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  1. It was much farther down than Mayumi had thought at first. So much farther. Even while climbing up to the fifth floor of the abandoned business building she hadn't realized just how far it truly was down to the ground until her feet teetered on the edge of the broken, full-length window. Down below there was an open manhole, and Mayumi was sure if she just aimed her fall right, no one would be able to see or find her after she hit the bottom; some small part of her relished becoming an unsolved mystery.

    Mayumi Fujita, 17, vanished mysteriously one day after leaving school. Her father, Hiro Fujita, did not report her missing until nearly midnight as he was frequently away at work until that hour. Her body was never found.

    Mayumi rolled around a few different iterations of the immaginary headline as the wind toyed with her hair. It was cloudy and the air was heavy, signaling that a storm was being driven into the city by the increasing wind. Her fingers curled around the frame of the window and she took a deep breath, looking down at the dark hole below.

    A moment later, she let go of the frame. The fall suddenly seemed to take ages, and Mayumi struggled in the air, almost immediately wishing for a rope or ledge to grab onto; anything to stop her descent. But the hole rushed up to meet her, divulging a woman in a navy business suit--

    Before she could ponder that too long, Mayumi had fallen into the hole, and for a brief moment, she felt as though she'd simply stopped falling and was hanging in midair. In another moment, she was floundering in hot water that stung her eyes. There was pain and pressure under her stomach, and then she was being hoisted up and into air. Coughing and choking, Mayumi blinked and tried to find what was holding her aloft so uncomfortably. From what her hands could tell her,, it was a stick or staff topped with metal and metal rings-- a monk's staff. As her eyes cleared, a woman faded into view just in front of her as she was turning to get a towel from the edge of the pool. Situated in her dark hair was a mouth grinning lewdly at Mayumi.

    "Humans always smell terrible," the mouth cackled, licking its lips. Like a fish Mayumi gaped for a moment before screaming and nearly falling off the staff; before she could, it was swept in and she was tossed on the dirt at the feet of a woman who radiated cold air.

    "Well, Eira, what shall we do with her? She's clearly human," the giant red man rumbled, digging the bottom of his staff into the dirt.
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  2. Perla floated through the air, swishing here and there lightly. Since whisking herself away to the spirit realm, Perla had been dearly missing her old swamp and the human friends she could call to come play with her. The youkai and other spirits were interesting and fun in their own right, but there was something nostalgic about a time when it had just been her, the greenery, the animals, the water, and the wayward strangers. Seeming to dance on the tips of her toes with her translucent white hair, she wandered aimlessly through the inn, humming to herself. Let's see... what was their to do? The little ghostly flame that had been her ever-constant companion bobbed around her, turning sea green, then dark purple, before going back to its customary blue. It settled on her shoulder for a bit, but didn't seem to burn her.

    The will o' the wisp didn't turn her head to look, but as the fire hopped off of her shoulder to go back to circling her, she seemed to ask it, "Oh, do you think so? I thought so, too, but I wasn't sure. It's been so long since we've sensed one, hasn't it?" The little ball of fire halted in the air momentarily and crackled in a funny manner - even funnier considering there was nothing it was burning on for it to crackle - before swishing on with her. "Really? But it's felt like forever. I'm so borrrrrred."

    Continuing to talk to her little fire in that inexplicable, sort of one-sided way, the pale child floated her way towards the gate where a new human had just made its way into their realm, if she was right. She touched down next to the gate, a pool of hot water that Perla was rather fond of. Without even really thinking about it, the wisp sat atop the towel the futakuchi-onna had gotten for the human, taking advantage of her natural near-invisibility, without realizing that that was what she was doing. She peered over the edge of the towel at the human, who had been shoved at the feet of the yuki-onna Eira.
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  3. "Rebecca! Have you finished chopping those potatoes for the stew yet?"

    The ghost girl sighed, as she continued telekinetically manipulating the knife. "Almost done. You know, there's something I've never really thought about."


    "How many mortal health codes we'd be violating by having a corpse in the kitchen."

    Sakura rolled her eyes. "Not like it matters, Bec. They won't get sick from me. Besides, you've been here for thirty years and haven't seen a single mortal yet. "
  4. The yuki-onna stared down at Mayumi, her blue lips compressed into a thin line. Ebony locks framed a snow-white face that was a startling contrast to the soul piercing gaze that was leveled at the human girl. For a moment the snow woman say nothing as she stepped around the intruder, paper-white kimono fluttering with every barefoot step yet somehow seemed to miss brushing past the wisp that had settled so close. The chill that radiated from her very being did nothing to bring any sort of comfort to the situation.

    "Well we certainly can't send her back, Yamasato," She stated finally as a well manicured, red painted fingernail tapped the corner of her mouth. The voice was stern, but surprisingly rich. "But I'm not in any particular mood to kill anyone today." For a brief moment moment her lips twitched, implying some hidden joke. "The freezing process taxes me as you already well know, my friend. Though perhaps throwing her into the endless sea would do the job --"

    There was a moment of silence as the woman seemed to contemplate the notion and how cruel it seemed to make her appear, if she was one who cared about such things. But a slight cough from a wheezy voice drew her attention to the right of the girl as a little white ball of flame seemed to flicker in and out of being.

    "Oh don't look at me like that," Eira suddenly snapped, and this time there was a almost sullen sound to her words. "I don't need your nagging reminders about our short staff."

    The little ball, whatever it was, flickered again. No words passed its lips, if indeed it had any, but Eira understood. It was her own argument flung silently back on her after the last staff meeting where it had been debated whether or not they should hire a rather unsavory character to do the job. They needed someone, or something, to fill that position, and a human girl wouldn't raise half so many objections as that.

    "Fine," the snow woman grumped with a sigh, looking towards the large red man as if for his approval, "So be it. We'll leave it up to her shall we?"

    In a single movement she knelt before the human girl, moving so gracefully it was more like the fall of new snow than an actual action. A single finger reached forward to tip the Human's chin up so they were looking eye to eye, normal to unnatural, the ruby lacquered nail scraping lightly across delicate skin. Eira's touch was the sort that could send a chill through to one's very bones.

    "The problem we face is this, my dear. You should not be here. Now that you are I cannot send you away to tell others our safe haven exists. So what do I do with you?" the blue lips smiled, but it was a frozen expression. "The choice is yours. Either you can work for us, for myself and Yamasato in the service of our guests, or you can be flung out to sea. Life in service, or what I believe will be a quite and lonely death."

    And for the second time that day Mayumi's fate hung on the choice she was about to make.
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  5. Curiosity and Cats...

    Yes, not all creatures were mortal. Some, "born" immortal. Souls never attached to bodies. Others, born mortal but later, immortalized. Every living thing, imbued with Spirit. But only certain Spirits tied to the mortal plane after death. Inbetween the Living and the Spiritual worlds. Able to exist in both. Free to move. A few living, mortal Spirits, of such nature they could also freely move from one to the other. As if their Souls contained their physical bodies, not their bodies their souls.
    One creature, feline. Curious.
    Off the Japanese coast, just a hundred miles out, a Boom! hit the water. And something moved, fast. So fast, it streaked over ocean's surface. In less than a second, hit the beach. And stopped. Yes, one creature, feline. Rust fur on top, cream-white fur underneath. Much like a leopard in size and form, but off a bit, if looked at long enough. Forepaws with thumbs. Eyes, bright with intelligence. And yes, very curious. Seeking.
    Stretch... ponder the seagulls... busy himself with a thorough lick, leg out, rough tongue working from groin to thigh... suddenly ponder seagulls again. Up, turn in circle...
    ... gone.
    A spray of sand marked where feline once was.

    No, didn't take long! This feline knew quite well where he wanted to be, knew his world quite well, despite this being his first Jaunt. Knew where all the Gates stood, thanks to his teachers. How to sniff out places and things. How to feel pathways. Better to use what's there in the world than to create your own. Unless leaving or returning to Hwaorra.
    Sniff sniff.......
    "... and haven't seen a single mortal yet. "
    Perhaps a slight, cool breeze. A very large cat now in the Spirit Gate Inn's kitchen, staring at an undead corpse and a ghostly apparition. He didn't speak, just stared and sniffed, then sat on his haunches, as if waiting. Tongue licked to feline lips.......
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  6. Sakura turned to grab a steak and saw a massive cat sitting there. "Hello, there. Would you like some milk, or maybe a nice piece of salmon?" She gave the cat a rub behind the ears. He reminded her of her own cat from her time as a mortal girl. "I think I'll name him Lucky, unless you've got a better suggestion."

    Rebecca stopped chopping peppers and looked at the feline. "I don't think that's a normal cat, Sakura. We wouldn't have any of those here. My guess is he's a shapeshifter of some sort." Rebecca floated over to the cat. "Welcome to the Spirit Gate Inn. We take care of any and all supernaturals. I'm Rebecca, and this rather friendly lich is Sakura. What can we get for you?"

    Sakura set a little ball of yarn out for the cat, causing Rebecca to glare daggers at her. "Don't you think you're being just a little bit stereotypical with that?"

    The lich stared right back at the gray-haired ghost girl. "No, not really."

    "Just checking."
  7. Shape of Things To Come...

    This very large cat did indeed enjoy a good scratch behind the ears. He even gave a playful bat towards the ball of yarn. But his eyes and attention focused on the lich...
    ... "Not a shapeshifter... I'm Chirra." He raised his chin, eyes briefly closed. His voice, rough yet clear.
    ... "Perhaps lucky to find this place."
    His eyes passed from lich to ghost...
    ... "Thank you for the yarn, but I don't know how to knit." He grinned enough to show teeth, tail curled over toes, ears alert... "I do know how to drink milk and eat salmon." He purred again, tongue stuck out a bit as he gave a feline chuckle.
  8. Mayumi shivered, not just from the cold the woman radiated, but her tone as well. Live in service to the inn, or die? Although moments ago she'd gladly have taken die, now-- Mayumi bit her lip and tried not to look around at the other strange guests. She didn't want to be thrown into the sea, and maybe if she stayed at the inn long enough, she'd find her way out.
    "F-fine. I'll stay and work," she mumbled, biting her lip harder to keep tears from rolling down her face. Somehow this really felt like dying since part of her was sure she'd never actually see her father or old life again. But it was still sort of living, which was better than not. Mayumi struggled to her feet and wrung out her navy, pleated skirt so that water spattered on the ground.
    "I-- I, um... C-could I change first, though? I'm cold."

    The red tengu looked briefly at Eira and wordlessly seemed to reach an agreement with her before nodding at Mayumi, his golden eyes peering hawkishly at her down his long nose.
    "Guest Perla, will you show our new servant girl to a room that a human could use? I believe there are a number in the end of the Jade Wing that are small enough for one. It would be most appreciated."

    Mayumi looked around, confused as the tengu seemed to be speaking to no one.
    "And once she's changed, take her by the kitchen. We need to get some food going, and it would be a great time for her to start learning the ropes."
    "B-but I just got--"

    She turned pale and silent at the looks from the tengu and Eira, taking a few steps back and wildly looking for whoever Perla was. As she was led away, the tengu looked at Eira with a tight mouth.
    "Before we were interrupted, I was coming to tell you that there has been a problem in the Ginger Wing-- it seems many of the guest doors are being blocked by some items we forgot about in storage and have now not only declared themselves residents, but in charge too. I thought you might come help me with the task of negotiating since I have been told I am 'heavy handed'."

    Some time later, in the kitchen, Chirra, Rebecca, and Sakura were met by a very shaky, sullen human in a dry, light blue yukata whose sleeves were tied back. Her eyes it on Sakura for a long moment before, almost unwillingly, they slid to Rebecca and then Chirra. All of the color drained out of her face and she wordlessly gaped at them.
    "Y-you're... You're..."

    Although she was looking at Sakura, her eyes tracing the decay, she could do little else but stare in shock until she fainted right in the doorway.
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  9. "I'm what? Dead? So's she," Sakura quipped, pointing at Rebecca. It took a few seconds for the realization of what was going on to sink in. When it did, the lich reacted in panic. "Oh crap. She's a human."

    Rebecca rolled her ectoplasmic eyes. "Way to go, genius. I already figured that out."

    Sakura dragged the unconscious girl to an unoccupied room, setting her down on the bed. "You stay outside here, Bec. If you hear her moving around, come tell someone, and then open the door to check on her. Whatever you do, don't phase through it. We don't need her freaking out again. Once was enough, thank you very much."

    The phantom raised her hand to her eyebrow in a mocking salute. "Will do, boss."

    "Oh, and could you dust around here while you're waiting? Doesn't hurt to help out a little bit."

    Rebecca scowled as Sakura went back to the kitchens. "Not enough to have to babysit Little Miss Mortal, but I have to keep the place clean, too. I really should have gone to the afterlife."
  10. Interaction: Eira { @- Falcon - } & Yamasato { @Midian }

    Hana's day had been going fairly well. She had gotten up early feeling very refreshed and bright-eyed. Her parents had gone on vacation and so she had been staying with her three brothers, who were all sharing a house. She had made it down to the kitchen even before Yue, who was their normal rise-with-the-sun resident. She made breakfast and then went about the process of waking up the twins, who were notorious for staying up much later than they should but alas they had work. She made sure Yue was eating, he had come down while she was trying to wake up Izark and Haku. She then waved good-bye and headed off for school. The rest of the day was good. She hung out with her friends at lunch and she was in good spirits when she arrived back home.

    This quickly disappeared when she arrived home only to find out that the twins had accidentally let her cat Salem escape. Now, if it was any normal cat, she wouldn't have worried but Salem had been declawed and was generally an inside-cat. With it going to be dark soon, she didn't want to think what might happen to him. So now here she was, searching the streets for her cat. It was no small feat either, with her unaware of which direction he had headed in. So she was left with calling his name and shaking his favorite bag of treats in hopes he would hear it and come to her. No such luck so far. An hour of searching and nothing but a few ally cats that came up in search of food. The sun was beginning to set and she still hadn't seen any hair of him.

    Most people would have given up by now but Hana was stubborn if anything and she was determined to find her cat, even if it took all night.

    "Salem! Here kitty, kitty!"

    Gosh, where could he have gone?! She was really worried now. What if he was hurt? What if another cat tried to fight him? What if he got run over by a car? What if-


    At the sound, Hana whipped around just in time to see a cat that looked like Salem turn the corner. Thank goodness, he was safe! She raced after the feline, calling her pets name. She turned the corner only to see a furry tail disappear around another corner. Wait, how did the cat get down the street so fast? She gave chase, bag of treats having been dropped behind by accident. No matter how fast she ran, and she was pretty fast; one of the fastest runner on the track team, it seemed the cat was always turning the next corner by the time she rounded the previous one. This continued for several minutes until she saw the cat waltz into an old, decrepit building. Why on earth did her pet come here?

    Filled with slight trepidation, Hana hesitantly stepped inside, wrinkling her nose at the mildew and dust smell seeping in the air. Small shafts of dying light spilled through the cracks on the boarded up windows but it did little to illuminate the space. It appeared to be an old hotel that hasn't been torn down yet. The room she was standing in seemed to be the reception area, an old faded desk resting next to a dark doorway. She crossed the moth-eaten carpet and circled around the desk to the other side. Papers scattered across the surface, the words to smudged and faded for her to make out though it appeared to be a ledger of some sorts. She reached for one of the drawers and frowned when it didn't budge, either locked or stuck from the wood having warped around it. She reached for the one below it and managed to tug it open after a few tries. More papers filled the space and resting on top was faded photograph of an elderly couple. She smiled at their happy expressions and gently placed the photo back inside the drawer.

    Another meow distracted her from her snooping and reminded her of the real reason she had set foot in this place. She turned and looked into the gloom through the doorway. Great, it was completely black, she couldn't see a thing. She bit her lip, uneasy about wandering down a dark hallway where anything could reach out an grab her.

    But wait! Her phone had a flashlight on it!

    She dug around in her pocket and fished the device out, turning on the flashlight. It shone down the hall, a bright beacon piercing the darkness and driving it back. Two reflective eyes shined back at her as the cat disappeared through the doorway.

    "Salem wait!"

    She bit her lip as her voice echoed harshly down the hallway, bouncing off surfaces and pretty much ignored by the cat who turned and disappeared into an open room. What was with her cat?! He's never acted like this before! Grumbling to herself silently, she gingerly padded down the hallway and eased herself into the room.

    Before she could get a good look at the rooms contents, a sicking lurching feeling bubbled up in her stomach at the same time that her phone died, taking with it her only light source. The device fell from her hands as the nauseating feeling grew stronger, forcing her to squeeze her eyes shut. She didn't know how much time passed, be it seconds or even minutes but eventually the sick feeling lightened until it disappeared all-together, as if it had never existed in the first place. She stayed still with her eyes closed, unsure of what had just happened. It was only when she heard voices that she peeked her eyes open. She found herself facing another door. Wait, she had entered a room hadn't see? Had she gotten completely turned around and was facing the door she just came through? But why was it closed? She had definitely left it open. Now burning with curiosity, Hana reached for the knob and eased the door open, stepping out of the room. She froze upon seeing her surroundings, the door knob slipping from her hands and slamming shut. Oh my. Where in the world was she?!

    The voices she had heard previously grew louder and louder until two figures turned the corner. She felt her eyes widened as she took in their appearance. What sort of festival or costume party had she stumbled upon? But it doesn't explain how her surroundings had changed. Had she hit her head on something and this was all a dream? If it was, it was definitely time for her to be going now.

    "Oh um...I-I...was..looking for my cat! And I see that neither of you are him, so I'll...ah..just be going now!" She whirled and grabbed the doorknob only to find she couldn't turn it an inch. What?! It had just been opened! Oh dear. Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. This was not good. What mess had she gotten herself into this time?!

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  11. "Uuuuuugh.." The red haired nymph groaned as soon as she sat up from her futon, her head throbbing and her stomach churning from all the booze she drank last night. Her mind was still a bit hazy but she do remember bits and pieces of what happened. She went to the human world for work, went to the club to have fun and got drunk. She can't remember how she got back to the spirit world and how she got back to the inn. She also can't remember if she slept with someone last night.

    She looked at her clothes and sighed. She was still wearing the slinky green dress from the photoshoot so that clearly means she didn't slept with anyone. She felt somewhat relieved yet irritated at the same time. It was great that she didn't bring any humans to the spirit world but its not great for her to wake up alone in her bed still dressed.

    Another groan left her plump red lips as her headache got stronger. She clearly need medicine to ease her hangover. Blindly reaching for the purse she used last night, she grabbed two painkillers she usually bring with her and swallowed it down before standing up. Her mind was still fuzzy from the booze but the painkillers are starting to work. She then went to the bathroom and started doing her daily morning routine before changing into a short green kimono that shows her voluptious breasts and shapely legs. She doesn't have work today and she wasn't planning on going so she decided to wear something comfy yet sensual at the same time. Besides, Its in her nature to act and dress that way.

    She combed her lustrous red hair and defined her vibrant green eyes with eyeliner before she opened her door and walked out of her room to venture down the hallways, making her way towards the kitchen. The nymph knew she could order room service but she prefers to get her own food. Besides, seeing the staff means she could flirt with them. As she rounded the corner, she saw the yuki-onna and the tengu with their backs facing her.

    "Ah, Miyuki. Yama-kun!" Chrysa called with a wave of her hand to gain their attention, smiling seductively to hide the fact she went out drinking last night and was hungover. "What a lovely morning to see you two. I hope I'm not interrupting anything.. And if I did, perhaps we can sort it out with something... Fun? You two both know that you're invited in my room right?"

    The nymph had always joked about inviting mythical creatures to her room to do something.. Fun. She always make it sound like she's planning on ravaging them as soon as they stepped inside her private quarters but in truth she's just joking.. Well, not really. She isn't really planning to sleep with the staff or guests in the inn but if the opportunity arises, who is she to say no? Besides, its always up to them if they accept her offer or not.

    Chrysa walked towards the two to continue her flirting but stopped as she saw a pink haired girl, her focus now solely onto her. The nymph quickly sensed that the girl looked like she's not of this realm which means...

    "Oh? A human in the spirit realm? My, my. You're in awful lot of trouble my dear" the nymph purred with a mischievous smile, making her way towards the human and leaning forward. Their faces were mere inches away from each other that their lips almost brushed when the nymph cupped the girl's chin with her index finger and thumb. She was beautiful, the nymph had to admit but the human was nowhere near beautiful than her.

    Chrysa let her hot breath fan the girl's cheeks as she spoke, her green eyes never leaving hers. "But do not fret, my love. I'm sure Miyuki and Yama-kun have plans for you. Am I right?" By now the nymph was standing straight and looking a the two mythical creatures behind her, her hand no longer lingering at the human's face. "Besides, I am certain that you two won't let her leave. How about giving her a job? Perhaps as my toy? Yes.. I think a human toy would help the inn attract more guests."
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  12. ((Character write-out approved by Midian))

    A delicately shaped eyebrow rose as Eira heard Yamasato's news. She felt a jolt in her heart as she realized what, no who, her longtime friend and companion must be speaking of and she turned on her heels to lead the way inside even as she answered.

    "No more heavy handed than I've been on occasion, as you well know, though I will do my best to lend a cool diplomatic touch."

    Her lips twitched in laughter at the pun yet before she could continue they had entered the Inn and the door to the accounting office burst open to allow a feline with extraordinarily familiar striping pattern to streak through the room. The door fell closed behind him but didn't quite latch. Yet before Eira could rush forward to remedy the laps in security it opened again revealing yet another human. Eira tried to suppress her irritation. There was only one resident of the Inn who used that door to access the rundown building near Tokyo's most prestigious art college (by turning right and walking into the door frame) and the full force of her icy gaze was now directed at the "cat" who was now cowering behind a potted plant.

    "What?" queried an equally familiar male voice issuing from the unfamiliar feline form. "You said you needed help with that position, not to mention the duo of the dead having to leave today before getting a chance to cook dinner. I do not want to be feasting on any more of your frozen sandwich thingies."

    Eira's eyebrows narrowed at him but before she could respond the human spoke.

    "Oh um...I-I...was..looking for my cat! And I see that neither of you are him, so I'll...ah..just be going now!"
    And the girl was tugging on the door handle as if expecting to get home.

    "I'm afraid that because that door is a gateway it won't open for you." Eira sighed as she pinched the bridge of her nose. "And Tibbs, stop sniveling, change out of that ridiculous form, and come stand where I can see you -- please." The please was an obvious after thought. Eira pointedly tried to ignore the look Yamasato was giving her.

    Tibbs padded out from behind the vase and slowly began to shift as he did so. His bulk shifted and stretched and grew in a muddled mess that seemed to rearrange itself before settling on something that strongly resembled a cross between a raccoon and a dog wearing a short white kimono and waist cloth. He came out to be about the rough size of a preteen human, with a round belly and quirky smile. The fur and markings along with the green-gold eyes remained the same.

    "Really, Eira-san. I was on'y tryin' to help!" The Tanuki stretched out his paw in protest and it was suddenly painfully clear he had been declawed, proving he was in fact the cat Hana had been chasing.

    Yet before Eira could respond she was interrupted once more, by yet another resident.

    "Ah, Miyuki. Yama-kun! What a lovely morning to see you two. I hope I'm not interrupting anything.. And if I did, perhaps we can sort it out with something... Fun? You two both know that you're invited in my room right?"

    She kept going, kept talking, teasing them each by turn including the human. She could feel Yamasato tensing beside her and Eira's irritation rose. This twit should know better! especially with the two of them and a human! Perhaps Eira might have reacted better if this was the first incident of the day, but it wasn't, and she didn't.

    Her eyebrows dropped if possible even lower, her blue lips compressed into a thin line, her shoulders whent back, she gained an inch or two of height, and with every word frozen air left her mouth, misting for all to see.

    "My name - is Eira," she stated, and Eira saw Tibbs visibly flinch. "And you will leave the humans alone. Do I make myself clear?" There was a lengthy pause as Eira let her words sink in before she spoke again. "Tibbs, take your friend to the kitchen, we do need a fill in, explain to her and the other girl why they cannot leave and what we expect from our human staff."

    "Other girl - explain-" the Tanuki stuttered, "I don't - I'm not--"


    "Yes ma-am."

    And with a declawed paw Tibbs gestured frantically for Hana to join him and get out of the entry way, down the hall, and into the kitchens as quickly as possible before Eira started a complete freeze over with the Nymph over a little harmless flirting. Light but he hoped it was resolved before she triggered a blizzard.

    "Tell me exactly what did you want?" Eira continued in that frozen tone, "Or find something else to amuse yourself with. I have to do teal with what I strongly suspect is a teapot samuri. That or a scarecrow with a turnip for it's head."

    "Really," Tibbs complained to Hana as he led her to the kitchen, "Chrysa should know how overprotective Eira-san gets about Yamasato-san."

    A moment later they were at the Kitchen doors just in time to see Rebecca fly out with Sakura hot on her heels, one scolding the other about making them late by playing with talking Cats.

    The Tanuki entered, and stopped still when he saw the Feline in question, feeling a little ashamed of having been impersonating a house cat for so long now that he was nose to nose with the real thing. He'd have to make that up to Hana later.

    "Hello," he started polity addressing Chirra, not knowing the exact circumstances of the Feline's appearance, or even exactly what it was. "I'm Tubbs. Are you a new guest here? and--" here Tibbs took a good look around the room, "And do you know what happened to the other human who I was just told was supposed to be in here? Did she run away? Eira is in no mood to deal with runaways right now."

    Even as he spoke Tibbs was poking his nose all over the kitchen until he found the door to the connected chef's living quarters unlocked and open and the room beyond full of human scent.

    "Do either of you know how to cook by the way? Chef isn't due home until after dinner time, and with those two having to leave early to return to the Jinn's palace where they usually work, I'm afraid that leaves us to come up with something."
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  13. Nose To Knows...

    The Feline in question, no, not a house cat. Never a house cat! But yes, quite real. Quite so! And still in full possession of his claws. His teeth. His brain. And all of his other body parts. Though his "second brain" sometimes made him trip over his own four feet. Being tanuki, Tibbs could probably relate. But for now, Tibbs talked. And sniffed about. Chirra? He still wondered how his joke had fallen so flat. But then, that human female fainting and all...
    ... such a shame.
    Chirra took a deep breath...
    ... "I'm Chirra. I'm a new guest..." Well, he might as well be... "and the other human passed out..." Here he gestured with forepaw thumb towards The Door... "so the zombie lady took her in there, then the zombie lady and the ghost lady scrammed real fast..." Here he took another deep breath... "and I've been left all alone wondering what I did wrong, though I was promised milk and salmon and..." He snagged the ball of yarn, then stood up on his hind legs... "given this present."
    Chirra tossed the ball of yarn from what was now hand to hand, his upright stance and use of forepaws looking very natural, if a bit odd, given nothing about him had changed, other than him suddenly standing up and using his thumbs. And grinning like a Cheshire Cat...
    ... "From what I caught, they were making stew."
    A toss over shoulder, and the yarn-ball seemed to vanish... paws came together as claws snicked out...
    ... "What with all the running about I do, I don't often get a chance to cook my meals."
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  14. At Chrysa's generous offer Yamasato had turned, if possible, more red and blustered smething semi-coherent about duty and respecting the privacy of inn guests.
    "And furthermore, it would be very inappropriate for a keeper of the inn to consort with a guest, really. It is for your own dignity and prorection, Miss Chrysa. Besides there is a situation Ms. Eira nad I have to attend to. However..."

    Yamasato paused, considering Chrysa. Yes the flirting was pretty heavy-handed, but it was more often than not successful, if he remembered correctly the number of guests he'd fished out of her room. If neither his nor Eirea's brand of diplomacy worked, perhaps Chrysa could sort them out with a little of her own brand of persuasion. It would hardly be the strangest thing he'd seen that day, let alone ever.
    "Miss Chrysa, perhaps if you have some spare time, we could potentially use your assistance in dealing with a guest situation. If Eira and I cannot pacify the guests, we may ask you to step in."

    He gestured for her ot follow and led her and Eira down to the Ginger Wing where a number of items, ranging from umbrellas to lutes to discarded, tattered clothing had swarmed the hallway, led by a tea set that had assembled itself into a human-like body with a crudely-painted banner on a stick.
    "We are guets! We deserve rooms!" The items chanted, led by the tea set which marched forward to confront the three of them.
    "Are you here to acquiesce to our demands and provide us with premumium rooms? We deserve these for our untiring service as objects for one hundred years!"
    "Service!" Yamasato rumbled. "You did little more than be used!"

    Meanwhile, in the kitchen, the distant complaints of hungry guets began to filter in, punctuated by annoyed banging on tables. It was clear the guests resented the wait for food and that a mutiny might shortly be on hand if none was provided. The ruckus was so loud it roused Mayumi, who crept down the hall and found hserself in the kitchen again, afraid to face the crowd outside in the dining hall. Peeking into the kitchen, she edged inside upon seeing that there were no ghosts or dead people. Upon seeing Hana Mayumi paused, suddenly more glad than she could remember at seeing another human being.
    "Are... Are you a human too? How did you get here?" She questiioned Hana, momentarily unaware of Tibbs and Chirra until she saw Chirra move out of the corner of her eye and whipped around to look at them.
    "You're a... A... cat?" She questioned Chirra before looking at Tibbs.
    "And you're a tanuki... But, how? Tanuki aren't real, none of this is. What kind of place is this? And what's all the noise out there?"
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  15. Shigure was asleep in his room. He had just gotten home from the human world three days ago. His eyes fluttered open, he had a bunch of sleep in his eyes since he had slept for three days. Bringing his index finger and thumb to his face he rubbed the sleep from his eyes. Disrobing from his pajamas he put on a kimono of his that had a maroon top and brown bottoms.

    Once dressed Shigure walked into the dining area, sitting at a table by himself, he pulled a silver package from his pocket it was rectangular in shape. Tearing the silver container open he began to eat it's contents. Two rectangle shaped pastries, covered in a hard brown frosting, with brown sugary deliciousness inside. Taking a bite he slowly chewed and swallowed the food, letting the taste run through his mouth. His ears twitched at the thought.

    Shigure looked over to see all the commotion 'A human?! In the inn? No way!' he thought to himself never saying a word. That made him wonder about whether or not he published his latest article i the human world. 'God dang it' he thought with a face palm still to early for him to be up, even though he slept for three days. Irritated with himself he sat in silence eating his pastry delight.
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  16. The red haired nymph only stared at the yuki-onna, a playful smile making its way on her plump lips as one of her perfectly sculpted eyebrow arched. Chrysa was a bit amused and not at least scared at how Eira reacted at her teasing. The nymph had seen worse reactions compared to the yuki-onna so it didn't faze her. But Chrysa had never seen the girl react like that before and the she kind of wanted to see more of the yuki-onna's reaction. She wanted to push her button and maybe, push her past the breaking point.

    "Oh?~ and what are you going to do if I don't leave the human alone? Eira-chan?~" Chrysa taunted with a mocking tone, making sure to drag her voice as she said the girl's name. She knew no good would come if she continued her teasing but she didn't care. She was having way too much fun! She was about to speak again when the yuki-onna spoke up, ordering the tanuki to bring the human girl to the kitchento be briefed with another girl. Of course, being a nymph, Chrysa's ears perked up at the mention of another girl. "Another new ? Oooh~ then I guess I'll let her free.. for now"

    Chrysa watched the human girl and the tanuki leave before focusing her attention back at the yuki-onna and tengu. Eira was still using her frozen tone so Chrysa decided to piss her off even more. She crossed an arm under her bosom while she looked at her nails, a bored expression on her face. The nymph completely ignored the yuki-onna and focused her green eyes on the tengu. "Hmm? You want me to help? I would be delighten, Yamasato-kun! But.." The nymph's voice suddenly changed into a husky and sultry one as she made her way towards the tengu, an arm snaking around his shoulders while a hand rests on his chest. They were in a rather intimate position and it became more intimate when the nymph leaned in to fan her hot breath on his ear as she whisper "you owe me one~" The nymph then stepped away from the tengu with a mischievous glint in her eyes before turning around as if telling him to lead the way.

    As the three arrived at the Ginger wing, Chrysa immediately noticed the chaos and ruckus around her. There were items talking and asking for rooms! The nymph watched the tea set marched towards them and ask about having a room.

    "My, my.. Such poor creature" The nymph cooed in a sickly sweet voice, crouching down to pick up the tea set. "Please do tell why you need rooms? Is the cupboards and cabinets not enough?"
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  17. Eira's blue lips compressed, if possible, into an even thinner line when Yamasato requested Chrysa's help in dealing with the situation ahead. Really, what was he thinking? Probably that all things given Eira herself wasn't in a very diplomatic mood and that the Nymph's flirting might calm the situation. Logical in it's own way, but Eira found such logic flawed.

    In Eira's experience the Nymph was showy, flashy, and longed to be center of attention. In most cased Eira really didn't care, but in some, like now, she doubted any good could come of it.

    And then a major line was crossed.
    And it wasn't only one of Eira's, but the one firm line she knew for a fact Yamasato held.
    Chrysa touched him.

    Unsanctioned physical contact that was neither necessary for health nor security -- It took everything Eira had not to freeze the girl on the spot for crossing a known boundary with her (Eira's) oldest and dearest friend. Even before Yamasato had a chance to react himself the temperature level of the room dropped several degrees before the Nymph stepped back in agreement to help and the trip down the hall to where the trouble was brewing began. Still, Eira trailed behind, biting her tongue literally to keep from speaking in rage, and clenching her fists so hard her lacquered nails dug into her palms.

    She tried to control her breathing, to count her heartbeats, in the attempt to keep control before she released another blizzard. Though she hadn't lost that much control in nearly two-hundred years.

    That was the mistake on her part.

    Eira's silence allowed for the Nymph to speak first to the waiting objects, and her words caused utter chaos. It was an insult no sentient object could allow, and their voices and actions made that clear in every way.

    It was also the straw that broke the camel's back or so to speak.

    Eira's temper flared, and with it came a sudden burst of her power so strong that the entire hall was was literally iced over.

    It spread from the place where Eira's bare feet touched the floor, spiraling out in in spreading ice fractals that raced each other the length of the hall and up the walls, frost formed on the door knobs and light fixtures and the window that left a view of the yard was completely frosted in seconds. More than that every being in the area suddenly found their feet stuck solidly to the frozen floor. No one could more an inch in any direction.

    No one that is except Yamasato whom the ice seemed to have avoided altogether. Whether that was because His fire nature allowed him to easily counter the snow-woman's abilities, or because she had intentionally avoided him, no one could say for certain except perhaps those two.

    "Do you enjoy aggravating me?" she snapped though the target of her wrath was notably unspecified. "Have you had enough yet? Or do I need to freeze the entire Inn before you're willing to stop acting like children?" Her arms crossed and her chin came up. "Now, I am sure we are all rational and civilized beings with no true desire to hurt each other and every desire to see what's fair worked out. So once you are unfrozen do we all agree to sit down somewhere and work on an arrangement without attacking each other?"

    "Of course we're real!" Tibbs started to explain as he rushed over to the giant pot of stew to examine the contents. He could hear the guests outside getting anxious and that in turn began to make him anxious.

    "We just happen to spend the majority of our time existing outside of the human realm. I mean think about it, how many humans do you know that would react well to seeing any one of us pop over for dinner some night? This place, this hotel it's a sort of refuge, a safe place where we can come a live and not have to worry about the crazy human world and all it's changes."

    He poked at the stew some more and then looked at the door to the dinning hall where voices were getting louder.
    "While I finish this do you think you two girls could see if there's any bread, or fruit, or cheese of anything in the fridge and surrounding cupboards? I think that's where Hal keeps it all. And Mr. Cat, Chirra? I know you said you don't often cook, but could you maybe get the plates and bowels and things out of the china cabinet?"

    It wouldn't be the fanciest meal the guests had ever seen, but it would be food. Right now Tibbs was hoping that would count for something.
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  18. Be Our Guest...

    Chirra rolled his eyes at the human female's questions. Then he started to open his mouth to respond... but Tibbs beat him to it. Fast on his feat, yes, but not all that fast of mouth. Unless he was already talking. Still...
    ... "Pop over for dinner......." Yes, the words came out low-mumbled, edged with.......
    Back-turned ears suddenly popped forwards at the words "And Mister Cat"... yes, again, indeed a "mister", indeed a "cat", and most assuredly "Chirra". Now, "cats" normally are quite contrary, unlike dogs. Dogs spend their whole lives waiting to be told what to do, while cats... well, they do what they want when they want, no matter how many times someone says "Fetch!" or "Sit!" Yet, despite his oh so recent peeve, and just because it was Tibbs who asked, Chirra, ever one for doing... did what he was asked.
    Only thing was, Tibbs hadn't told him where to put the plates and bowls and things, or told him exactly what things, so Chirra just went on instinct.......
    ....... which lead to every single item in the china cabinet ending up on every available counter and/or table space in the kitchen. All neatly stacked and arranged. Even though Chirra himself simply blurred for a second or two, then became crystal clear right where he'd just been standing, his stance the image of feline elegance, his expression, pleased. Tail's tip, a-twitch. It didn't take sharp ears to hear his purr. Then...
    ... "Without food on them, I didn't think it would be wise to set them in front of our guests ."
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  19. Hana
    Interactions: Tibbs -@- Falcon -- | Chirra -@Roose Hurro- | Mayumi -@Midian-

    Hana tried not to start panicking as the door continued to refuse to budge. It couldn't have locked when she went though, could it?! But alas, the handle didn't turn one bit as she jiggled it this way and that. Finally deciding the door was a lost cause, the girl whirled and pressed her back against the wood, some instinct deep inside of her screaming to not turn her back to these people. As they stared at her, she suddenly felt a lot like cornered prey and she didn't like it at all. There must be another door out of this place. She just needed to find it and then she could go back home. But what about Salem? She couldn't just leave him here, she would never forgive herself.

    "Oh? A human in the spirit realm? My, my. You're in awful lot of trouble my dear"

    A human in the what now?

    Upon hearing a new voice coming up behind her, Hana whirled and felt her eyes widen at the woman before her. The wash of grays the woman appeared to Hana in didn't dilute her beauty one bit. Lack of color always seemed to make everything look dull to the human's eyes but there was something...special about this woman that Hana just couldn't put her finger on it. As Hana gazed up at the woman, the woman decided to crowd Hana's personal space. Leaning her face super close to her own, Hana tried to inch her head backwards but was trapped when the woman cupped her chin thus preventing her movement. Hana's eyes widened even further as a pink tint crawled up her cheeks. She was speechless, unsure of what to say as this woman as she started talkiing about jobs and toys. Just what kind of place was this?! And why was she being referred to as human? Weren't they human as well? Was this some type of role-playing scene she stumbled upon? This situation was growing weirder and weirder. All she wanted to do was go home and forget this happened. But she needed to find Salem. She hated to think what these people might do to her poor kitty.

    She was then distracted by a male voice and she turned, mouth falling open as she watched her feline pad from out behind a plant and began transforming. A silent scream welled up in her throat but it remained unheard as her cat finished his transformation into a...raccoon/dog creature? What?! She could only watch, stupefied as these creatures conversed around her. She noticed her cat-now-raccoon was gesturing at her, the girl having completely missed what had been said regarding her. Before her brain could really process what was going on, she found herself numbly following after Salem..er..Tibbs? Was that what he had been called?

    She could hear him talking but couldn't understand the words. She was still in shock from what she had witnessed. They arrived at the kitchen and she was broken from her shock as two girls sprinted from the room. She swayed slightly. One...One of those girls had been transparent. A dream...this had to all be a dream. She came home from school and fell asleep and only dreamed about Salem escaping the house. She stood there, staring at the large cat that Tibbs began speaking to. She was half-expecting vampires and werewolves to pop up next when what appeared to be a...girl..entering from a room adjacent to the kitchen.

    She was asked if she was human too and Hana blinked, eyes becoming a bit more focused. She turned to look at what was once her cat.

    "Sale- Tibbs...W-What's going on? You were a cat and then you transformed into a...tanuki? How did I get here? What exactly is here?"

    The girl spoke with a shake to her voice, looking lost and almost in tears.

    Interactions: Sylphie -@Sasha Bliss-

    A soft baritone voice sung softly in another language, the sweet melody drifting through the shop and combining with the sweet scent of teas. The tea shop was dim in the fading light of the sun, it's weak rays casting shadows onto the floor. A few lamps were scattered about, revealing various bags of tea hanging on the shelves. Some tea pots were resting on shelves underneath, pink and white and gold with floral designs. The were items he picked up from his travels and a few avid tea-pot collectors and tea-drinkers had come in and paid a handsome price for one. But his real money was made from his tea. During the day, especially on the week-end he got a flood of new and old customers alike. Tourists loved stopping in and buying a bag to take back home. The shop-owner himself was in his back room where he did his mixing, singing softly to himself as he finished off the last of the orders for that day. Suddenly he paused and cocked his head, keen ears picking up foot-steps approaching his shop. It was no where near as keen as if he were in his true form. In that form he would have heard the foot-steps when they turned onto the street. But alas he was stuck with these dulled senses. At least until tonight that is.

    The young man set his tools down and wiped his hands before picking up the bag of freshly mixed tea. He stood from his stool and made his way to the front of the store just as an elderly woman stepped into the shop. Her gray hair was pulled back into a tight bun and she had a kind smile on her face as she approached the counter. The man gave a warm smile in return and began ringing up the woman's purchase which he had set on the counter.

    "Hello Mrs. Nanami, how are we doing today?"

    He asked in a smooth voice, handing reaching out to accept the money the woman pulled from her purse. He added the money to the register before bagging her purchase and handing it over, leaning his forearms on the counter.

    "Doing well dear. The recent rain hasn't been kind but at least the hydrangeas are in bloom. And what about you dear? Any plans for this evening?"

    "Just going to visit an old friend."

    "That will be nice. You need to get out of this shop every once and a while. Anyway, I'd best be going now. You take care now Shiro."

    Shiro walked her to the door and held it open for her as she pattered down the street. He stayed in the doorway, making sure she had turned the corner carefully before he went inside to clean up. That done, he locked the shop up before turning and walking down the street. As he walked he reached up and pulled his tie loose, sighing in content as his mane of hair tumbled around his shoulders. Into the pocket his tie went as he whistled as he made his way down the street. It didn't take him long to reach his destination and soon he was knocking on a door, hands tucked into his pocket as he leaned against the wall.
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  20. Sylphie - Interaction with Shiro

    Sylphie had spent most of her hours of the day sitting in the library. She had read a total of 8 books that day and helped around 11 people check out and or find books. It took her some time to get home since she obviously couldn't walk and there was a hill on the closest route to her home, so she had to go the long route. When she finally arrived home she had taken a twenty minute bath.

    Once she had finished she had gotten dressed and took a small nap in her chair while the television was playing. Taking some of her time she had woken up. Reaching up to her face she rubbed the sleep in her eyes, onto her bottoms, going to the kitchen she cooked herself some. by the time she was done she was disappointed not by the taste but by the fact that she had several cuts on her fingers. Going to the bathroom she started to treat and bandage her fingers poorly but enough. It was soon she heard the doorbell.

    Wheeling to the door she leaned against the door, she looked through the look hole. She was surprised by what she saw, it was one of her closest friends. Unlocking the door, she opened the door, and reached out to her friend shiro giving him a hug in his side.

    "Oh Shiro it's so good to see you" she started. "How have you been? Are you doing okay? Have you meant someone yet?" Her bubbly self kept asking him question because she hadn't seen him in a while.

    It was then she covered her mouth. "Oh, I'm sorry, I let myself go just there" she chuckled to herself.

    "So... Does that mean we're going to the Inn today?" she asked him, putting her hands together.
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