Spirit Fighters

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  1. There are dark spirits on earth. Spirits who are formed with every evil on earth. The guardians of the spirits oflight enter the bodies of human with good hearts They easily defear the dark spirits. Now the dark spirits enter the bodies of humans, corrupting their hearts, and have them do battle with the good hearted. The ones possessed by the good spirits are known as The Guardians, and the ones with the corrupted hearts are known as The Chaos . Both can control a form of spirit energy, and use it to make a weapon(arrow, axe, firearms, sword etc) They also can control a element
    Your character can only have one soul weapon(dual blades or pistols are ok)
    No speed posting
    Have fun

    Guardian or Chaos
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  2. Name David Markova
    Age 17
    Guardian or Chaos: Guardian
    Weapon [​IMG]
    Element Electricity
    Personality Kind, quickthinking, brave, willing to risk his life for the people he cares for. David also enjoys sweets, but likes challenges. He also is interested in learning more of the supernatural
    Bio(optional) Unknown
    Other Is Pansexual
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.