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  1. I don't know....lately I've had an interest in spiders.... I used to be scared of them...now I find them cool.
    Just curious... anyone here actually like them???
    Or are you all scared? ;P

    Also....this is a cool looking spider: [​IMG]

    Name the spider you get a cookie
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  2. Fuck this topic.
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  3. Spiders are my buddies. I usually let them go outside and hope they eat some mosquitoes in exchange for my benevolence.
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  4. Hah! Easy! It's an Arrow-shaped Micrathena. Gimme them cookies, I had to google "yellow spider thorny butt" for this.
  5. Job well done xD
  6. [​IMG]
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  7. I eat spiders to gain their power. That is neither a joke nor an exaggeration.
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  8. I bet you're actually a spider, you weirdo.

    I actually find spiders cool...when they're outside. Once they enter my den, they're free game. Natural selection and all that.

    Or if they touch me... I recognize that spiders play a crucial role in the ecosystem of the entire planet but fuck me if I let one chill in my home without forking over some rent money first. I've always said that if spiders could talk they'd be drastically less scary to me, because they'd be that much closer to a sentient being and not some scurrying, scuttling monstrosity.
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  9. Spiders are capable of inducing anxiety attacks in me, as I have a legitimate phobia of them. So unless I freeze up on the spot, my instinct is usually to kill them or run away from them. I've had two traumatic events that caused this, that I'll hopefully be able to rise above in the future.

    That aside, I do enjoy learning about them through videos, articles, books, and what have you. I'm drawn to artwork of them as well. They're fascinating creatures with an important purpose in nature, so I don't hate them or wish them all to be dead. I just would like them to stay away from me. >__> We'll stick their corpses on pikes and decorate the house with them as a warning, if we must.
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  10. I've always been afraid of spiders. As fate would have it, a spider had babies in my room and now little spiders are literally falling from the sky. T_T
  11. -Burns this thread- DIE YOU EIGHT LEGGED DEMONS!
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  12. *Sees a spider on a wall when showering*

    Most people: OH SHIT A SPIDER!!!!!! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!!!!
    Some people: I saw a spider. Then I got my flamethrower and burnt it into a crisp.
    Me: *gets shower head and sprays the spider until it drowns*
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  13. I don't mind most spiders, but I have a couple rules for them. They don't know the rules so many of them die, but ignorance is no excuse for the law.

    First and foremost, any spiders that I know are dangerously venomous die without question. I've squashed a couple black widows for this reason. If they might do me actual harm, nah man, they die.

    Any spiders found on or near my bed or computer desk must die for their intolerable trespassing. I don't mind if they hang out in corners of my room that aren't near those, or like in the window area, just so long as they keep to their little space and eat flying pests for me.

    Any spiders that dangle down from the ceiling or such will die because they're annoying assholes, even if they aren't actively in my way. They could get in my way some day when they do that shit, so I prefer to push a little bit of preferable evolution on the local population by making spiders who do that dangling shit less likely to breed.

    And finally, any spider that I find on me will be squished. Personal space, damn it.

    So yeah, as long as they're chilling up in corners or crawling around in places that don't irk me I don't mind spiders. They don't terrify me but I also don't like them. I am neutral to them unless they break my rules, and then they die. I am a cruel god.
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  14. With the themes of natural selection and rule of law working almost the same for spiders in both of our houses I must warn against over-pressuring the population and leaving only the strong to mate with the strong, thus making the next generation even stronger. I have encountered one spider that walked away completely unscathed from my size 10 shoe coming down on it three separate times, each with a more astonished look on my face and feeling of utter dread at the prospect of this T-1000 model Spider coming for me in the dead of night as I slept. I've also woken up with spider webs around my mouth once since the incident. These spiders are becoming much more brazen and resilient. Perhaps they have been wounding themselves with gradually larger sizes of shoes to build up an immunity over time, hinting at a developed ability to reason and problem solve. Truly a frightening idea.
  15. Hmm... Maybe I'll just switch to full on spider genocide then. Perhaps the scattered pieces and dried juices of the dead ones will warn newcomers away, and then I won't have to deal with super spiders.
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  16. Spiders only bother me when I'm not wearing gloves. If I'm outdoors doing some work with gloves on, like putting up a fence or building/taking down a shed, and I encounter one of those big fat garden spiders, I don't even pay it the slightest bit of attention. I've had them drop on my head, neck, scurry across my leg, and brushed them off without the slightest twitch. Same back when we used to have a loft, lots of spiders of various sizes gathered up there, and I'd be up there sorting through things whilst wearing gloves and they didn't bother me at all.

    Without gloves, I see a spider a few feet from me and I'll back the heck away. If it's on the wall next to me or even across the room and any size bigger than a £1 coin, I'm tripping over my own feet to escape. I once had one of those nasty looking Harvest Spiders crawl across my bed while I was in it one morning many years ago, cried 'Jesus f***ing Hell' and tumbled out, running to get my dad to kill it. Even now I'd do the same thing :D

    I do appreciate the way they kill flies, however. Those little bastards really annoy me.
  17. Spiders are chill as long as they stay approximately 9 feet away from me. This also goes for humans.

    The type of spider also plays a part in whether or not I run away screaming like a little bitch, or if I prod it and take pictures. Sweden doesn't have any dangerous spiders, thank fuck. But the tiny and the massive ones are pretty cool. The bigger they are, the more they look like pets. After working in the forestry industry for a summer, the big spiders turn into your buddies, because you constantly get a faceful of their massive webs, and they're usually pretty lazy. They're pretty chill if you're careful. The small spiders are cute, in their own eight-legged-nightmare-fuel way.

    Daddy Longlegs though. Fuck that noise. I'm on those fuckers harder than a 14 year old girl on Bieber. It'll face instant extermination, either by improv flamethrower (replaced throwing cats at the offending insect) or boot. This also goes for the freakishly green spiders, and anything else that doesn't look like a proper spider.

    And house rules apply too. If they stay out of my room and the kitchen they're okay. If they invade my space or overstay their welcome, they're doomed. And no fucking babies. I'll commit genocide if I find a nest or bunch of hellspawn anywhere inside.

    I'd probably be more tolerant of spiders in my apartment if they paid rent.

    I'm okay with harmless spiders as long as they don't fucking touch me, or I find them in my room/near the bed or in the kitchen.
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  18. Spiders are cool.

    I gave three a ride home the other day. All jumping spiders that were on top of my car and sat on the door handle.

    Was driving home once and a jumping spider was on my steering wheel. No matter how I turned it while driving he never left the very top. Just kept skittering as it spun.
  19. I used to hate spiders, but then I moved into a house that is full of them. Basically, if they keep to themselves, I won't kill them. I'll even let them continue hanging around the corner of the shower unless they decide to start moving toward me. Then it's death. I'll also give them second chances if I catch them. Caught a huge spider in my couch last year and took it over to the neighbor's yard and let it loose. A few days later, it was in my bedroom and I had no choice but to kill it. Don't push me, buddy. I tried to be kind to you.

    Unfortunately, my leniency has caused me to be bit by an unknown spider, but because I've only got a scar the size of a wonky shaped dime, I'm not too fearful. That being said... Poisonous Spiders die instantly. Luckily, I haven't seen any.
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  20. As a modern-day hipster, I now believe that spiders and bees are cool.