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  1. i absolutely need a spideypool role-play based off of this!
    so the idea that popped into my head was this i would also love to hear other peoples ideas from this video because I'm not 100 percent sure on my plot!:

    Peter and Wade have been a thing for awhile now, Wade had been there for Peter when Gwen passed away. Call it casual fuck buddies, call it dating, they don't really put a label on it. But one thing is for sure, they are completely infatuated with one another but neither of them can admit they are in love. One thing they don't know about one another is what they are up to when they aren't together. Peter has no idea that Wade is the mercenary known as deadpool that is killing and wreaking havoc in New York, and Wade has no idea that Peter is Spiderman who is trying to bring him down. Though they are suspicious of each other when they come back with bumps and bruises that just don't add up to the story they are feeding one another. The two are enemies but occasionally they are forced to team up to stop certain baddies they are both after. One time they were both after one man in particular which lead them to an old warehouse. They were begrudgingly fighting side by side when they noticed that the place was rigged to explode. Deadpool had become trapped and Spiderman had to choose between saving him and saving the civilians that were taken hostage. He chose the civilians, leaving deadpool in the building as he took the people to safety. Peter tried to go back and get him but by the time he got the people to safety it was too late, the building was up in flames and the merc with the mouth was still inside. He felt awful for this but tried not to blame himself, as when it came down to it he tried to convince himself that he made the right choice. He goes back home, and tries to call wade only to find the line was dead. A part of him was suspicious but he figured that Wade had just gotten bored of him and left, it wouldn't be the craziest thing to happen. Of course, unbeknownst to Peter, Deadpool had survived the explosion due to his mutation, but it left him horribly scarred. He swears revenge of Spiderman but while researching and trying to find him he comes across a horrifying truth, Peter Parker, the one person in his life he cared about, was Spiderman the person he was hell bent on killing. Thus starts a Love, hate relationship with them trying to kill each other and a lot of angry sex.

    (yes this changes Deadpools origins from the comics buuuut for the plot this is what i am going with. i would really like to play peter in this but i would be willing to play deadpool i am also up for any spideypool plots you might have in mind! i'm just craving Spideypool!)
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  2. or based off of this one, and this one is pretty self explanatory

  3. Since I'm back I would be keen, but firstly I'll have to send you our Nat x Bucky reply it's been drafted up for a week O.o
  4. Lol well if you are interested just shoot me a message and we can talk about maybe having this as an rp as well
  5. still looking for someone to play Wade for the first plot
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