Spider-man: Rise of a Hero

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  1. New York City, the city that never sleeps, Unfortunately that applies to crime as well. Muggings, Murders, Robberies, it's all common place. The police are always out on call, with more calls coming in all the time, and no matter the warnings criminals aren't deterred by the police force. This city needs a hero, and our story begins with the birth of an unlikely one.


    Chapter 1: Along Came a Spider

    "DAMN! missed the bus!"

    A young boy exclaimed at the bus stop seeing the bus to his school shoving off just as he got there. Peter Parker, a scrawny boy about 5'10", with thick messy brown hair and Buddy Holly glasses. The school whipping boy to his classmates and academic mascot to his teachers, he was a 15 year old genius with his 16th birthday only a week away. Figuring he'd never make it to school on time, he decided he would take the day to do his paper for Doctor Octavius' class and having decided on Synthetic Genesis, he walked to the Oscorp Genetics research laboratory up town.

    Walking into the building he saw the cases of Spiders lining the Presentation Deck, with a woman in a labcoat talking about the genesis of these Synthetic Super Spiders. Feeling at home amongst the scientific marvels he witnessed he pulled a camera from his bookbag and began taking pictures for his paper until the woman speaking spoke to him directly.

    "Excuse me, you can't take pictures unless you're press or student."

    Peter, in the middle of taking pictures, noticed one of the spiders was missing from the 14 before he was spoken to, and as he looked up he gave a nervous smile.

    "Oh I'm sorry I'm taking these pictures for my Biology class, I'm doing a paper on Synthetic Genesis. By the way, You said there were Fourteen spiders here on display, but while I was taking pictures I only....well there are only 13 here."

    As he spoke the 14th spider had made it up to the ceiling after escaping through a small air pore in the case. It scuttled unnoticed on its web line as the woman nodded and spoke to him in private.

    "OH! Wait did you say 13? Hmm, I wasn't told about any tests on....Novus Latrodectus (Synthetic Widow Spider). Well I'm sure it's being taken care of, so what portion of Synthetic Genesis are writing about?" She said, not noticing the tiny synthetically created Blue Widow started it's way on a line of webbing down to the back of Peter's shoulder, scuttling over his jacket unnoticed as Peter replied,

    "Well I'm actually writing about the entire process, Synthesizing the bases and organizing them into a specific genome order, forming the chromosomes and putting them in an order to create certain evolutionary specifics, then the cellular synthesis the organ formations and finally the complete organism birthing. Can I ask why your team picked Spiders for the experimental synthesis process?"

    He finished pulling out a notepad to take notes of the doctor who replied,

    "Well we picked spiders because despite their complex body structure genetically they're quite simple to engineer, Arthropods are among the simplest and oldest lifeforms, naturally we picked a spider because of the many uses spider silk has, as well as the population control of pest insects the spider brings. So here in our labs, we synthesized 14 super spiders all created from amalgamating the most useful traits of all known spider species and after nailing the specifics of every bit of genetic code that makes those traits appear, we then set about creating the spiders and today we're presenting the final product. 14 Synthetically Created Super Spiders." Her speech was long winded and informative, she saw as Peter jotted down notes on the key points of what she said.

    After about an hour he had all he needed to finish his paper and smiled as the woman walked away. He turned and walked out the door towards the library so he could focus on writing the rough draft of his paper, though he was unaware of the tiny stow away he carried on his back until it crawled onto his hand and in its genetically unstable confusion sunk its fangs into Peter's hand.

    "OWW! What the Hell?!"

    He exclaimed seeing the blue spider on his hand before he swiped it off and mashed it under his shoe, the bite hurt badly, it throbbed and burned like someone was pressing on a bad bruise constantly. He started feeling exhausted like he was out of breath and a headache had started making itself known. At the Library, he had trouble focusing on his paper his vision going in and out of blurriness as if someone had taken his glasses and turned them into a fading light that was being turned off and on. He was feeling dizzy now and there was a feverish feeling settling in, He decided to go back home, taking the fastest routes he knew as he quickly ran up the stairs feeling lucky that his Aunt and Uncle weren't home, and went straight to bed.

    Having fallen asleep despite the pain he was in, he began having vivid nightmares, a massive spider the size of his home biting him repeatedly each time he could feel the fangs stab into his body and the searing burn of the venom as it started to digest him before the spider even ate him. he screamed but no one could hear him, it was only him and the spider. His dreams delved further into Horrific visions of bipedal spiders crashing through the city tearing people apart with their pedipalps and letting the blood shower them, Webs everywhere coated in black oily fluid, giant oily black spiders covering the city, then, he woke up with a scream and it was morning.

    Getting his breathing under control, he slid out of his bed and walked over to his dresser, noticing his body looked different, more toned not huge or muscled, just defined and cut. Along with that he noticed his vision was perfect, and that he didn't have his glasses on.

    "What the hell? what happened last night, did I hit the gym in my sleep?"