanted to play a joke. After spending about a minute submerged, he pushed himself out of the bath, and angrily walked into the elevator.

    Only to be pushed aside by three fat spirits. Toshiro finally made it to the top floor. He was wet, a small bit bruised, and his arm still smelled a bit horrible. He looked at Tenrai who was sitting at her desk. He looked at her.

    "I don't want to talk about it." He said with a straight face before sitting at his desk.

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  6. [​IMG]

    Current Location: ???



    The little adventurer had only managed a few steps, her white shoes softly digging into the settled dirt path as she found herself on a slight incline. She could see the town, lightly dazzling under the blazing sun; however, she found that its rays had not struck her...If anything, she found the temperature quite comfortable. Confusion had indeed taken its affect, wondrous eyes of deep violet glancing in mild uncertainty to the many stone guardians that dotted the ocean of green. In any of situation, Hyoka would have gone to search each of the many scattered shacks, for who knew what laid behind those crumbling doors...They probably offered many outlets of entertainment...many places to take pictures; however, she had little time to dwell on that knowledge as a small gust of wind brushed past her, scattering her slightly disheveled hair about her face once more, small hands coming up to somehow set it back in a proper place...That wasn't the main distraction though.

    She remembered the multiple stories her uncle use to tell her, for he had always been on of the superticious sort. He had always told her stories of the little spirits floating in the air...and Hyoka's child-like innocence had allowed her to believe in them whole heartedly...but never had she heard a voice so clear and concise....

    Fluttering little bird, wisp your wings in tune to the sound of my voice...

    It had been nothing more than a whisper; however, it had definitely been enough, Hyoka stopping in her march, turning slightly to stare off in the direction the voice had come from. It was to her left, so close that she could have sworn its owner was right beside her...however, she found nothing more than that same ocean of green, a single stone guardian in the distance resting atop a sloping hill. "...What?..." Her natural curiosity was both a positive and a negative, for any normal person would have easily sensed the caution and left; however, Hyoka was none of that sort, deep violet gaze staring at the guardian in silence. She had seen many like it in her life, being that her uncle kept a replica of one in the backyard guardian; however, this one seemed much more realistic...much more organic, being that the nature had come back to claim the stone creature, wild flowers growing from many of the cracks that had formed in its massive shell. She stared in silence, feeling slightly unsettled by it...as if feeling as though it was watching her...however, she left it for now, giving a small, nervous laugh as she turned and started on her walk once more.

    "That was weird...I could have sworn..."

    She did not know what she could have sworn, softly shaking her head as she patted her cheeks with delicate hands. She kept walking then, moving slowly up the hill as she brushed her fingers through her long locks. Her steps had increased speed, Hyoka unable to shake the unsettling feeling of being watched. Her eyes wandered to the stone guardians standing all around her...There was a slight pattern to then, each coming closer and closer to the path...until...There was one just beside the path, It's dark grey color standing out against the pastels that covered the area. Hyoka felt herself slow down once more, stopping on the path as she stared at it with a wary gaze. "....Eto..." She did not know why she had that feeling of being watched, her gaze hardening as she kept her distance for a moment...She felt as though it would come alive at any moment...leap upon her and drag her off to do whatever it was that stone guardians did. She did not like it; however, she was also intrigued with the object.

    Her head fell slightly to the side as she stepped forward, down the path and directly up to the stone guardian. It came to about her chest, the small girl bending down slowly to gaze at the dead eyes, dulled by years of exposure to elements. Up close, it was indeed a work of art, Hyoka able to fully appreciate the work it must have taken to creature the sculpture. "...What an ugly face you have, Guardian-sama...I wonder what your eyes have seen..." She reached out slowly, allowing her delicate fingers to slowly brush over the rough, gritty surface of the guardian's skin, wide eyes filled with more wonder than there had been before, the unsettlement she had felt melting away slightly. It was foolish to think that this being could come to life...It was almost comical now, Hyoka realizing her fears had been slightly misplaced. She smiled at the sculpture, lightly patting the stone face as she laughed softly, speaking aloud. "You're not scary at all, stone face. If I had my camera, I would take a picture...photoshop might do you some good, hm?"

    "I do so hope you would rather follow me than a white rabbit, dear Alice."

    Hyoka's eyes flew open, staring at the motionless face of the sculpture before her in utter confusion. "...eh?" Had it just spoken to her?...No, that would be stupid to believe, being that the voice she had just heard was far too lovely to belong to that of the stone faced creature; however, she quickly got her answer as she noticed something glittering slightly at the corner of her vision. Her eyes moved up slightly to the head of the stone guardian, taking notice of the golden staff. Her eyes followed it, watching it come into view, stuck into the soft grassy ground. ...w-...what?... Her eyes widened, slowly following the staff back up until her gaze found the hands that grasped it...The long elegant fingers softly curved around the staff's center so it rested against the elegant shoulder of the stranger now leaning against it. He was bent at the knee, the fingers of his free hand softly tapping against the skull of stone-face. ...w-...who?...

    He had not been there before, this stranger, Hyoka's eyes falling on the base of his exposed neck for a moment, almost terrified to meet the eyes of this....this...She did not know what to call him, but could he have been a ghost? How long had he been watching her...had he heard her speaking to the inanimate object? Her eyes were like a deer in headlights, finally finding the courage to glance up...Only to discover the face of, quite possibly, on of the most handsome men she had ever had the pleasure of laying her eyes on. His amber stare burned into her own violet gaze, Hyoka finding herself momentarily lost in them...momentarily blank of all thoughts...all worries...Well only for a moment... For the realization that she was just blatantly staring at this beautiful stranger hit her like a rate train, a hue of pure scarlet suddenly rushing to her face and the base of her neck. "..EH!?" She immediately jerked backwards, feeling the heels of her feet slip on the ground as she fell backwards, body smacking against the sandy path with an unnatural thud. "ACK!"

    Her hands found her head, holding it as she squirmed slightly in place, hissing between clenched teeth. "aishi...who is that?..." Her eyes slowly fell open once more, quickly flicking up the the stranger before her. Here on the ground, he seemed larger than life, almost unnatural against the gentle country landscape around them, but it was not that which really struck a cord within her. His words...his voice...It was so very familiar...so unmistakable, but she still could not decide...She still had her doubts, for what she knew about that voice was nothing more than a ball of light...not this...It could not be that...

    "wh...who..." She could only stare at the stranger with a reddened face, further embarrassed that she was still on the ground, but finding herself unable to move under the stranger's stare. It was not out of fear, for her eyes were glistening with pure wonder and excitement; however, she could not deny that she had been startled by the man's sudden presence, taken aback by his utter majesty.

  7. Kurosaki Fujiko


    Just like any other day, the timid blue haired girl found herself staring once again outside the glass windows, staring at the vast blue waters and wondering why she's staring out in the first place. Was it because she was curious of where those train tracks lead to? Or was it because she can't remember anything from her past? How long was she working in the bath house? How long was she spacing out? Her mind is always filled with questions and yet, she don't know the answers. Her past was a blur and all she can remember was bits and pieces of how she got here. She can remember herself drawing water from the well.. Running away from something, no, someone. A male, a male with.. Ugh.. grass, grass everywhere. a hand reaching out, another man.. A man with..

    Fuji dropped the wooden bucket and clutched her head hard, her crystal blue eyes blurry as tears threaten to fall. It has always been like this whenever she's trying to remember something from the past. Everytime she's near on remembering something, her head will hurt so bad. It like something is preventing her from remembering but what is it? Fuji didn't got the time to wrap her head around it when she realize that she's been doing nothing for quite a long time now. Panicking and quickly picking up the bucket, Fuji ran towards the hallways and went to the baths to tend on the customers, not really creeped out of their appearance. She didn't really know since when she started accepting their appearances but it doesn't really matter to her. She believed that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and physical appearances doesn't really tell what that person's personality is.

    As Fuji started to ran the bath for a customer, she couldn't help to notice three servants pushing someone on the tub, drenching him as they giggled. As much as Fuji wanted to help the male, she knew she can't. She had this great fear of males that greatly affects those who are around her. Jut one single touch from a male and her body will instantly move on its own, slapping or punching the male who dared touch her. Of course, few of the male servants experienced and witnessed this little illness of her and didn't dare to mess with her, not even once.

    Focusing her attention to the male, she merely bowed her head as he passed by, tensing up a little and only relaxing as he entered the elevator. Fuji then went to the baths to continue her work, greeting the female customers and preparing the bath for them.

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