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  1. Hello! I am here with a plot idea that's been going around my head for... a day. Anyway, I want to post what information I do have and see if anyone would be interested in this kind of RP. It will require a lot of work on my part, and I want to make sure people are interested before I commit to building the entire world and history from scratch.

    Background information: An ancient legend had spread about a mystical power found in the 'Medas de Vieniss' or 'Medals of Vieniss'. There were no recordings in history about these medals, but it was accepted by the people. Some had sought for this power their entire lives but couldn't even discover so much as a trace of it. Others were beginning to think that this legend was just a myth. What they didn't know was that the Medals of Vieniss were marks only on humans that were born with an unnatural talent in the spiritual arts.

    In fact, the Medals of Vieniss had been destroyed a long long time ago, but their power lingered until they found a host capable of withholding and keeping its unstable abilities in control. These abilities included channeling spirits from Purgatory, from the Underworld, or from the Heavens. Those that were lucky were only able to speak to these spirits by being near their body. The less fortunate were considered more gifted.

    There were many people marked with these medals that didn't even know those marks were what they were, but the gifted were capable of much more. They would be able to see a type of nightmare a child was having, or literally see the mental illness that was haunting their friends, loved ones, or even strangers. They could not stop the creature itself, but they could help the person fight it themselves with their words.

    They were also able to summon spirits, usually from Purgatory, but Underworld or Heavenly spirits were not rare, just uncommon. However, summoning these spirits was incredibly risky. If something went wrong during the summoning, the summoner could be stripped of all of their senses or, worst case scenario, they explode from the inability to adapt to the raw energy coursing through their bodies.

    Another problem is that these spirits had grown up in an entirely different era than the summoners. It will be up to the summoners and the spirits to try and get along despite their cultural, linguistical, and behavioral differences. Maybe even religious depending on where the spirit came from. The downside of a summon? The spirit can not leave their summoner until said summoner breaks the link between them. The problem with that? The summoners won't know how to, and locating that information is nearly impossible.

    Basic character type information:

    Summoners: These are gifted spiritual beings. They possess the abilities of summoning spirits, seeing the psychological trauma a person is undergoing, and locating the cause and source of a mental illness. Their abilities could aid or doom a fellow human being, depending on the type of person they are.

    Heavenly Spirits: The Heavenly Spirits radiate positive emotions and a soothing aura about them. They were individuals that grew old and died of natural causes or met a premature death through no fault of their own. They willingly and physically fight the nightmares and beasts portraying the mental illnesses with specially crafted weapons.

    Underworld Spirits: The Underworld Spirits radiate a negativity about them that makes any Summoner want to get away from them. They were individuals that committed suicide for whatever reason or committed a great sin. Their eternal punishment is fighting these creatures that haunt children and people as nightmares, trauma, or psychological sickness with specially crafted weapons whether they like it or not. While the Heavenly Spirits can't feel the pain of being attacked by these beasts, the Underworld Spirits most certainly can and it must heal at its own snail pace; Another part of their punishment.

    The Plot:

    The 3 major regions are suffering greatly from anything and everything it could go through. The territories just seemed to be falling apart while an unusual increase in mental illnesses had begun to flourish and with it, the suicide rates. The spiritual people take notice in this, and so do the normal ones. The normal people, desperate and afraid, begin to blame the spiritual beings for their psychological problems. Thus begins the shunning, murders, and them being sent to camps to be executed.

    The summoner characters, during their time in one of the labor camps they were sent to, discover a way on how to summon spirits. The way they do is up to you. Deciding they have nothing left to lose, they summon one of the spirits assigned to them at random to see if it works. It does, and they discover that both need each other's help.
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  2. I am interested in this idea
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  3. I'm in! This looks really good and i'm sure others will also join. Anime style images or normal people for cs if you don't mind me asking?
  4. I'm looking more towards an Anime style, but I'm not against real people~

    Since there are people interested, I'll be working on the history of the three regions. In case more people want to join.
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  5. I prefer anime style so absolutely no complaints from me~
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  6. By the way, forgot to mention that anything the spirits died with stays on them. So hair accessories, dolls, jewelry, tattoos, anything. The only thing that changes is their clothes because they will be fighting those nightmares/creatures.
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