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    We hate spiders in the hood.

    What kind of spiders are unique or native to your area?

    Do you like them? or Are you scared of them?

    Where I live we have Black Widows. I think they are pretty awesome.


  2. (Yo peeps! Sorry for the absence. Thanksgiving and the days leading up to it were super hectic/busy, but I'm back! And holy chiz, shit is about to go doooooown!!)


    When I literally slide out of my room completely dressed and ready to claim victory, I catch my Care Bear dashing down the hall. Now I know her and especially all of the signs that give off distress. Her posture and speedy walking is a dead give away. Worried, I jog behind her and feel the pit of my stomach empty out as we enter Scott's office. "My word..." I breathe in numb shock.

    The room is a mess. Files are scattered about the floor, and Carrie and Itzlie are standing among it. My chest clenches at the sight of panic flooding her features. I cautiously step inside. "W-what happened here?" I ask lowly.
  3. (Hiiiii! Welcome back!)

    "That' good. You two seem close." I say and say and get quiet again wonder about her parents. Should I ask?might be a sensitive subject so I decided to stay away from it. I also wondered how the call went
    I let her go from the hug and smiled.
    "Although I guess Winnie is a nickname." I then say

    "No I don' mind at all." I admit still blushing. Ugh..! He was turning me into a blushing mess. I calm down and looked at him
    "I would like that..onky if you are also comfortable with it." I say with a smile. I was glad he seemed to be doing better now.

    "Yeah....we can just walk the rest of the way." I say not really caring in Warren had been waiting long. I continue to walk
    "A disturbance? Well...we probably did." I say," although the owner is gone. The staff doesn't have powers and there really isn' any security.....so Yeah we really don't have to worry."

    I went checking each door and locking it to a complete lockdown. Ok...so no kids seen to be missing. There was one kid outside (Alexander)..that I had to convince to come inside..other then that all the kids seemed to be in place. No one was missing
  4. We've got Brown Recluses. my friend got bitten on the leg by one of those while he was sleeping. Ughh, those effects are nasty. He was in the hospital for quite a while. I think I've seen a few banana spiders as well. Eww.... T_T
  5. (@mobley Oh yes! That is true!)(let's roll with her being real!)
  6. I saw two Brown Recluses moving away from each other behind the steps to the Jacuzzi just yesterday.

    There is also a family of Widow's in our mailbox.

    I like spiders, but I am indeed mortally afraid of them. I admire them from the other side of the yard most of the time. Those jumping spiders....D:
  7. Interesting......

    I Used to be scared of spiders, but now I'm fascinated by them.
  8. I really fucking hate spiders, with a passion, but then I hate all weird creepy-crawly insects and creatures in general.

    Seriously, something about them makes my skin crawl.
  9. Hey, I prefer caterpillars....

    but then again, there was that case of that one damned caterpillar that got pissed at me trying to take it away from my dad's tomato plants that its horns raised up and this HORRID SMELL, WORSE THAN A SKUNK, just started pouring out.


    I literally took the crawling angry thing to the new habit and then barfed in my father's compost pile.....

    It wasn't a proud moment.

    The funny thing is that I love taking care of those...


    maybe its because they turn into these

  10. Y'don't say, @TK. Butterflies are pretty.

    However, on the topic of spiders, I have seen black widows in my area. I personally don't like spiders, but I'm not arachnaphobic. I tend to scoop them up with a paper towel and then force them back out into nature! (Unless they're poisonous, then I go "Oh no, mom," and then she gets the broom and goes ape shiz trying to kill it).
  11. LOL @ Aqua.

    The only spiders I like are Daddy Long Legs. When I was young and my elementary school went to a camp and we had some time to relax, I sat down near the cabin because I saw an odd brownish mass moving nearby.

    Within moments, I realized it was a WHOLE ARMY of those little dudes, and they just looked so silly to me, how they had those LONG LONG legs and a tiny little body that seemed to bounce when it moved.


    I stayed outside for an hour, or so I was told. when they found me, I had at least eight of those things on me. I was fucking DELIGHTED. But they were scared SHITLESS.

    They just started wacking them off of me and getting a broom and killing them.

    And then I started to cry and explained that they were my friends.

    But it was too late....

    I will always remember you Fatbottom, Matchstick, Sunny, Peaches, Susan, Nuzzles, Rock, and Whiteface....

  12. I don't know what the fuck kind of spiders are around here.

    And I sure as hell dont' want to know.
  13. “Like I said, stupid.”
  14. “I didn’t mean to hurt her...” Alena mumble.
  15. "I'll be here." His eyes flashed as he checked on Sophia. "Sophia's watching us, so she knows."