SpideyPool, Anyone?

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  1. [WARNING. I SWEAR. Lel.]

    Okay so here's the thing: I fucking adore Peter Parker being in a relationship with Wade Wilson. Sue me.

    But then again- you must, too, if you actually clicked on this thread.

    I've been reading this lil' fanfictions and stuffs, but they're not enough to satisfy this smut glutton. I want to roleplay this. Now, I do have conditions, so don't get too excited. Sorry, babes.

    I play Peter. Sorry, sorry, but I don't like to play the tops/doms/whatever you personally call it. And in the case of this roleplay... I'd like Peter to be the one getting a dick in the ass. We can start off with Deadpool already knowing that Peter is Spider-Man, or we can do some sort of AU where Peter isn't Spider-Man at all.

    Oh- and we're talking Andrew Garfield Spider-Man. Sorry, folks. I suppose we can also safely assume that Deadpool would be Ryan Reynolds at this point- but that's up to you. I just want my Peter to be as tight-assed and doe-eyed as Andrew.


    Excuse my vulgarity.

    Anywhoodles, tell me if you're interested. Whether it's down below or in a PM. Though I'd kind of prefer it to be on this thread so other people will take caution and be like 'Oh, man, he's already got his request filled. Fuckles.'
    Like... If the person I catch happens to ditch me- I'll be back. Like... If this thread gets closed, I'll be sure to make another one, guys. No worries. [Man will this be awkward if nobody reads this. Lel.]

    [Oh, and none of you shitheads who plan on randomly ditching me without a word. I'm not up for dealing with that shit- I've already gotten too many of those dickwads already. Oh and also, sometimes I take a really long time to reply. Like... a really, really long time. I have the 'Slow as Molasses' option checked for a reason. But I can also be pretty fast. ]
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.