Spirit Of The Water

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  1. A cute blue haired girl went tumbling down a slope, sliding easily over the trail of mud that was under her feet. Giggling came from the girl as she slid down on her feet toward the warm water below. As she fell into it, water splashed everywhere and onto everything, and nearby, many of the other creatures laughed and cheered. The female re-emerged, laughing and floating easily with the aid of small fish like creatures that swan under her. She sighed and slowly rotated backward to lie on her back in the water. Then, she floated with the soft current of the river that the others were playing in, resting and listening to the soft sounds of the wind rustling through the trees and grass nearby. Amber eyes watched the clouds idly moving through the sky, and soon closed to nap in the water, resting her hands behind her head as if it were land.

    This is the story of the water spirit Pangalla. Her powers were taken away from a figure cloaked in black shadows, leaving her a mere human. Today, she lives in the forest under the name of Amber, unaware of whom she was or the power she once possessed. Her only friends are the wild life of the forest, that is, until you come along.
    (In this world, there is no technology, only magic)

    Gender: (Looking for a male role)
    My CS:
    Name: Amber
    Age: Looks to be about 19.
    Gender: female.
    Bio: Amber was once the spirit of the water, but no longer possesses the power or memories.
    Personality: Happy, bubbly, but shy when it comes to strangers
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Extra: N/A
  2. Name: Leon Skel
    Age: 21
    Gender: Male
    Bio: Wizard/Magician/Whatever you want to call him.
    Personality: Brave, Kind, Quiet, Thoughtful and sometimes rude.
    Appearance (Click the word!)
    Extra: N/A
  3. (Good, I will start.)

    Amber continued to splash in the water. Small beads of the liquid seemed to float around her. Small animals began to gather around the waterbed, watching her with happy faces. "Hello friends!" she said cheerily, waving her arms. The small beads of water were pushed through the air, then collapsed back into the small river like body of water.
    With a smile, a little glowing pixie flew out to great the girl. It didn't speak, instead it fluttered it's wings, almost as a greeting. "And hello to you, too." she said, tapping the pixie lightly with her finger.
    Sinking beneath the water, Amber splashed vigorously. She didn't need to breath when she was beneath the water. It was almost as though she could breath perfectly beneath the surface.
  4. Leon decided to take a detour through the forest, enjoying the sights he saw along the way. Fantastic creatures and beautiful views were within the forest. The creatures seemed delightful and he went on his way, saying hello to the random creature that could speak which wasn't often but more than once. His path led him to a river, where a girl was playing in and having fun. He wasn't sure what to make of this so he stood at a distance before making up his mind and walking over to the water whenever he saw that the girl hadn't re-emerged after being under the water so long. He was getting ready to jump into the water to make sure everything was all right, he didn't know she could breath under water.
  5. Amber suddenly emerged from the water. The water seemed to roll off of her hair and skin, as though she were water proof. She splashed about a bit more, before noticing the man standing by the riverbed. Letting out a small squeal, she dove back under the water. Never before had she seen a person. Not that she could remember, anyways.
    Her little pixie friend flew up to the man, throwing up it's fists as though it were trying to protect the girl from harm.
  6. He raised his own hands like he was surrendering "I'm not here to harm anyone" He was more talking to the girl that went under the water than the pixie. He kept his hands raised, ignoring the pixie for the most part and waiting for the girl to re-emerge so he could speak to her. He wanted to know how she could breathe under water for so long and why she didn't seem wet when she emerged. Was it some sort of magic? If so it would come in handy.
  7. Amber swam up to the river bed, and popped her head back out once again. She stared up at him with wonder in his eyes.
    The little pixie flew to her and landed on top of her head. With an outstretched arm, she reached out to touch the man's leg, but stopped when the pixie pulled her hair. "Ow, Nana!" she said, rubbing her head. "That really hurt!"
  8. He crouched down and looked at the girl "What are you doing way out here?" He didn't question how she could speak the common language. He was wondering if she was with a group and lost them "Are you lost?" He continued to stay crouched down as he looked at the girl, seemingly no water was on her. How was this possible, he hasn't heard of magic like this.
  9. "I... I live here." Amber said shyly, sinking back down into the water. "What are you?" she asked, reaching out to touch him again. This time she pulled him into the water, giggling. She had no idea he was not like her. The splash surprised her. Water never splashed unless she wanted it to. She didn't know how or why, that's just how it worked.
  10. He emerged from the water "What the?!" He didn't know why she pulled him in and water wasn't really good for his armor, luckily it was enchanted so he didn't have to mind it much. He pulled himself out of the water, dripping. His hair was soaked and he calmed himself before yelling at the girl "I'm an Elf" He didn't say from were, he was always traveling so he didn't really say were he was from. He preferred to see new places.
  11. "What's an elf?" she asked, staring surprised at the water dripping from his hair. She jumped out of the water and sat down beside him. "And why are you wet?"
    Her voice was filled with curiosity. She reached up and touched his wet hair, then his elf ears, giggling. She seemed to be very childish for her age.
    Amber kicked her feet in the water, but there was no splash. It seemed to just conform to her legs.
  12. "An elf is-" He sighed, he didn't want to describe what his race was and her question confused him "I'm wet because it is water..." He said it like it was one of the most obvious things in the world. "Why aren't you wet?" He asked as he saw her legs didn't make a splash or get wet.
  13. "I..." Amber hesitated. She did know the answer. She had thought that it was normal to not get wet while in the water. She scratched her head in thought. "I don't know." she looked down to the water, feeling discouraged. "The water loves me."
  14. The water loves her? The water wasn't a living thing, but yet she seemed to believe her words and he didn't feel like bursting her bubble and telling her the truth. He sat quietly as he contemplated what he should do, letting himself dry off as he sat next to her. "The water loves you huh...." He pushed himself off the ground and ran a hand through his wet hair.
  15. "Yes." Amber nodded with a smile. She stood as well and brushed her fingers through her hair. As though she were copying his movements.
    "I am Amber!"
    A complete change in topic. She was clearly not used to talking to anybody but animals.
  16. "Leon..." He said as he looked around the forest, wondering which direction he came from. He doesn't need to get lost in here, how did she survive? She lived by herself and with these animals, did she just forage for berries and nuts? Surely she had to eat something else besides fruit. Did she eat fish, she could breath under water just fine to go get them.
  17. "What are you looking at Leeeon?" Amber asked. It seemed as though she had a hard time pronouncing his name. She looked around as well, once again copying his movements. Her pixie friend, who happened to be still sitting atop her head, began to flutter it's wings, as though it were trying to warn the girl. But she didn't even notice.
  18. "I'm looking for a way out of the forest.....also, it is pronounced Leon...Lee-On" He said clearly and precise. One thing that bothered him was when people couldn't properly pronounce something he pronounced for them clearly the first time. He let out a sigh as he couldn't remember the way he come from.
  19. "Leon!" Amber pronounced his name once again, properly this time. She seemed very excited over the little accomplishment.
    Amber's happy face soon turned into one of thought. "Out..." she said, rubbing her chin. "I can show you!"
    Nana the pixie facepalmed. The girl was so naive.
  20. "Then show me I guess..." He didn't understand this girl and he really didn't know if he should try and understand her. He let out a sigh as he waited for her to show him the way out of the forest, back on track of adventuring. He took one glance back at the river and her, she had to be something more than human if the water didn't affect her, but what?
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