Spies and Conspiracies and Vigilanties oh my!

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Lunatic AI

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I got real sick a while back and had to leave iwaku (then lost internet...) both those situations have been remedied and I came back to dust off my role-play Knight Hunters: Project Shine and get it going again, but I've lost one of my players, one is having computer troubles, and another seems to have wandered off... I know people come and people I go, I designed it to work around that.

If you're interested I could use a couple more players, we're headed into take down a hunam trafficking operation and its promising to be a total cluster, evil robots, mad scientists, inner agency backstabbing...

OOC with premise, character skeleton, etc.: http://space-kitten.org/iwaku/showthread.php?t=498

I have a notebook FILLED with plot and ideas for this thing I am not letting this die dammit.